The Young and the Restless viewers have been noticing for quite some time now that something is different between Sharon Newman and Adam Newman. Viewers can sense different chemistry between the two, which has led them to think that Mark Grossman and Sharon Case are more than just co-stars. Could they be dating in real life? Let’s see what’s going on out in the real world. Lately, on The Young and the Restless, Sharon has chosen Rey Rosales over Adam while Adam is also plotting to reunite with his Chelsea. However, fans seem interested in the “Shadam” reunion somehow. Apparently, Sharon and Mark have a spark that is spilled all over their social media. Mark shared a video post on Instagram some time ago, showing him and Sharon share a slow and romantic dance on the Y&R set. He captioned the post as “Monday feels” on Instagram. He also shared the video on Twitter, where he wrote, “Came for the coffee, left with a dance.”
On Twitter, Sharon commented, “FYI this is NOT a spoiler, it was a personal/behind the scenes video taken of us that he shared for fun.” That’s not all.
If you take a closer look at other social media posts by these actors, you will see they are a lot closer – be it in pictures of only the two of them or with other co-stars.
Sharon seems fully struck by Mark while Mark also seems to enjoy her presence around him. These two are side by side, arm in arm at every Y&R promo event and even when they’re not promoting the show, they’re hanging out looking adorable and cozy all the time. You may know, Sharon is currently single with two marriages in the past. And as for Mark, he is also reported to be single which makes them apt for each other.
Both these actors’ social timelines are filled with questions from their fans asking if they’re dating in real life but they have not confirmed anything.
We will be sure to update you once anything is confirmed. you

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  1. Why not she's older& maybe he likes older women Gwen is older than Blake they met on the voice so good luck Sharon& Mark

  2. Kat Holland no, she is not 32 she is 49& he says he's 42 she just had a
    birthday in October she had a lot of work done , when your rich you can look 20 years younger, look it up

  3. I don't believe it Sharon has been in a long term relationship or married I'm not sure but I am sure she's committed…

  4. Elizabeth Bowden I was talking about Gwen& Blake not Sharon ,I know she 48 ,I don't know how old Mark is ,I never saw him on anything or heard of him

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