The moment Amanda mentioned the name of her
ex-fiancé, we all knew it was just a matter of time until the character pops up in the
canvas. But he isn’t the only one in the line. Watch our full video to see who else is coming
and going from Y&R. Before we get on with the video, we want you
to know that we make new videos every day. So, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Christina Wildes
Christina Wildes recently scored brief screentime on The Young and the Restless. She appeared in the role of Leann, an influencer. She shared the screen with Theo Vanderway,
who handed her a small social media project related to Jabot. Viewers may recognize Christina from her roles
in TV series like Lucifer, Dollface, You’re the Worst, Now Apocalypse, etc.
Kirby Bliss Blanton Kirby has also landed a small role on The
Young and the Restless. Reports state that she will appear as a new
Society employee named Lindsay. She will make her debut on Y&R on Wednesday,
January 29. The 29-year-old actress has appeared in TV
shows like Alive in Denver, Hawaii Five-0, Hannah Montana, etc. Jason Thompson
The latest spoilers indicate that Billy will soon face a major crisis after Amanda insists
on breaking their friendship. Billy will feel like he has lost the only
person who does not judge him. He feels that Victoria’s behavior is making
it hard for him to live a normal life. So he breaks up with her and leaves Genoa
City. It’s not known when he will come back but
one thing is for sure that his exit is temporary. Spoilers tease he will be back just around
the time when Amanda’s ex-fiancé, Ripley Turner, arrives in GC. Spoilers also say that after returning, Billy
will find him and Amanda in grave danger tied to Ripley, which will force them to realize
how they actually feel about each other. Christian Keyes
It was announced last week that Christian Keyes would be playing the role of Amanda’s
abusive ex-fiancé, Ripley Turner. Keyes was last seen in the role of a doctor
in one of the episodes of 9-1-1. Talking of Y&R, he was initially scheduled
to make his debut on February 5. But this airdate could change due to impeachment
trial coverage. Viewers can now expect to see Keyes hit the
Y&R canvas somewhere during mid-February.

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  1. Billy an Amanda would be good together. a new. chapter on y & r. It will be good to watch .I would love to see Victoria knock off her high horse

  2. Why are you guys spreading rumors? He's not leaving Genoa City. He will end up in Amanda's hotel suite at the Grand Phoenix

  3. Billy doesn't know what he wants,he never has.He has to figure that out on his own, nobody can do that for him.Billy and Victoria should stop getting back together it's never last.Now someone is taking pictures of them, what's next Amanda's ex is going to show up and start some trouble.😱

  4. So upset! They ALWAYS BRING IN NEW WOMEN, BUT not ENUFF new Men! The ex of AMANDAS IS ADORABLE but of course its gonna b short term and hes gonna b an abuser so fun to look at but we will hate him! Thn of course out he goes! Oh well guess i will jyst hav to deal w it. And mow skyle work relationship is gonna get screwd up so as usual she will hav to go to Nrwman again

  5. He is boring sitting moaning wt amanda drinking …anybody can do their roles. Not watching ynr even for months have no effect at all of missing any boomerang scene…

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