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  1. im a new exo-l hello!!! TBH as a Stay too (stray kids fan) im not used to drought but we can do this. we. will. survive.

  2. This is interview gold!!!!! Thanks Andy for all you do!! Hilarious and supporting our kings always and forever! EXOL FOR LIFE!

  3. Yep4andy can i request???……
    Can we see your reaction about the news that jongdae will getting married and her fiance was pregnant🥰😢

  4. D.O: Cuz I think loving the same person will be troublesome, so I'll just give in
    Chanyeol: Thank you, I'll take care of her.
    Sehun's head: namananamanamana

  5. You all… I really miss this Minseok's long hair. He looks…. Errrr. Ofc iam not gonna get it now since he is stay bald.

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