yo nigga’s think i searching for fame
yo let me tell them that yo men i could buy all your’l nigga’s if i want
i could buy fifty million views if i want i could buy comments
i could buy likes i could buy dislikes
i could buy the whole block matter fact nigga why
what you know about that i buy my website
YouTube hate on that i tell you i’m a build a proper website
don’t you know that i buy a couple views
they tell me get that like i don’t give a fuck
i don’t need those nigga’s fame they think i need fame from them
men i run the game men money talks nigga what it
what you know about that i could purchase thousands of views
if i want that views ain’t nothing
fame ain’t nothing i just like to do my shit
yeah you know i’m still do me searching for property
i’m searching to be properly YouTube think i’m trying and search to be
popular man the popularity
men i always have that i always been popular i don’t need that
why you wanna talk men i ain’t searching for fame
i just want to do a collaboration in the game like damn
yo yo lets do a song together yo (kiss teeth)
no respond yo lets do a song together like nigga fuck you
nigga i’m more famous than you nigga you ain’t got shit doug
shut the fuck up nigga you ain’t no good rapper
you just a rapper wanna be you just a a (laughter)
a faker rapper wanna be
you see i look like i give a fuck with hip hop
i give a fuck with rapping men i just say anything
anything i want to say yo fuck you and your rapping song yo
(kiss teeth) you fucking fake rapper
and fake hip hop industry you bitch ass nigga
you think i want fame from you men i’m already famous you bitch
(laugh) i could buy fame if i want to yo
i could buy all the fame i want to you bitch ass nigga

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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