(Wendy’s ambition is fully charged) I don’t know, let’s start If you succeeds 2x faster
version dance in one try Each person gets an eye massager If you fail Only one member gets
and one more chance Okay Are you ready?
Music… Why am I nervous? We have to start right away
We need to be careful (She doesn’t want to start right away) (Checking) Joy, Joy! (Getting filled with anger) Why? When do we start? When do we start? Right away, right away Joy is coming Did you see Joy’s face? (Don’t get me mad) (She is still angry) Power Up dance at twice the speed
Music, please (Power Up 2x faster version – Red Velvet) (Showing off goddess looks from start) (One two, one two) (Green Irene, Red Irene) (Dancing bear has descended) (Speed dance experts
working hard from start) (No angry Joy for now) (Lively expressions despite the speed) (Sweet hand motion for summer magic) (Perfectly synchronized group dance) (Summer melody chasing away the heat) (Lovey five baby sharks appear) (Speed dance experts’
chillingly perfect line-up) (No wonder everyone’s going
bananas for Red Velvet) (Bursting with fruity charm) (That’s the dance we learned earlier) (The audience is also
excited with Power Up) (Fun Joy, peek-a-boo) (Irene explodes) (Shoe problem, but Irene’ll
continue until the end) (Professional leader Irene) (This is the Red Velvet power) (Red Velvet, go, go) (A really chilling perfect group dance) (Lively expressions) (Lovely five baby sharks reappear) (Anger vroom) (Joy, we’re almost there) (A raging banana attack) (Red Velvet, are you okay?) Why does it look so fast? It’s awesome (Watch again the unbelievable performance) (It’d feel like it’s ten times faster) (But Red Velvet is not affected) (Double the trouble,
Irene goes a long way) (It’s mine) (Wendy’s power high note
announces the peak) (Red Velvet, the best twice
the speed dance experts) (Rushing) (Irene is very busy today) (She’s the best indeed, looking peaceful) Success (The speed dance experts find
their position in one second) (The ending goddess completes the dance) We’ll give it to all of you Each of you will get a massager We have to give to you all So fast It’s bit like Celeb Five I’ve seen it on Celeb Five

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