Go (Joy starts moving right away) (Approaching) She’s approaching grimly Either Wendy or Seul-gi I heard this sound from the movie
‘The Conjuring’ (She blocks the way) Oh, Wendy (Help) (Irene is saving up her energy) (Joy is playing the fool with Wendy) It’s alright (Wendy is still folding her hands) Wake up, Wendy Make her out of the mat Can I kick her out? Yeri said,
‘Can I kick her out?’ You can (Kicking is allowed) You guys are so cruel (Wendy is kicked) They attacked Wendy brutally (Scary friends) (I won’t give up) (Messy) (Attacking Wendy’s buttocks) Wendy Fragile Wendy is She’s almost out of the mat (Wendy is almost out) (Out) (Wendy, out) Wendy, fail (The rest members attack
each other again) – The next target is
– Yeri (Horrified) (Poor Wendy) Wake up (Joy dominates Seul-gi) Push her Seul-gi and Wendy (She dominated two) (Scared Irene) What are you doing? Attack her buttocks (Peaceful Weekly Idol) What’s going on here? What’s this? (Squabbling) There are two who haven’t
fallen down yet Is this a sports brand? (Wendy got into the mat) Wendy Wendy, you shouldn’t do this Wendy Wendy, you’re out Hold on Yeri is almost out Seul-gi woke up (Seul-gi is like a roly poly toy) (She’s attacked right away) Yeri (Yeri is struggling) Hey, it’s me Yeri (Seul-gi changes the target) Damn Kick her out Yeri, out (While Seul-gi attacked Yeri) (These pro-gamers are waiting for
their turn) (Panting) (Now it’s time) Yeri is out (Peaceful Red Velvet Town) Don’t use your arms I’m tired There are 3 members left Oh, this is too much (Then…) Let’s attack her (Irene revealed her weak point) They are attacking Irene together (She fell on her back) (Irene is kicked out) She just said ‘It’s too much’ She just said ‘It’s too much’, and
is kicked out Seul-gi and Joy (I’ve been there) (Irene, out) She failed Now two (Shoot) (Yeri suddenly attacks them) (Whatever) (No more fair play) What the hell is going on? (What’s this?) (Wendy joins) She keeps attacking my buttocks Please stop attacking her buttocks (No more buttocks attack) It’s fun Seul-gi couldn’t show her ambition (Black vs. White) This will the best game ever What will happen? Look at her muscles She’s pushing Seul-gi’s feet (Joy blocks Seul-gi’s moves) (Tired) (Joy is ready to finish) Joy is controlling Seul-gi Seul-gi is controlled by her Hey Be nice to me (Sad) (What the hell) (The result is predictable) (Bulldozer Joy) (Please) (Winning is the best) Joy, won She attacked my side What kind of fashion is this? (It was a fierce battle) Take down your pants (Joy took down) (Satisfied, anyway) What is this? (Joy won) Joy won ‘Pit Wrestling’ I’m envious It looks nice (Joy is back) (Excited) It was the best game, ever

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  1. Although I'm an avid fan of Red Velvet, I gotta say I really feel Yeri and Irene are really mean girls, Wendy may be not playing fair sheer out of fun or something. Poor Joy and Seulgi :)))

  2. our bae joohyun positively screaming with laughter with the biggest grin on her face is my only kink :((( baechuuu stay this confidently happy forever

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