Let’s move on to Random Play Dance We released only one song – You have your songs, HYUNA
– We’ll play those, too You’ll do Random Play Dance to your song
and HYUNA’s songs I don’t know if Triple H can make it We’ll see. Music start. (365 FRESH-Triple H) (Moving lightly) (With the song starting,
all looking different) (Satisfied as if looking at
their children getting on) (Jumping around the song) (Joining after a short break) (Displaying a suspicious movement) (Blending in smoothly) Pretty nice (Good! No one noticed it) (RED-HYUNA) (Hui and E’Dawn voluntarily dancing
like background dancers) How do you know this? (Professional level dancing) (Smiling delightedly) (Can You Feel It-Pentagon) (Hui and E’Dawn of Pentagon
performing in harmony) You don’t know this? Is she supposed to stand still? (Dancing as if dancing to her song) (All three knowing how to dance
to each others’ songs) (Becoming speechless as no one
making any mistakes) (BUBBLE POP-HYUNA) (Excited) E’Dawn gets so excited (The song making even E’Dawn excited) (Trouble Maker-Trouble Maker) What’s this? – What’s this?
– This is a hard one (The two slowly stepping away from her) (Dancing with hesitation) Wow! you got it wrong – You did
– Excuse me You got it wrong I’m here as one of Triple H – It’s Trouble Maker
– Trouble Maker-Trouble Maker This is how the choreography goes What are you talking about?
Don’t try to fool us What I did was part of the choreography And that was JS’s part of the song,
not mine You have to dance next to him No, I step back when he dances
in this part (So we looked up some evidence) (HYUNA dancing more actively than JS) I’m not supposed to dance in this part – Are you sure?
– Yes – Really?
– Seriously You sure? No one here knows if it’s right You’re lying as we don’t know about it As the singer of the song,
I know most about it I doubt if you’re lying as we don’t
know about it I’m not lying. As I’m the singer of
the song, I can do anything I want. (Pretending to be logical) What are you talking about?
Then Random Play Dance has no meaning Each song has designed choreography I know but this one doesn’t – What if it does?
– It doesn’t have one – What if it does?
– Want me to do it again? It does, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t What do you think, E’Dawn? I think she’s right – Are you sure?
– I think she’s right, too They seem to have practiced how to
answer to our questions We’ll be generous this time We’ll know if it’s incorrect once
the chorus is played Right I’m in trouble Don’t make up dance steps now Making up what? Just warming up – You tried to make up something
– No, I didn’t Music start (365 FRESH-Triple H) (While 2Hs being busy dancing,
1H taking wavering steps) What’s Hui doing? I’m supposed to step back for a bit
and join again now (Trying even harder to cover up
the mistake) (Good! No one seems to notice it) (ICE CREAM-HYUNA) (Reacting in a second) (Good) (That’s my girl) (365 FRESH-Triple H) (Moving in a fluster) HYUNA, HYUNA (HYUNA moving with hesitation) HYUNA, you got it wrong, didn’t you? She becomes more and more brazen You did it incorrectly (Now-Trouble Maker) (HYUNA dancing with hesitation again) (Nothing’s wrong until I say
I got it wrong) Hold on, hold on – In the beginning
– I saw you hesitating In the beginning – You moved as if you convulsed
– Listen Like this You can check if you want I’m supposed to dance the body wave (Is she serious?) Before you did that, we saw you
just stand still Tell us frankly What will you do if it’s a lie? I’m sure that’s part of choreography Let me show you. I’m serious. You are in trouble if you’re lying (You can’t fool us again) Watch this You can see it after this You see the body wave? You can see it after this You see the body wave? I don’t see it This is the body wave I don’t see any body wave there That is the body wave there This is totally different from
what you did earlier That is the body wave (Left out from the argument) (Losing interest in it, too) Then why do you think I do like this? What’s up? (War and Peace in 3rd basement) Catching your errors is what Random
Play Dance is for Listen. I know. Listen to me Look (Having a heated argument) This is the body wave But you didn’t put your arms here You don’t have to put your arms
like that all the time This must take long – Where do your parents live?
– In Gwacheon Look at the camera and say hello
to your parents in Gwacheon Mom, I’m in Weekly Idol now I don’t need to do this all the time.
I can dance like this, too. Like this And like this Then what’s Random Play Dance is for? E’Dawn, say something Mom, I feel healthier now Excuse me They are sending video massage
to their parents You have to do the exact choreography.
That’s what Random Play Dance is. I follow the original choreography
only when I practice I think I have to show something fresh
when I’m on the stage Then what is the choreography is for? But I still follow the choreography Listen. Your choreographer taught you
how to dance And she said to dance like this My choreographer respects
each one’s opinion And as I have 10 years of experience,
I can change something by myself Listen to me. When we’re on the stage
as a singer, we should try to show something new,
shouldn’t we? Right (What you say is always right) As she is a good speaker, you can’t
beat her in argument (Perfect answer) (Second to none in argument) Try it once again for the last time Follow the exact choreography this time
as you practice in a studio We’ll be strict this time – Do it just like you did in the video
– I will try We won’t be generous again I do it differently even when I practice
in a studio But I will try E’Dawn and Hui, if any of you notices HYUNA making any mistakes, don’t hesitate to tell us about it Full-shot Plus, 10 seconds of self-promotion (10 seconds of full-shot? Really?) And we’ll give you half portion
of fried chicken All cameras here will shoot you We are here as a team today – Full-shot
– Full-shot (Hui and E’Dawn moved by full-shot) All cameras here will shoot you Tell us if she makes any mistakes Then all cameras here will shoot you Report her mistakes I will never make any mistakes The last chance. Music start. (365 FRESH-Triple H) (Dancing with ease) (Showing smooth stage presence) (Knowing how to have fun on stage) Must be good as it’s a new song (Can’t be better) (We must pick out mistakes) Good (RED-HYUNA) (Showing various facial expressions) (Lookout 1 and Lookout 2) (Working hard to pick out mistakes) Good job Pick out mistakes See if she’s doing it correctly (Working hard for getting a full-shot) (Trouble Maker-Trouble Maker) (Focusing on her dance) (Wishing her to do it incorrectly) Don’t forget about 10 cameras
and fried chicken (Now-Trouble Maker) 10 cameras will shoot you.
Plus, fried chicken. (I’ll get you-No,you can’t) This is what I’m supposed to do 10 cameras and fried chicken (How will their misaligned wish end?) (Yes) (HYUNA running away in the middle
of the song?) (Reporting it without hesitation) (E’Dawn’s liveliest action of today) Was she doing it incorrectly?
In which part She forgot the choreography and
did like this She looked so awkward when she
turned back (Evidently awkward dance steps) She moved so awkwardly – It was a 100% mistake
– 100 % What looked awkward to you?
I don’t get it – Did I look awkward?
– You even laughed – You did it incorrectly
– Definitely HYUNA, why don’t you have a talk
with E’Dawn I sure you did it incorrectly Why do you think I did it incorrectly? Which part was wrong? I just think everything’s wrong Don’t put your arms around him Everything? I just think everything’s wrong What’s the original choreography? I don’t know You don’t know what it’s supposed to be You don’t know what’s correct and
what’s incorrect As he’s a good dancer, he might be able
to feel it She gave the same look that I had
when I made a mistake – Reading it from her eyes?
– Yes Congrats E’Dawn 10 cameras will shoot you E’Dawn All cameras now shoot E’Dawn All cameras here shoot E’Dawn Stay away from him so that the cameras
will shoot only E’Dawn It’s E’Dawn time Great Should we stay here? Should we sit? – Can I start?
– Start Hello. E’Dawn is here. When I’m here again, I won’t be
one of HYUNA and boys I’ll work hard to let you know my name
so that it’ll be HYUNA, Hui and E’dawn Please send me your love
and support (Trying to read DoniConni’s mind) Good luck to Weekly Idol Say something to your mom Mom I’m much healthier now So you don’t have to worry (Sightseeing E’Dawn) I eat red ginseng regularly Say something to HYUNA HYUNA (To leader HYUNA) I’m sure you did it incorrectly (Bursting into laughter)

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