Lesley Crutcher was a great example of what we were trying to establish as a program. She epitomized
what I always preached to our athletes in that what you put into this is what you’re
going to get out of it. I had a recent conversation with Coach Bailey, Mike Bailey,
who is Lesley’s event coach in college as her high jump
coach, and the first words out of Coach Bailey’s
mouth regarding Lesley was that Lesley was a very humble,
yet determined young lady. And I can honestly vouch for that. I saw Lesley as a, as
just a tough competitor. It’s someone we can always
rely on when we needed her, and she was kind of a no
nonsense type of an athlete, and Lesley was rewarded for
her hard work and dedication in the highest honor
as a national champion. Lesley was, in my mind, not
necessarily a flashy type of an athlete. She was more
of, what I would say, classy in how she carried herself, and how she represented our program. She represented herself,
her family, and our program with a lot of integrity, and always in a positive light. You know, I know she
had a tremendous amount of support from her family. There wasn’t too many track
meets that I can remember that we did not see Mom
and Dad there cheering for Lesley and supporting our program. And I know she appreciated that, and we, as coaches, really
appreciated that, too. I felt honored to have been a
coach on staff when Lesley was in our program. Even though I
wasn’t her individual coach, I was honored to be a
part and see her develop as an athlete.

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