Thursday, February 6

Live from New York City, it’s the “Wendy Williams Show.” ♪ Oh yeah ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ C’mon you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) (upbeat dance music) ♪ How you doing ♪ (audience cheering) Thank you so much. (audience cheering) You’re watching my co-host in position. (audience cheering) We’ve got a fully blown show. (audience cheering) How you doing? How you doing? (laughs) Let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheering) (upbeat music) (audience cheering) Let’s just get right into it. Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, they’re fighting again. (audience gasping) I feel terrible about this. I like Meek, but every man is flawed. I like Nicki, but every woman is flawed. But yesterday, they got into it on, excuse me, on Twitter. This is a conversation I’m not even supposed to know about. I’m minding my own business. (audience laughing) So first, Meek liked a meme making fun of Nicki’s husband, Mr. Petty. Now, Mr. Petty is a convicted manslaughterer. (audience gasping) I don’t exactly know what that, I know that means you killed somebody. (audience laughing) But, you didn’t do it on purpose. Like maybe you run a red light because your foot slips off the gas ’cause maybe you have the bunion surgery, (audience laughing) and your foot is wrapped. Look, I’m trying to make the, look, anyway. Then Nicki posted a picture of Meek in an outfit. Meek, just say it, a bad one might I add. (audience laughing) In that post, she called him a clown and accused him of abusing her and his own sister. Now Meek. Anyway, (audience laughing) so Meek responded saying she’s trying to kill his career. He also alleged that Nicki knew about her brother’s rape. (audience gasping) Yeah, of the underage girl. (audience gasping) You know he’s in jail now for like 25 years. 25 to life. 25 to life, uh-huh, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. And paid for his lawyers. And then Meek ended the fight by denying all the allegations of abuse to his sister, her sister. Look, he said he shouldn’t be tweeting about his ex because his pregnant girl is right there by his side. None of this we should know about. We’re nosy here at the show, but if these people kept this to themselves, we wouldn’t know about it. You all are grown people. Why do we know about this? We talk about it ’cause it’s the “Wendy Show.” (audience cheering) But, I don’t feel good talking about it, but I gotta do something out here. (audience laughing) And then, last night, Nicki said, here’s the quote, “If I could redo I woulda kept my mouth shut.” So she understands. Don’t, just everybody, just grow, learn. And Nicki’s married to Mr. Petty, that makes her Mrs. Petty. (audience laughing) (audience cheering) And whatever happened with Meek and his sister, he’ll have to deal with for the rest of his life. In the meantime, last night there was also, okay, all right. I’m in the house, minding my own business. I knew nothing about the Pettys, nothing about the Meeks, or the Mills. That’s the last thing I do before I go to bed, but in the meantime, by the time I get home, which is in the middle of the afternoon. The sun is still up, but it was raining yesterday. It’s raining now, raining and cold. Thank you co-host for thugging it out and showing up. (audience cheering) I got read behind my back for having to use a prayer cloth yesterday, which is why I’m dressed like a fully blown Christian woman today. (audience laughing) Okay? They don’t say anything to me, but I hear things, and I’m like, “Okay, well then let’s cover it all.” Not it all, but, (audience laughing) let’s cover up today and make good in the name of. (audience laughing) (audience cheering) So I ordered my dinner after, I take a nap every afternoon, only a couple hours. The cats sleep right there too. And then I wake up and I ordered my dinner. Braised beef over pasta, (audience oohing) wWith gruyere cheese lightly touched with chunky tomatoes, and ever so lightly wilted kale, which rhymes with Gayle. (audience laughing) I’m surprised at you girl, but anyway. So, last night, I’m watching TV, flipping through the channels. I get stuck on my girl, Rachel Maddow. Rachel is a friend of the show and Rachel was laying it down. (audience clapping) Then, Norman called with his usual, “What’s on TV?” And when you said, “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” so I knew that I had to squint to that. Then, I gotta get off the phone with Norman, the other line rings. Perfect, he’s not here. Then I don’t even have to mention his name. It was Boof talking about, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “What do you mean? “It’s 7:30 at night, I’m in the house.” (audience laughing) (laughs) You know what I’m saying? I’m waiting for my dinner. I’m looking over the Hot Topics that Norman sent me, plus Rachel’s about to come on and the Real Housewives, I’m busy. He’s like, “Well, I got some Valentine’s Day gifts “for chit chatting my way.” (audience cooing) I know. (audience laughing) I know. So he comes over, he scatters some gifts on the floor already, and then he says, “Okay, now don’t open these until Valentine’s Day.” I say, “Okay.” So he sits down and he’s talking his mess and then ding dong. He doesn’t eat braised beef, he doesn’t eat meat. So I knew I didn’t have to share. (audience laughing) (audience clapping) So the Housewives are on. Did you watch, clap if you watched Jersey. (audience clapping) Okay, okay. Melissa is 40 years old, and by the way, she’s booked to be on our show next, I think it’s Wednesday. Wednesday. Wednesday, okay. (audience cheering) So Melissa’s sitting with her adorable mother and her two sisters, who are older than her, and Melissa’s talking about at 40 years old, she wants to have another baby. Now mind you, Melissa already has three. She’s married to cute Joe. They seem to still have a very active romantic life as a couple, and then they also are good parents. They seem to have their money and their wits about them. But, the family girls were not thrilled with the news. Just take a look. I’m trying to maybe possibly have another baby now at 40. No.
What? Wait, you’re kidding right? I am not kidding. Your oldest kid is 13. Who would start all over? You’re gonna start car seats and pushing strollers? What are you, crazy? So you’re like, “If I have a baby, then I’m young again.” Let it go. We are all older and wiser than you so you have to listen to us. So let’s forget it right now. (audience oohing) My thought is, if you’re 40 years old and you’ve never had kids, then go ahead, try. But if you’re 40 years old and you have three already and you got your snap back and your sexy all back. (audience clapping) Princess, why would you disrupt that? (woman speaking in background) Right. (woman speaking in background) Happy birthday, at the same time, I love your poof. (audience cheering) (audience clapping) Is that your man? My husband, yes. You know what, ’cause you all look adorable in the same colors. Do you see everybody? (audience cooing) Nope, don’t, give it back. Marco, take it back. Marco, take the mic back. This is not a conversation to be had. (audience laughing) I can hear you perfectly. That’s her husband. You all look adorable. Where are you from? New Jersey. New Jersey, perfect. Well, congratulations on your birthday and being cute and coming to the show. Thank you. (audience clapping) The thing about having babies at 40, I feel as though 40 is that cutoff point. If you’re already had your kids and you got your, look at Gorga. Why would she want to disrupt this? But, I understand. Babies do make you feel young. I don’t know any, okay I do. (audience laughing) With a goober and I already volunteered. If you all wanna go to the Cayman Islands, wherever you vacation, chit chat my way. I’ll even get the, but I’ll keep it in storage, but under a blanket so it doesn’t get dusty, I’ll get that bassinet thing. I’ll even stroll to the stroller and stuff like that, just for a moment. I don’t even mind waking up at two o’clock in the morning, as long as it’s a weekend. I don’t have to wake up to come here. (audience clapping) The thing about babies at 40, that’s like Bag, Borrow, and Steal. You borrow and keep them for the weekend and give them back. Get outta here. (audience clapping) And then, I went to sleep. But Melissa apparently was on Andy last night, “Watch What Happens Live.” Theresa, I’m sorry. Theresa, Melissa’s sister-in-law, mm-hmm. (audience laughing) She looked really fantastic. I saw the footage this morning ’cause I was sleeping last night. Anyway, so last week, TMZ, hi Harvey, obtained a video of Joe, as you know, partying on the beach in Mexico, that beach called Island of Women, where we saw the girls, but we also see all the weight back. And Andy asked Theresa last night how she felt seeing him with this look and here’s what she said. And I was totally fine with it. I’m not jealous and I made it okay with our daughters. ‘Cause they were, at first Milania saw it and Gia. They’re like, “Are you kidding me?” And I was just like, “Girls, it’s fine.” I’m like, “He’s living his life.” And because I was fine with it, they were fine with it. Oh good and did you talk to Joe about it at all? He was upset, he was really upset. He didn’t even go out that night he said, ’cause he didn’t want our daughters to see that. He didn’t have to go out, they all came in. (audience laughing) (audience clapping) One of the people I talked about, first of all, I talked to a few different people last night, including Harvey, including J.I. What? Okay, we had no idea who he was, the rapper. Oh 20 years old, or 21, something like that. Anyway, remember I showed you the footage. The bigger picture was that a woman was dragged off the stage. (audience laughing) Your daughter was dragged off the stage, (audience clapping) at a J.I. concert. And all I said was, “I don’t know who this young man is,” and I asked you all and you all, nobody knew. So I said, “I don’t know who he is but he’s cute.” So in other words, I didn’t talk bad about him. But what I love about him is that, and I had no idea that he reposted what I was saying about him. And then he says about me, “I don’t know who she is, “but she’s cute too.” (audience laughing)
(audience cheering) So funny. (audience cheering) So, look. (laughs) (audience cheering) So we’re on the phone. The braised beef is there. Boof is sitting over there. Norman has assignments for TV, but we talked on the phone for a solid 25 minutes. I have to tell you something, I’ve learned new things. He’s very well spoken. He’s signed, I believe to Geffen Records. He’s very popular here in New York. He’s here and I said to him, I said, “Well you know what, stay in touch with me “’cause and then when your wait is up and you come, “make us swoon on the Wendy stage.” (audience cheering) That’s all. (audience cheering) Then, I’m looking at Norman’s notes for today’s show and I’m seeing, okay we’re talking about Nene, what happened was whack. And so he says, “Well, if she has something to say,” and I said, “Well what’s going on?” I’m minding my own, you all don’t understand how much business I’ve got to mind, (audience laughing) behind the scenes. (laughs) (audience laughing) (laughs) So, in Norman’s notes I see, from the Bureau. He’s not the one that makes the notes. He’s just assigned to badger me. (Norman laughing) So I see, he says, “Nene hired the attorney Lisa Bloom. “Does she have anything extra to say?” I said, “Well, I don’t know.” I’m trying to eat before it gets cold. I’m dealing with him. I’m dealing with J.I., which was lovely. I talked to Harvey, which it’s like two people in the crux of the gossip thing, where and none of us can really say anything much. It’s, anyway, thanks Harv. I appreciated our conversation, Harvey. Anyway, so fans were wondering what Nene was talking about because the quote was on her, can you back that up? I can’t remember everything. Okay, she posted, “I’ve stayed quiet a long time “and gathered info along the way. “Now I’m gonna make some noise.” (audience gasping) So I call her up. She answers before the phone even rings. (audience laughing) “Wendy,” I’m like okay, okay. (laughs) (audience clapping) I’m like, “Nene, this story’s really important. “We’re gonna roll with this whether you say or not.” So she said, “What are you talking about?” I said, “Nene, I didn’t look at your social media. “I have no idea what’s going on, “but my Bureau says that you posted something about “hiring Lisa Bloom.” Now you know, Lisa Bloom and her mom, Gloria Allred, they don’t play, okay, and they’re also really expensive. So I’m like, “Nene, what’d you hire her for? “Are you being sued? “Is somebody suing you?” She said, “No Wendy.” Okay, so here’s what, ’cause I said, “Nene, what do you want me to say?” And I didn’t write it down ’cause at this point, I had the itis, (audience laughing) and couldn’t get up to get a pen or a paper. I said, “I’ll do my best to remember.” So here’s what Nene told me to affect to you. Hiring Lisa Bloom, attorney at law, is not about her professional life with the Housewives. It’s not about her personal life with her family. It is about the side hustle. You see, whether it’s a wig line, a clothing line, fashion, acting roles, the whole bit. You know what I mean? Nene told me that there’s been a lot, she’s had a lot of meetings in the past several that seemed absolutely perfect with sumptuous food, five star restaurants, big Hollywood talk, and then nothing culminates from the meetings, and Nene doesn’t know. Okay, well why was everybody so delightful and all of a sudden I hear nothing? So that’s why she hired Lisa to get to the bottom of outside of the Housewives and her personal life business and that side hustle. Do you understand what I’m saying? (audience clapping)
All right. (audience clapping) That’s it. Well, at least the Franny nanny is here. (audience cheering) We’re gonna talk, grab a snack, and come on back. (upbeat dance music)
(audience cheering) Please welcome Fran Drescher. (upbeat dance music)
(audience cheering) Fabulous, fabulous. Hi. Oh! How are you? Good, you? So good to see you. Do I sit here? Have a seat, you know what to do, yes. Okay, get into it. (audience cheering) (Fran laughing) Okay, shoe cam. All right, model. (audience cheering) Crystal, no right there. Crystal, beautiful. Yeah, these are Dolce and Gabbana. Uh-huh, I smell them. You know the money of them all. (Fran laughing) This is I think the first time that I’ve seen, first of all in a long time, so welcome back. Thank you. But also. (audience cheering) We love your show. My parents, hi Mom, hi Dad. They’re so excited. Thank you. They watch you everyday. Thank you. I love your parents too. Look, you’re one of the girls that whenever I think of that off-the-shoulder thing, because you always show that. So it’s weird to see you all buttoned up today, in a sexy way, but you know what you do. You know those dresses that you wear. Yes, yes– They come off the shoulder and they fit real tight to show a good waist and a fat booty. (Fran laughing)
(audience cheering) Right? Yeah, I don’t know. I kinda thought this felt like your show for some reason. Oh no, no, that’s good. That’s, I mean, you look fantastic. It’s Tanya Taylor and I just thought, “Oh this looks like Wendy.” By the way, your hair looks wonderful as usual. Oh thank you. It’s hard to keep your hair going when you get to, I would say over 45 things start to happen. Well I don’t use any kind of peroxide on my hair. I only use enzymes that come from Australia. And then I’ve been using since, I’m a cancer survivor– I’ve heard that. That’s that purple thing that me and Brendan, we both wash our hair with the same thing. Well, this comes, it’s a developer, but it’s not peroxide. So it doesn’t go into the hair follicle, it just covers the strand. For me, being a cancer survivor, I try and, so I think that it makes the hair healthier. Keeps the hair healthier. Look, it looks good and swingy. (audience clapping) All right, before we get into other stuff, let’s talk about the sitcom. All right, first of all, you keep us entertained all the time now. What’s all going on here? Well, it’s called “Indebted” and it’s about this baby boomer couple, me and Steven Webber, that kinda go broke because we’re completely. We’re very loving, very vivacious, a lot of fun, and we’re madly in love with each other, but we are clueless when it comes to money. So, we got ourselves into a bit of a hole and had to unload the house before it was taken away and now we’re living with our adult son and his young family. It sounds fantastic. (laughs) And I have friends like this, so. (audience clapping) I’m not personally like this. I work very hard– But it’s the sign of the times. It is, it is. And I think that this is a fresh relationship because we’ve seen the kids coming back to roost, but this is the parents going and knocking on the door. And look, you know my parents. I wish they would come live with me. I’m always asking to come live with me, but they don’t want to. (audience laughing) Oh really? (laughs) Yeah, and I’m so jealous when I have friends who are multi-generations, all live in the same town. I like the same town. I like like on “Everybody Loves Raymond” how Raymond’s parents live across the street and his brother lives down the, I like that too. And I have a friend who has a really big compound in Long Island and the whole family, they all live, it’s like 20 acres, but they all live there. I would love that, I would love that. I secretly say that too. I mean, they moved down to south Florida when they around 60. Okay, it made sense then. But now, as octogenarians, it’s like you have a daughter, live near her. Mine are octogenarians too. It’s weird ’cause your parents are spunky and my parents are spunky and they still want their own independence. Yes, and they still have each other, thank God. Yes, thank God. Yours too? Yes. We’re very lucky. A lot of my friends– (audience clapping) Their parents are either not in love or one is dead, or they’re both dead. No, we’re very blessed. I treasure that. Me too, they’re precious to me. Okay Fran, look at here. (Fran laughing) We talked about you on Hot Topics the other day. I know, that was so sweet. My girlfriend taped the TV show. She retaped her TV because she said, “Oh my God, I can’t believe this.” But, does she know, your friends obviously know what you’re going through with your sex life? Yes, of course. Okay, if you weren’t watching that episode of “Wendy,” you miss a day, you miss a moment, but now she’s here. (Fran laughing) Look, okay so Fran has, I’ll just call him a maintenance man. I don’t wanna pry too much. Fran has a maintenance man that comes over twice a month– He’s a friend with benefits. Friend with benefits. Okay, if you wanna sound even younger– And I have a gay ex-husband. So I’m like– (audience laughing) Who’s now your best friend. Yes. And he fulfills a lot of my emotional needs too because we’ve been together– Since high school. 15. Yeah, so– He’s my best friend. Normally I don’t like exes being in the life when you break up, but in the case of– Really? No, no, no, no, but your ex-husband, (audience laughing) no, no, no, no. No, I feel like we’re happily divorced. No, no, no, he’s gay all day. Okay. There’s a big difference. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Not on Wednesdays and holidays. But people that break up and they have children, they have to figure out how to– Well you don’t have to be friends. You just have to change them out and swap them in the parking lot at McDonald’s. (audience laughing) But no, Fran I’m new at this. I’m trying to work my way through. (Fran laughing) But look, all right, so you got the maintenance man and he comes over twice a month, and I love this story. Me and the woman in the Hot Topics Bureau, the men couldn’t really understand it. Me and Bookman is of a particular age like us. So, but we totally got it, except I was saying twice a month is not enough. No, no, no, hold on. And I’ll explain that to you. So did Dr. Drew. I’ll explain that to you. I’ll explain that to you and now apparently, you’re single again. Yes. Now okay, so here’s the thing. If I saw this, I don’t see myself with this dude as having a future together. What we do, we do well. You get it? (audience cheering) And it starts with he comes over. You get in the hot tub. I read the article. Yeah, usually we get right into the bed, and then we do, we lay around, we get in the hot tub. You watch tennis. We have something to eat. We watch tennis. A movie. Or a screener and– Do you dress sexy or does it even matter? I wear something that’s I think visually entertaining. Let me ask you. But, let me just answer your question ’cause I know that, you gotta make room for the dude that really you’re manifesting. Exactly, all right, so twice a month with the maintenance man is enough. Yes, it’s enough because I’m not emotionally attached to him. I need to make room. I need to be able to date. Got you. I keep an empty drawer on the guest sink in my bathroom. Say no more. I keep room in the closet. This is all feng shui ladies. You gotta make room and manifest. (audience clapping) Okay, that part I didn’t see in the article. Well Page Six. Good and because the last time I saw you, you were in love with– My second husband. Yeah and you guys broke up, or got divorced there for two years. Right, well we were together three years. The first year was ecstasy, and then the second year was agony and ecstasy, and then the third year was just agony. So, that was when I called it quits. Are you still friends with him? No, but that’s not my choice. I don’t, he kinda holds a grudge and that’s his journey. I have absolutely no regrets. I have nothing but ingratitude for having had the relationship because I think every intimate relationship that you have offers you an opportunity to grow. That’s what I say also. (audience clapping) Was the divorce nasty? No. ‘Cause I didn’t read anything. I had no idea. No, it wasn’t, it was very simple actually. I mean, we didn’t have kids. We didn’t really have joint properties. You have your own money, he had his own money, and that’s the way that was. This is how adults operate. Yes, and so it was very simple and amicable. Can I ask you something about the maintenance man? ‘Cause I just feel like having the sex is an easy thing to do, but kissing and making out is a lot more intimate. Do you make out with him? Just asking. We definitely kiss and– I mean up here. Yes. (laughs) Fran. (audience cheering) Well, yes, we definitely, we have a groove. It’s an interesting thing that you can have a groove with somebody and not be deeply emotionally invested. I love it. But also, I mean, one cocktail and I become a kissing fiend. Perfect. A little cocktail before he comes over loosens everything up and gets you all in that little (mumbles). Uh-huh, all right, there’s another thing that she’s working on besides “Indebted,” besides her real love life, her maintenance man love life, which are two different things. My gay ex-husband love life. Your gay ex-husband friendship, which you don’t have to work on that. He’s gay all day so there’s no problem. You know what I’m saying? Right, but I think that with anybody, sometimes we marry somebody because that’s the conclusion we come to ’cause we do have very strong feelings, love feelings for that person, and then as a mate, they just fall short of our expectation. But the thing is, that doesn’t mean we would have lower demands if they were just a friend. I don’t have the same expectation on my friends that I do on a mate. So sometimes you have to just dial it back and think, “Okay, there was something there.” I love you. “‘Cause we thought we need to get married, “but maybe that was the wrong conclusion.” But Brendan’s over there bringing all the signs up. Brendan, now you’re gonna relax ’cause I have two things to talk to Fran about. (Fran laughing) The other project she’s working on, and I find this brilliant, I’m tuned in. I don’t even know when you’re gonna start filming, but I’m there. Fran’s gonna play the mother. She’s rebooting “The Nanny.” Hold on, don’t clap. (audience cheering) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, you gotta hear me. She’s rebooting “The Nanny.” She’s a fan of Cardi B. Don’t clap, hold on. Cardi’s gonna play her daughter, who’s the actual nanny, and John Leguizamo as your husband. I am visually overloaded with talent. (audience cheering) First of all, and I’m so grateful that people are so excited about “The Nanny.” The first project is we’re putting it on Broadway as a musical. I heard. And we got Rachel Bloom to partner with us and she’s doing the music and Peter and I wrote the book, and we’re working together and we’re very excited about that. And that’s gonna be its own major event, maybe in two years. But that’s Broadway in New York. That’s Broadway. So when you turn on the TV, we can all watch. I can’t do a reboot of “The Nanny” until that has legs on Broadway. But you know what? I have to honor my relationship with my lead producer and he would like it to go in that order– It’s gonna be a success. And I’m fine with that. So, God willing it will be a success and that’ll be its own event. You and Cardi B and John Leguizamo in a sitcom? So then I thought that if we ever did a reboot on “The Nanny” on TV, I don’t know if she would have the discipline to do it. Oh yes she would. That’s a grown woman. I think she has the comic chops. I think she has the style to play the character. I think she has the voice to play the character. Wait, just base it in New York. I love going ethnic with the character. It’s up to her. I would love it and I think that if I could play Sylvia and then Leguizamo could play Morty. And then maybe we could get an Obama-type to play Mr. Sheffield. (audience cheering) Okay and finally– That’s a ways off. Next thing is the musical. Okay, no the next thing is “Indebted,” which is tonight. “Indebted,” of course. But also, you’ve teamed up with Jamie Foxx with the Cancer Schmancer. Yes, he’s been wonderfully supportive of the Cancer Schmancer movement. We did an education video that targets teens and tweens because they are the first generation predicted to not live as long as their parents in U.S. history. And he’s got children, we just don’t wanna make that a self-fulfilling prophecy. So very generously, he gave his time to us. And we motivate, activate, educate kids to become more mindful consumers because what they buy and what they don’t buy becomes their vote as well as their protest. They don’t pay tax. They don’t vote. They don’t wield a lot of influence in Washington, nut they are a multi-billion dollar demographic. They buy a lot. Jamie and I and the Cancer Schmancer movement want them to become mindful consumers instead of mindless consumers. Fran Drescher everybody, give it up. (audience cheering) Her new series, “Indebted,” it’s tonight, the premier. 9:30 on NBC. And we’ll be right back. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) All right, welcome back. It is time to play 20 in 20, where we’re giving away 20 trips in 20 days here at “Wendy.” (audience cheering) Nick over here is from Massachusetts. Now, Nick you’re gonna have one chance to win a fabulous vacation, based on answering correctly my Hot Topics question. Okay. Are you ready to spin? We’ll do it at the same time. I’ll count us down, okay? Okay. Hands in position. Three, two, one, go! (wheel clicking) (wheel clicking)
(audience cheering) Oh. Okay, all right wait, hold on now. Now what is that on? (audience talking in background) No, it’s on the middle. I don’t know. All right, we’re sending you to Moon Palace if you guess correctly. Okay. All right, and then here’s a question about Cardi B. I know you follow the show, Hot Topics. Yes, I do. Okay, Announcer, please tell him all about Moon Palace. It’s a trip to Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico. We’ll fly you and a guest roundtrip for a five day, four night stay at this luxurious all-inclusive resort. You’ll spend your trip diving into lavish swimming pools, dining at multiple destinations, and dancing it up at their nightclub, Noir. Their signature Awe Spa is perfect for a day of pampering. This trip will be one to remember. (audience cheering) So, I know you know Cardi B and the question is Cardi was on the cover of Vogue in January. Who was also on the cover with her? Go. Her daughter, Kulture. (bell dinging) (audience cheering) You’re going. (audience cheering) Nick, enjoy Moon Palace. Now hold on, thank you for playing. I understand you’ve never flown before. No I haven’t, yeah. I’ve just taken trains, buses– But, you’re with your friend in the front row. This gentleman right here? Yes. Okay. Yes, he’s a drag queen. Yes, he’s my best friend. (audience cheering) (Nick laughing) Will he be flying with you? Is that the one you’ll take? Yes. Okay, hold hands and enjoy Moon Palace. We’ll be right back. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) Time for Ask Wendy. Come on up. Mm-hmm, don’t be shy now. I’m not, I’m not, Wendy. Welcome to stirring the pot, come on. Okay, okay. How you doing? What’s your name, where you from? How you doing? My name is Miracle. I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m a therapist. Okay, you want me to therapize you? Yes, just a little bit. Okay Miracle. Yes, so I have a co-worker. Every payday, we usually buy lottery tickets together. Here we go. I know. For the entire month of January, she did not contribute, and I was still playing. So last Friday when I played, I won, and she knew I won.
(audience cheering) Thank you, because I play the same number every time we usually play together. So Monday when I came in, she ask me am I gonna split the winnings with her, and it was a four digit winning. However, do you think I’m wrong for that, Wendy? No, no and furthermore, don’t play the lottery with your co-workers if you’re not willing to split. She didn’t play, so she’s not splitting. Miracle, this is all your money, and from now on, she’s strictly a co-worker. She’s not a friend. Don’t go for lunch with her. Don’t even go past her cubicle. (audience laughing) Okay. (audience clapping) We’ll be right back. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) In a good way. It is in a good way. (audience cheering) I asked her if she’s having fun. This is Tony from Dallas. She said this is crazy in a good way. (audience laughing) All right, ready? Tony, it’s Celebrity Face Swap. I’m gonna show you two celebrity faces. There they are. Okay, they shut down Super Bowl. Don’t help Tony. She’s from Dallas. I missed the Super Bowl. I was getting my lashes done, but I saw a lotta chatter online. Okay, they’re both popular singers. They performed at halftime. Wendy. Are you serious with this– Okay, I think it’s JLo and I, Shakira? (bell ringing) ‘Cause that man over there said so. (Tony cheering) There you go, dinner for two at Fogo de Chao. We’ll be right back. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) It’s Black History Month and today, we’re honoring Isaac Wright Jr. In 1991, Isaac was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison for life. While he was serving his time, he studied law, he appealed his case, and all the charges were dismissed. In 2017, he became an attorney in New Jersey. His story is now being told. It’s being produced by my friend and my co-star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the legendary 50 Cent, is producing his story for ABC. (audience cheering) Isaac, we honor you. 50, I love you. And we’ll be right back. (audience cheering)
(upbeat dance music) (audience clapping) I know my people. Okay, tomorrow Real Housewife, Erika Jayne, is here. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on “Wendy.” Bye, bye. (audience cheering) (upbeat dance music)

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