– Kenny says this looks like
a documentary from the ’90s. (laughs) Hello everyone,
welcome back to Royalty Soaps. My name is Katie Carson, I am gonna be making
an all pink soap today. Inspired by Funny Face
which was a film done a long time ago, it stars Audrey Hepburn. The story is that there’s
like a fashion designer lady and she’s trying to decide
what her color of the season is going to be and she like
trashes all the other colors and is like no, blue is
boring, red is boring, purples absurd, pink, pink
is the only way to go! So that was kind of the
inspiration for this soap, it is almost all completely pink, you will see one of our
colorants did not behave, it was therefore banished afterwards. But all in all, I am really pleased, and I think it’s gonna look
excellent for Valentine’s Day. Our Think Pink Soap is part
of the Areter Collection which will be available on February 1st at three PM central standard
time at RoyaltySoaps.com. Without further ado, let’s make some soap! Before we begin, I would like
to declare my love for pink. Pink is a mood, it is a concept. Pink is a way of life. Pink is my favorite color and this video is dedicated to pink,. Now let us begin! We shall begin by blending
our lye water solution into our oils, yes, these
are at room temperature, in fact the lye waters a little bit cold because it’s a little bit cold in here. Optimally, you want these to be within five degrees of each other. (soft lively music) Let us split this container
into four equal portions. And then we’re gonna color then all pink! Light pink, dark pink,
purple pink, pinky pink! It’s gonna be so great! And I’m also going to scrapey scrapey out my little containee! The first pink I’m gonna
be adding is Oleander Pink from Nurture Soap and I don’t
believe I’ve ever actually used this in a soap before. Now I could be wrong, I’ve
made lots of soap but you know. I don’t think I have! This second pink I’m
adding is Cosmic Caroline, my precious beloved Cosmic Caroline. She’s beautiful, she is
everything, I use her all the time, she’s from TKB trading, I
can’t rave about it enough. The next one is called Hot Pants (laughs). It’s from Mad Micahs. – [Kenny] Of course it’s Mad Michas, who else would name their micah Hot Pants! – [Katie] (laughs) I know,
they’ve got the funniest names! I was going based on their
pictures for color reference and I think it’s going to
be a very nice addition. And then finally, we have Lollypop Pink and this is also from Nurture Soap, this looks very similar to
Flash Dance by Mad Micahs, I don’t know if both of them
are like exactly the same but it looks pretty similar. It’s kind of a purply pink, really shiny. Super pretty! And now, it is blendin’ time! (soft lively music) For the fragrance oil, I will be adding Pink Grapefruit from Wholesale Supplies Plus, honestly the most stunning
grapefruit fragrance oil ever. A pink grapefruit! I’m just going to blend this in by hand. This is a very nice well
behaved little fragrance oil. Shouldn’t cause you any
problems in your cold process so even if you have a water discount. And speaking of water discount, if you’re wanting to use my
recipe that I’m using today, you can, it is listed down
in the description box below along with links to all
the supplies that I’m using and a whole bunch of other good stuff. Including links to like
ebates and Air B&B, a couple discount codes in there. Ebates we use all the time. I mean, we get a quarterly check from them every single quarter because
we use them all the time when shopping on e-bay and stuff, guys it’s 100% free,
just sign up for that. It will be a good think
for you and your business! Also, if you’re traveling, again I have Air B&B down there, so you can get 40 dollars
off your first stay. Air B&B is what we use
every single time we travel because why would you not stay in a house? That has a full kitchen
and all the a-coo-tr-mans rather than just staying
a single hotel room for the exact same price. I’ve never had a problem,
Air B&B has been the best and I’ve used it for several years now. Okay, with all my
fragrance oil blended in, it’s time to start pouring
into our two Brambleberry molds after this quick potential
commercial break. You might not get one, but I like to throw it out there anyway! Dun da da da da da da! I am going to begin with
the Cosmic Caroline, just pouring a little
stripey down the middle, doesn’t have to be perfect
or go fully to the edge, once again this is a drop swirl today. I love drop swirls, they make my heart so happy! Because you get to see
all the different colors but it’s still plenty swirly. This is something I talked
about in my 2020 like review that I was just really happy
about being able to master. ‘Cause even though it looks really easy, I personally find that this
is actually one of the harder things to do, it’s really easy
to either make really gloopy soap or make it run together too much so having the right
consistency for drop swirls is actually kind of a skill. Another skill that I think
is definitely worth noting and for people who do it
often I am impressed by, tiger stripes, those
people are miracle workers. Especially those that
can do large batches. It’s a lot easier to make one
little skinny loaf or soap than it is to make like 64 bars at a time. Because bigger batches,
your soap acts differently, it moves a little quicker, yada yada yada. I tell you what, making
those little purple molds that you can get on
Amazon of Ally Express, those are the easiest ones to make because it’s only like two pounds of soap. And that’s why whenever we put
together our beginner series, I will have you guys use that
mold because it is very easy to use and you still get
really good size bars. Are you getting Valentine vibes, Kenny? – [Kenny] It reminds me
of all of those Valentines that I used to receive. – [Katie] (laughs) Whenever
the teacher made other people give them to you (laughs). No one was special in grade school, that was a participation trophy. One thing I will say is that
if this Oliander doesn’t turn slightly pinker, I am going
to be a very unhappy rabbit because I had my hopes
set on a very light pink and that is looking awfully cream colored. Gonna give it a little shooka shooka. I’ve decided that I will
swirl the top of this soap for your aesthetic benefit, it will not do anything
because we’re piping the top. This always looks so pretty
and I love watching this for channels that are
only doing low top soaps. This particular swirl, this little like infinity swirl, I don’t really know what it’s called, maybe it’s not called that, it’s one of my favorites to see. It really is, especially on
cut bars because it just does such a good job swirling! Oh yes, I love it! Okay, so now I’m gonna
mix up the soap frosting, the pink soap frosting, we’re going to pipe it on
top and add in five million inbeds after this quick commercial break. (soft lively music) Today we will be using the
Royalty Soaps soap frosting club kit to do the piping on top. I mix in a little bit of
Cosmic Caroline Micah and TD to get this lovely pink color. I would say the Cosmic
Caroline color is probably the closest to my favorite color pink because it’s warm toned and
in this particular batch, looks a slight, just a ever
so teenie tiny, bit orange. And that is my favorite,
I love that coraly pink. It is all over California. It was one of my favorite things to see. Actually, last year in February
when I went to California for the first time with
my best friend Caroline, it was one of the things
I noticed and was like look at these doors and
everybody paints their doors so pretty in California. All these really bold, vivid
colors even though most of the houses are like just a
regular white gray or white. So, I love that just stand
out pop out color next to all the desert plant
like succulents and aloes. It’s so pretty! I think I’m due for another
trip to some tropical location. I would love to know for
those of y’all in the states some tropical locations
that Caleb and I should go because we’ve been to Hawaii, we really wanna go back
but we just don’t wanna do the six hour plane ride with
two kids under the age of two! It just sounds like a potential nightmare. So, we’re looking for
somewhere beachy, warm, balmy that we can go to so suggestions would be both helpful and appreciated! We’ve also talked about going
somewhere up in the mountains like Colorado it’s been years, I think the last time I went
to Colorado I was like 11. We stayed in Colorado
Springs and it was so lovely! Yes, we actually went and
visited all the hot springs there and that was also super cool
though I was not prepared as an 11 year old for the stench
that would be accompanying those springs I was like why
does it smell like rotten eggs? (laughs) There we go Kenny, sulfur soap! – [Kenny] I remember that
we proved how Texan we were when we were driving up that mountain and then we stopped on
the side of the road just because we saw some snow. – [Katie] (laughs) That’s right,
we did do that, didn’t we? Oh my, the snow! – [Kenny] We almost
never get snow in Texas. So whenever we saw it we
were like (heavy breathing) snowmen, snow forts, snowballs, pull over! – [Katie] All of the
children’s illustrated books that we saw over the years
that were for winter time we were like it all makes
sense, snow isn’t a myth! (laughs) So the first thing
we’re gonna put on top of the soap is this Sparkle Me Red Fairy Duster which looks rather pinky on top, perfect! I also really lik this one
because it’s really easy to get out of the pump. The Sparkle Me, let’s
see, I can’t remember, I think Sparkle Me Blue,
sometimes I have a hard time gettin’ it out of the pump. Kennys trying to blow the
sparkle stuff up in my face! – [Kenny] I don’t wanna
get it on the lenses and electrical equipment.
– I just want y’all to look at the top of this micah! Is that not gorgeous, oh em gee! This is the Lollypop
Micah from Nurture Soap. It’s just so shiny! Look at it, oh! Now I am just gonna
sprinkle this all around rather crazy indeed. Last little bit we’re gonna put on here. Now it’s time for inbeds. We’re gonna put on some
hot pink grapefruits, some multi toned mini soap gumballs, some multi toned pink gems, and super tight, super
springy lookin’ soap curls! So first, I’m gonna put the big one on, and that’s gonna be the pink grapefruit. This is the one I kind
of have to get right, and then the rest of them I
would just put on based on where the grapefruits are! Time for the curls, I’m trying
to stick them underneath but still very prominently
so you can see them. And basically what I told
Shelly for these inbeds was I want pink but I don’t want
it all to be the same pink, I want it to be different
pinks so she has some ones that are more clear with sparkles, she has some that are
very opaque and light. She has some that are right in the middle, she has some that are really hot pink, so there’s a really good variety. This kinda thing really
makes each individual bar super unique, it’s another
reason I love doing them. Also, soap curls are just the best. – [Kenny] They always
make me think of cake. – [Katie] I know! Okay, with all the pink
bits on this side done, I’m gonna spin it around and we’re gonna add the little gumballs. Once again, every one
of them is different, I really like this one, I think she used Summer Crush from Nurture Soap. I’m pretty sure that color
is discontinued though. I was super sad when it left ’cause that was one of my favorites. It’s funny ’cause when I
was oh, I’d say probably second grade a thing that
went around in my school where it was not cool to
like pink if you were a girl. It was like, you needed to be cool and pick a different color like blue or green and I
just loved pink so much. So whenever we were
goin’ around in a circle and everyones like what’s
your favorite color, Katie? I debated on whether or
not (laughs) I should lie about my favorite color because
it wasn’t cool to like pink. But you know what, I didn’t do it. I stood up for myself and was like my favorite color is pink and all those girls, they
weren’t very kind about it, they were like well that’s pretty boring, that’s everyone’s favorite color and I staunchly did not care. (laughs) The last wee
inbed, our little soap gems. What was your favorite color
when you were a kid, Kenneth? – [Kenny] Oh I think that I liked blue. Blue and black. I wasn’t afraid to go
with the grain either! But now, I really like
purple, pink and black. – [Katie] They really are such nice colors and oddly enough, I really
like the color green now too! Kenny and I have been toying with an idea, I wanna pitch it to you guys. We’ve been thinking about
doing a little mini series here on Royalty Soaps, we
actually had a lot of ideas for little mini series,
but one of the ones that we think would be fun would
be to have somebody else pick a word and then we
have to make a soap based on that word like alternatively
you could do like a color like they pick out one of the
colors from up on the rack behind me whenever I’m doing
some intros and outros, you guys have seen all those
different colors up there. Just pick one color and then
we can use like white or black and we have to make a soap
based on that and then you guys get to vote and we’ll do like three sets and whoevers the winner there
will be like two different prizes and we will donate
to our favorite charities that either Kenny or I have picked. So if you guys think that
would be fun for us to do, let us know, by giving
this video a thumbs up. We have here some plastic
free pink glitter! So I’m going to douse the top with that. Boop boo boo, boo boo boo! Oh wow, it matches the
Cosmic Caroline perfectly. I wonder if we should put some
rainbow silver eco glitter or hollow glitter, what
do you think Kenny? Do you think it needs some hollow? – [Kenny] More glitter! – [Katie] And with that,
we have the final touches! We’ll spritz with rubbing alcohol and I’ll bring you in for
a close up of Think Pink! Everything is pink! Marvelous, glorious,
down right amazing, pink! Everything I ever wanted in a soap. A mountain of inbeds,
loads of glitter and pink! So, we are going to wait 18 to 24 hours and then we’re gonna come back, we’re gonna chop it all up, hopefully that Oliander
color will have turned and we’ll take a peeps at the inside, after this potential
quick commercial break. Please YouTube, please put a
commercial break here (laughs). Y’all this smells so good! It smells even better after
having sat for a while. I do have to be very careful though where I line this up ’cause I
really don’t wanna wack those grapefruits also I can see
that Oliander Pink Micah misbehaving, the little tart,
she must be reprimanded! Oh, and this is what it
looks like on the inside! Now don’t worry about
these little yellow bits, those just have to turn
back to the normal color after they get exposed to the air. That’s very typical for Cosmic Caroline, it will go the way it’s supposed to. However, is this pink to you? Because this is not pink to me! Oliander Pink, you’re out of here! You’re good for melt and pour only! However, the other three
seem to be doing well. Cosmic Caroline is
looking nice and bright! Lollypop Pink is lookin’ nice and bright and so is Hot Pants! And they have perfectly
matched the top which is also looking really really good, so all in all, I’m really pleased, this is
gonna be the show stopping, ultimate Valentine’s Day soap! And yeah, it smells really really good. I would try to work a grapefruit
scent into every single month if I could do it. The question of the day is, should I do another soap
where it’s all one color? Obviously, I tried to do one color but that Oleander, would you
like t see an all blue soap? An all green soap? An all gold soap? Let me know! I’ll leave an I in the upper
right hand corner of the screen and then you can vote on
which color you’d like to see down in the comment section
below and if someone has already said your color,
just give it a thumbs up, that way I can see which ones
you guys really really like! This looks like a lava lamp. If you’d like to pick
this up for your loved one for Valentine’s Day, instead
of a bar of chocolate, they will be available at RoyaltySoaps.com on February 1st, three
PM central standard time. I hope you all have an
absolutely lovely day, be sure you do something
fun for yourself today! Like going out and eating a grapefruit if you’re not allergic and
you actually like them! I love grapefruits! My mom has a grapefruit spoon, like a whole utensil made for grapefruits. I thought that was a normal
thing that everybody had and then I went to other people’s houses and they were like, what
is a grapefruit spoon? I don’t know! Yeah, it’s a whole utensil
just for grapefruit! Or maybe putting up some
Valentine’s Day decorations in your locker or your
office or maybe your home or bedroom make it festive
because they big day is coming! And until next time, have an absolutely royal day
and by for now, neeewwww! (light music)

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