There were plenty of memorable moments from
the 2020 Oscars ceremony, including the special “In Memoriam” tribute that honored Hollywood
figures who we’ve lost in the past year. However, actor Luke Perry, who passed away
in March 2019 at the age of 52, was left out. Naturally, some fans are wondering why. As CNN notes, the apparent snub was particularly
egregious given that Perry appeared in one of the evening’s most nominated films, Quentin
Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. But while his role in that movie, his final
onscreen performance, was relatively small, Perry was hardly what you’d call a bit player. During his heyday of the 1990s, he was considered
a sex symbol and teen idol, largely thanks to his regular role on Beverly Hills, 90210. But by all accounts, he never let the fame
go to his head. Following his death, he was remembered as
a humble man who valued his family over the trappings of celebrity. In a way, it’s almost appropriate that he
would fly under the radar of the Academy’s In Memoriam segment. On the Monday following the Oscars, those
responsible for the event released an explanation regarding Perry’s omission from the tribute. The statement read, “The Academy receives hundreds of requests
to include loved ones and industry colleagues in the Oscars In Memoriam segment. An executive committee representing every
branch considers the list and makes selections for the telecast based on limited available
time.” The statement also noted that all of the In
Memoriam submissions are listed on the website, where they’ll remain throughout 2020. That’s where you’ll find Perry “remembered”
by the Academy, alongside others who weren’t featured in the on-air tribute. Beyond Luke Perry, viewers may have noticed
a few other notable names and beloved figures who passed in 2019 or early 2020 that didn’t
appear in the “In Memoriam” segment. If you take a look at the online gallery posted
on, you’ll see that there are 163 individual entries – far too many to fit in
the pressed-for-time broadcast tribute. Disney Channel actor Cameron Boyce wasn’t
mentioned during the ceremony; however, he can be found in the gallery along
with others who have entertained countless audiences over the years, such as Peggy Lipton,
who appeared on The Mod Squad and Twin Peaks, and was also the mother of Parks and Recreation
star Rashida Jones. Some viewers had questions about people who
were included in the Oscars broadcast, including Kobe Bryant, who was the first person honored
during the live tribute. It may have seemed strange since he was an
athlete and not an actor, but back in 2018, Bryant took home an Academy Award for Best
Animated Short Film for Dear Basketball. Kobe was also remembered in a more personal
fashion by the filmmaker Spike Lee, his friend who honored Bryant in a very special way,
and made the event somewhat difficult for singer Billie Eilish, who performed during
the heartwrenching tribute. When it was announced that Billie Eilish would
be performing at the 2020 Oscars, many assumed that she would be introducing fans to her
James Bond theme song. But when she was asked about it on the red
carpet by Entertainment Tonight, the young singer made it clear that such a self-promoting
move would come off as inappropriate. “Are you singing the Bond theme tonight.” “Tonight? I can’t do that for the In Memoriam, come
on.” “It’s not about me. This is about them.” Instead, Eilish delivered a heartfelt rendition
of the Beatles’ “Yesterday.” And while she said beforehand that she was
looking forward to “respecting all the people that have passed this year,” she also noted
that Kobe Bryant’s death, in particular, was affecting her, saying, “It’s just sad. It’s like, I don’t know what else to say. Every time, when we were in rehearsal and
they run kind of what’s going to be playing, every time I see his face [on the screen],
I’m like what? It’s so weird. It doesn’t make sense to me. I just got shivers, it’s horrifying.” Viewers surely got shivers, too, when Eilish
sang her tribute to the showbiz folks we’ve loved and lost. But for fans of the actors and filmmakers
who didn’t make the cut, like Luke Perry, the 2020 Oscars In Memoriam segment was incomplete,
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  1. Seriously? The Academy couldn’t have taken the time to honor all 163? What would’ve it taken – maybe 163 seconds? That’s just bull 🤬

  2. This may be rather cynical but I think one reason both Luke Perry and Peggy Lipton were excluded is because their careers were mostly in television as opposed to films.

  3. That sounds like a bullshit explanation.
    I totally forgot about Peggy Lipton.
    Another horrible omission.
    Goes to show how BS the entire show really is

  4. He was still a beloved actor and he deserved to be on there. They had a bunch of people that nobody knew who they were (behind the scenes people). At least people knew who Luke was. Such a shame.

  5. This is bullshit!!! He still deserved to be honored as much as Cameron Boyce who also passed away. They both were so humble and didn't let fame get to their heads. I was so mad 😠😠😠😠😠

  6. How difficult it would be for the Academy to feature all people in the reel that airs on TV who everyone (if not most of everyone) ACTUALLY FREAKING KNOWS?!? Some of the people featured in the reel (i.e. industry people) we don't know, and those people should be regulated to the 'in memoriam' on the Oscar website.

    They didn't feature Luke, Sid or Cameron in the reel, but they made DAMN SURE to include Kirk Douglas…and he died LAST WEEK!

    The Academy is some shady assholes!

  7. To be fair, it does seem like no matter what they do, people will always be upset that someone was left off the list.

    That said, since Luke Perry was actually in one of the nominated films, this one seems to be a glaring omission. Not since leaving out Farrah Fawcett, who was an actual member of the Academy, has such a glaring omission been made.

  8. That's a bunch of bull they could put the people side by side they could fit them all in the screen that's just disrespectful

  9. Wow what a great job turning a video about Luke Perry into a Cobey video. Good job! Not like he die with 7 others or that he was a Rapist….But good job. Nice nice nice Real nice!!

  10. It wasn’t right leaving Luke out . He was certainly more well know than many others with more recent accolades . Not right …

  11. I really hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but personally I was a lot more familiar with Luke Perry then the other celebrities that were shown.

  12. I liked him but essentially he was a TV actor and not a film one – I mean come on – Buffy, 8 sec , lifebreath… hardly the best works – he was known for 90210 and riverdale , oh and that cool 90’s mortal combat show

  13. They missed the mark on this years tribute…What’s the average age of the committee that decides? Many of those honored were unrecognizable and I’m in my 60s. I thought I would recognize more names.

  14. There’s not a 163 on the tribute page , of the 164 PHOTOS in that SLIDE SHOW ,there are 132 dead stars , the remaining 21 slides are ads for the oscars which pop up on average every 4 spots or so.
    As far as time goes , can’t these celebrities die slower for the poor Oscar telecast , not like they couldn’t cut a musical segment smh.

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