The Badass Personalities of People Who Like
To Be Alone There are some people who prefer living in
solitude. Many reasons trigger this trait such as rejection,
seeking for peace, and being introverted. Those attitudes make other people think that
they are people who need help. However, it is worth noting that it is their
decision to be alone. They need time alone for various purposes
such as calming themselves, reflecting, thinking, and staying away from crowds. Additionally, there are some perks that make
people who love being alone awesome. In this video, I’m going to share with you
the badass personalities of people who like to be alone. If you’re new to our channel, make sure to
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information is helpful to you. So, here is some personalities of people who
like being alone. #1 – They are not neurotic People who like to be alone, based on research,
do not always suffer from neurotic condition. In fact, most of them are sensible people
who like to think deep, and wider than average. That may be surprising, but it turns out they
have made decision to be single or to be alone. That is why they don’t regret their decision. #2 – Open minded Those who prefer staying at home alone or
in apartment room may not possess the ability to think deeply. They are confined in their little space, and
that is why people always think that way. Unfortunately, it is not always true because
people who prefer being alone spend their time reading or doing things they like. Typically, they read books or novels to satisfy
their curiosity. That is why loners are not always close-minded
people as people assume they are. #3 – They are kind People who are not afraid of being alone are
basically nicer and kinder to those who are afraid of being alone. The reason is simply because they love having
conversation no matter how risky it is. Their facial expression is also welcoming
because they don’t really care if their tactics to get new friends fail. #4 – Organized This one is probably the best trait for people
who like being alone. Being organized keeps everything neat and
controlled. They can create plans accurately, and they
will follow them accordingly. They also can make one for others to follow,
and it is absolutely the great personality that not all people have. #5 – extroversion The next thing that should be noted is the
level of extroversion. This measures how baddish people who like
being alone are. Based on some research papers, it is found
that loners tend to be more introverted especially those who live with no partner. People who are afraid of being single are
less extroverted than those who are unafraid. The reason being is probably because they
don’t have to be socially active to get partner and to be happy. Moreover, single people who are afraid of
being single actually have more real friends than those who are unafraid. Therefore, it is no wonder why those who are
unafraid are getting more extraverted because they are okay with small numbers of real friends. #6 – they have standards The last baddass trait is related to how they
plan their goals. They don’t just talk. They have high standards, and they will make
sure everything is properly done. Additionally, they don’t like making mistakes,
and that’s why they create flawless plans before executing them. All in all, that’s the badass personalities
of people who like to be alone. Really cool information isn’t it? Please share your thoughts and experiences
in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and
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  1. The loneliness of the Christian comes from his spiritual walk in a godless world, just like the old testament prophets who were alone bc of their confronting the sin of Israel. A good author on this is AW Tozer.

  2. === Great Video! A+!! Except for the voice. PLEASE get someone like Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Cash, Morgan Freeman, or even Mr. T to narrate?

  3. I was taught to entertain myself and don't have a constant need for others. My inner peace is fine and I like being alone to work because of my ADD and am not as easily distracted. I have a small number of friends who respect my privacy and dont drop in uninvited snd unannounced. They like the same boundaries.

  4. the only thing i am afraid of anymore is death. not because of what it means but because it could end the "me" which is why i want the most of life with friends and not a phone in my hand doing all the fake things extroverts will go in…today i had make my best desicion for valentine day. on weekend i will see her making her happy with this superb plan and gifts

  5. I like being alone because my class sucks. They always pick on everyone who's like me, quiet and closed about their emotions. I've already tried many things to make them understand but usually it just brings the opposite effect of what I wanted. I've also started to live with it, I now know, that my class is just like that and I always think to myself: "C'mon, it's only 1 1/2 years that you have to get through with them. Then you can wave at them while you're holding your diploma in your hands and walk away in a chilled manner." It mostly helps, but it also depends on the mood of my class. I always go after them. So it's not really me who decides, it's them. But I can live with it. (Sorry if anything should be spelled wrong or something. I'm german and just in 9th grade so I guess it's understandable)

  6. Thank you! Also Never force your Children to make Friends! Actually they can Survive ALONE upon Being separated from their Parents in an Emergency! Your Child is a Monk and Warrior! Let the Baby find his or her way in LIFE! AMEN

  7. As one who likes to be alone I can say it’s because no one can keep up with me and understands me ( yes there are some but they are few and far between) whenever I’m out in a group I naturally take on the role of guardian and it’s so much easier to do when you don’t have anyone holding you back or distracting you. If we’re quiet than sometimes it’s for your own protection.

  8. Number 6 yep that's me 😂😂 my plans will be perfect and I do execute most of them (however if a plan is created by a friend and I agree it doesn't always happen but anything I plan will always happen)

  9. I read crochet. study. clean. move furniture always. trying make it look better. for me…….play w/my cat

  10. When alone you need not lower your vibrational frequency to accommodate mundane mind controlled zombees. Stay true

  11. I love being alone but I'm not organized my room is a complete mess you could see books in the floor ,bed ,closet and bathroom

  12. True! I've been a loner all my life and I'm 55. I liked people when I was younger, but as I aged not at all. People in general are deceptive, dishonest, untrustworthy and disloyal.

  13. Me being organized is more of an organized chaos, however but deeply loyal like a love sick pubescent looking for a hand job oops bad analogy, however jesting aside not we make fearce and loyal friends, yes introverted, creative, intuitive, but still been a fire warrior of these mountains for 15 years. And can still shout at the devil.

  14. I really like this! Fascinating! I don't think I realized how many other people are like me. Myfamily still thinks there's something wrong with me.

  15. This would be better with a real voice, instead of a robot voice. Use statistics. Every country, religion, politics influences all of these generalities about alone time. Money, income has an influence. People stuck in a war zone or high crime zone don't have much choice. Nature with fresh air, peace and quiet, walking a dog or two, having a clear horizon without housing, cars, buildings, all help the experience of being alone. A daily walk alone can be refreshing.

  16. Being alone means having time to yourself on your own terms giving you the opportunity to explore your inner self, interests and personality. It's freedom within your means without being subordinated to authority or the pressure to fit in to other people's settings all the time. It's simply the moment that shouts you and you only and therefore can develop your character while giving you peace.

    Artists, writers, builders, musicians, model makers, Content Creators, Journalists, Photographers, etc.

  17. Being alone is good for me. Not all the time but it gives me more of a peace of mind plus I can get more things done. Being with people a lot for me is a distraction

  18. One of the personality traits for me is rage everybody in my school thought I wasn't strong because I was skinny and never got to angry well when one of the kids in my grade named Greggory ( Might have spelled that wrong) crossed a firm line when he talked about my mother I'll just leave it that but when he did I got so angry with such a powerful adrenaline rush I picked him up and threw him after that I stomped towards him as he got up head locked him then started punching him as hard as possible screaming louder than I knew I could saying "SAY SO SOMETHING NOW DO IT" and after all this typing I enjoy reliving the memory and would gladly do it again if somebody ever talks about my family like that again or worse harms them

  19. I am an ambivert (literally only discovered that it was an actual thing with a term about 20 mins ago), when I was younger I embraced the social side of myself, now, for various reasons, I have embraced the solo side. I have always known I was neither extrovert nor introvert, but could never define myself until now. I feel sorry for both extroverts and introverts for reasons I won't go into, cause I don't want to type an essay (yes extroverts, I hate to burst your bubbles, but you are in no way "superior" to others or "correct" by any stretch of the imagination). I will say this though – although both are equally unbalanced, I believe, ironically perhaps, that introverts are probably actually happier people than extroverts in general.

  20. Just what I thought, He has no idea with this, as He said.. After the lame duck, whats next #31 Ga (Gallium). With fb page of soaring lion.

  21. Disagree with 50% of this video BTS .. which is unusual because your vids are mostly very accurate …. I love having "alone time" but I'm the opposite to 4 & 5 .. lol .. 👼

  22. I love to be alone because it helps me think about my goals, give me time to make weaknesses into strengths, it really benefits my life

  23. I don't know i came from such a bad back ground bad childhood filled with nothi g but physical abuse by my mother who was a alcoholic my father who abandoned me but I can say this I work 2 jobs since i was 19 years old don't drink smoke or use drugs cook 4 home less people tried marriage 4 three years didn't like it got out i just like living alone so I do like yo video it's real excellent @ 2 thumbs up !😁😋😃😄😅😅😆

  24. Being alone is easy for guys like me.. because we are always communicating with god and god eyes are fixed at us..! And our hearts are fixed at the meeting of god we don’t need to be in the company of believers to protect our iman we have got enough training for these types of things..! If lose anything we don’t feel it..! Because god is not rewarding or punishing us for our feelings..! We don’t need to feel compassion to show mercy we don’t need to feel angry to punish this is not how god wants from us..!! We do what is commanded for example u guys after what u did with me I have every rights to punish you guys but once the command came from my lord I have to fulfill that scene my lord showed me..! Am going to catch you guys red handed but shall I inform you all a scary part about god or allah..! God or allah is not stone or thing just the way we act allah acts as well..! Do not change your conditions keep that way and humble yourself for god cause at any moment god is watching you guys..! And me am just waiting for any moment and opurtunity when you guys fuck up so I come back with deffernt mind set…! Tick tack tick tack..:)!

  25. This vid only shows a good silent people and not the bad one if you people think to find the badass one here…

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