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FIRST TIME PREGNANT WITH BEST FRIENDS! (Spending 24 Hours Revealing & Surprising my GIANT Prank)
GIANT SNAKE PRANK on Rebecca’s Best Friend! (Spending 24 HOURS Surprising Tricks on Crush Challenge)
Got Pranked, And Then Like, Facebook Famous On Social Media
WHICH New BEST FRIEND Will REBECCA Chose? (Found Hidden Spy in Disguise using Hacks and Pranks)
[Not My Arms] 대환장파뤼ㅋㅋ.니손으로 메이크업해본다면?!아이..ㄷ..돌아이(feat.못생김주의)
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[Not My Arms] 대환장파뤼ㅋㅋ.니손으로 메이크업해본다면?!아이..ㄷ..돌아이(feat.못생김주의)

💖GREE LIGHT💖 Nice to meet you~ It’s a Big Dog.😜 (…i never scared😫…) I’m going to do some crazy makeup today.🤔 Looking for wax with a delicate gesture…😊 First, get your hair done. (I sniff it first like a dog.)🤣

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