These stars are always hanging around, but
never actually accomplishing anything memorable. Maybe their careers will turn around eventually,
but for now, someone needs to tell them they aren’t famous anymore. One person who should be more famous than
she is infamous is Stacey Dash. She’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous, was great as
Dionne in the 1995 classic Clueless, and she hasn’t aged at all since then. Unfortunately, her recent resumé is peppered
mainly with occasional bit parts on TV and direct-to-video films. She became a conservative commentator, but
she even lost that gig. In January 2017, Fox News announced that her
three-year stint on the network had concluded following controversial comments about race. Dash launched a short-lived bid for a California
congressional seat in 2018, but she waved the white flag after just one month. Her latest career efforts seem to blend her
past and present. Of the four film projects she has in the works,
two deal directly with conservative issues, including the controversial anti-abortion
flick Roe v. Wade. Besides the Transformers and Fast and the
Furious franchises, Tyrese Gibson doesn’t have much going on in terms of acting. He took that frustration out on his Fast co-star
Dwayne Johnson via a series of social media rants in 2017 in which he begged Johnson to
return his calls and berated him for having the audacity to make a Fast and Furious spinoff. Gibson has also had troubles outside of his
film career. Throughout 2017, he and his ex-wife engaged
in a contentious child custody dispute. And in 2018, American Express had allegedly
sued him for an outstanding balance of more than $60,000. When your headlines are more about your unpaid
bills than your big-time paydays, that’s the wrong kind of fame. He was a superstar when he was Lil’ Bow Wow,
but now that he’s not so lil’, Bow Wow has made some big public gaffes. There was the time he tweeted then deleted
an edited photo of the original Death Row Records lineup with his childhood face squeezed
in between Tupac and Suge Knight. And then there was the photo he tweeted of
a supposed private jet he was boarding that was actually a promotional photo from a Ft. Lauderdale airport. Bow Wow’s also been experiencing a career
lull in both the recording studio and on screen. His last notable gig was a two-year stint
on BET’s 106 & Park before the series was cancelled. He released a track list in 2018 for an upcoming
album that consisted of disturbing insults apparently aimed at ex-girlfriends. That’s not exactly the headspace you need
to be in if you still want to be famous. It seems like Frankie Grande keeps trying
to piggyback off his sister Ariana’s fame. The problem is, where Ariana is a talented
vocalist, seasoned Broadway performer, and former Nickelodeon star, Frankie doesn’t seem
to do much. Sure, he’s super into makeup, glitter, and
fashion, but so are toddlers who wander into their mothers’ bathrooms. But that hasn’t stopped Frankie from showing
up at awards shows, making appearances on every possible TV show that will book him,
and becoming one of the most reviled cast members on Big Brother. However, none of that has generated enough
juice for him to make headlines on his own. In fact, nearly every tabloid story he’s mentioned
in is directly related to his megastar sister. It’s about time he accepted that she got all
the star power in their gene pool. “Dip It Low” was a big hit for Christina Milian
back in 2004. Since then, she’s appeared as a correspondent
on The Voice, and she had a reality show called Christina Milian: Turned Up that was canceled
in 2016 after two seasons. But she hasn’t had a hit song of her own in
ages, despite being talented and stunningly beautiful. Perhaps the most alarming sign for her career
is that she’s set to star in a Hallmark Christmas movie. When OK! Magazine caught up with Milian in May 2018,
they asked if she planned to reboot her music career, and her answer was interesting, to
say the least. “So I’ve currently got some music that’s already
recorded it’s just in the process of the paperwork that has to be done to release it” That vagueness isn’t exactly inspiring when
it comes to future career prospects. By appearing on countless episodes of Keeping
Up with the Kardashians and other reality shows, Jonathan Cheban has been riding the
Kardashian wave ever since it started. He tried to parlay that fame into his own
series, The Spin Crowd, but that was cancelled after one season. After that, he attempted to climb one of the
lowest rungs of the reality TV ladder by appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, but he was eventually
axed from the show due to his outlandish demands. Cheban has since become something of a glorified
food blogger. He even declared in November 2017 that he
was legally changing his name to “foodgod,” which is the Instagram handle he uses to share
his culinary adventures. His greatest gastronomic achievement, as far
as we can tell, was introducing the world to Gold Chicken Wings, which are chicken wings
actually dipped in real 24K gold dust. But chowing down on appetizers that cost a
month’s rent probably isn’t the best way to endear yourself to a fan base.

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  1. Read an article about last year about Tyrese Gibson concerning a custody case. Don't remember all the details but he is like producing a couple of things and was on television show at least a year ago.

  2. Someone please add the Carters to this list. They both don't realize public is tired of them both, especially her.

  3. Stacy Dash: hates on Blacks and trash talk Democrats, gets fired from FOX News for being too controversial.

    Any White crackhead pervert in that “network” does the very same, they get promoted, get a salary increased of several millions and are given top billing.

  4. Ariana Grande…Talented???
    Ummmm when you gain almost all your headlines and attention from your off the rails mental state, for inappropriate and offensive statements, and being generally rude and cruel to all the other human beings around you, I would NOT call that exactly "talented" LOL

  5. So, it's not "Stars Who Need To Realize They Aren't Famous Anymore", but "Ex-Stars Who Need To Realize They Aren't Famous Anymore". And, some of these were never stars to begin with.

  6. You need to realise you don’t get to decide who isn’t “famous” anymore. They might be not famous enough for you but most of them are doing pretty great for themselves.

  7. Stacey Dash, "Jaw droppingly gorgeous"?…umm she's no beast but she's just rather average in looks. It's her attitude that makes her unattractive.

  8. The only reason you put Frankie on the list is cause hes gay. This channel disgusts me. The only person that needs to be on the list is Nicki Swift but you weren't famous or even anolaged in the first place.

  9. I find it very interesting that almost all of these stars that are considered irrelevant are black. I just think some people don’t understand our culture bc if I show any black female that is older than the age of 16 a picture of Bow Wow they will know who he is.

  10. Yeah not to mention that she was like pushing what 30 or 40 when she did clueless that women is gorgeous and she hasn't aged a day and that's the truth! Someone found the fountain of youth!

  11. What a freak that Frankie Grande is, stop being a frickin diva, your sister fills that roe all by herself.

  12. The reason that all these stars think they can remain famous without doing anything is because they are taking the Khardasian route. Everyone is starting to realize that you can be famous with zero talent and nothing to offer society in any fashion. You don't need to do anything any longer to get your face in the press and on the Internet.

  13. Food god? Seriously? Everyone on the planet eats, so I guess we can all become famous for tasting and commenting on food. What a concept. Oh well, desperate times call for desperate measures. If your star is falling you can either start tasting food or end up as a judge on a long-running talent competition. Either way, keep that puke basin close by as you're bound to need it – viewers included.

  14. Frankie deserves a nice hard punch to the face, if not for anything else, then that awful thumbnail.

  15. Christina Milian may not be as famous as she used to be but she will always be extremely gorgeous and slightly more down-to-earth then most of these crazy-ass Stars…

  16. The only thing Frankie ever did was go on Big Brother, and he was possibly the most obnoxious person I’ve seen on the show. He tried to use Arianna’s new fame to gain popularity with the other houseguests and viewers but honestly all he did was annoy the fuck out of everyone. I really dislike him

  17. Stacey Dash is not jaw-droppingly gorgeous. She's actually a little weird looking, looking like a plastic surgery gargoyle.

  18. Frankie Grande isn't famous, never has been famous and never will be famous. I heard family members don't even know who he is.

  19. Tyrese Gibson is a Famous celebrity I don't think it's fair to say that he's not famous anymore. He's be in transformers twice and every fast and furious since number 2 and more famous movies.

  20. Christina has writing credits on “Baby” by Justin Bieber along with a ton of other hits- I wouldn’t have guessed. so she’s probably not pressed about returning to the spotlight. I wouldn’t be if I was collecting all of those royalty checks.

  21. Tyrese has no excuse to be poor. Part of a billion dollar franchise and you still don't have enough money? You're never gonna have it.

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