Slytherin Celebrities Sorted by Pottermore!

Hello! welcome back to my fabulous
Channel I’m Rebecca Felgate your friendly neighborhood Slytherin and it feels good
to be making Harry Potter content for you again. Woo! as you all know I am a
big Slytherin I am not ashamed and if you’re watching this video and you are a
Slytherin you should not be ashamed either and if you’re not a Slytherin
you’re about to learn some really awesome celebrities that absolutely are
that’s right today I am bringing you official celebrities Slytherins! Now I’m
not making these up these are actual slytherins as confirmed by Pottermore or
verbally by the Celebrities themselves. So first up we have Ariana Grande now this
was all revealed in a Twitter exchange with Tom Felton. Tom Felton was asked
what house he thought Ariana would be in and he said Gryffindor he let her know
on Twitter and she said well she flattered but actually Pottermore had
preferred in Slytherin and I for one definitely see it! Nothing to be ashamed
of she’s just very cunning and has been you
know pretty obvious in her pursuit for power and I can respect that in a fellow
Slytherin. Speaking of tom Felton he himself the original Draco Malfoy of the
screen identifies with the snake, however Pottermore has put him in Gryffindor
which has left a lot of us scratching our heads including Tom himself. He took
to Twitter to say he had finally taken the Pottermore quiz and he was in Gryffindor!
He said he was absolutely gutted and even said hashtag Slytherin for life
and you know what…. I feel that! He refuses to accept his Gryffindor status and
regularly reps it for Slytherin and I do like that about him! Perhaps he is a
classic hatstall torn between Gryffindor and Slytherin and perhaps if
he actually sat with a sorting hat on his head he would have been able to use
his influence and his snake leanings to influence the sorting hat into putting
him into Slytherin. I don’t know! fingers crossed I think we can take him as an unofficial
but totally official Slytherin. Next up a 100% certified Slytherin we
have Lin Manuel Miranda. Lin is the writer of Broadway’s smash-hit Hamilton and
he has declared his slyther-thusiasm countless times! Not only did he share
his Pottermore sorting proudly on Twitter he’s often come out to support the snake.
He can regularly be seen repping Slytherin colors and I love him for it
I can also see a lot of Slytherin parallels in Alexander Hamilton one of
the founding fathers of America who he wrote Hamilton about now I feel like
perhaps he channeled a lot of himself and was also inspired by the Slytherin
of Hamilton. *singing* “I’m not throwing away my shot!” Another Slytherin we have lead
singer of My Chemical Romance Gerard Way Gerard shared his Pottermore sorting
screenshot in 2016, much the delight of many of his fans. Now I for one think he
is an obvious Slytherin I mean he’s the leader of the black parade after all! If
you listen to my Chemical Romance lyrics it becomes so clear that he’s been a
snake all along! Hurrah Gerard! one Slytherin member sadly gone too soon
but will always be held high in our esteem and in our hearts we have
professor snape actor himself, Alan Rickman obviously if you’re playing
Professor Snape, you probably had an affinity with the
snake and Alan made it very clear in an interview with AOL that yes he’s a
Slytherin himself. Alan was an excellent man and the world
lost him way too soon and I’m really proud her was a part of Slytherin house.
Okay One Slytherin I have been desperate to
talk about with years but has only just emerged from her nest of vipers we have
clear Slytherin, Taylor Swift. Now this is the only Slytherin on this list that is
not certified Pottermore official but that being said she recently emerged
from her own chamber of secrets in her Look What You Made Me Do music video. I
mean if there is an heir to Slytherin it is Miss Taylor Swift. She first unleashed
her Chamber of Secrets snake when she started posting mysterious serpents on
her Instagram since then she is out for blood! She may have just decided to show
her in a snake I have known that she’s a Slytherin for years.
Once again, Slytherin’s aren’t evil! Slytherin’s aren’t bad people… she has just always been
ambitious and seems to have been destined for power and success.
Slytherin after all is the house that helps you on your way to greatness and
she for one has achieved greatness she has always wanted to go her own way
and has refused to play by anyone but her own rules; again true Slytherin
tendencies. Also her squad is a very Slughorn move! She is a woman who pretty
much invented the pop diss track and I for one I am glad that she has finally
come out as a proud Slytherin. I bet she’s even a Parseltongue. As
Taylor Swift and I were both born in the same year
I’m thinking we were probably in Slytherin house together at Hogwarts! I bet we would have been
best friends and sat next to each other in potions. There are also a couple of
fellow Slytherin youtubers out there! You’ve got me and you’ve got great
Slytherin youtuber, The Bakeey. The Bakeey’s real name is Sophie she’s British.
I’ve never actually met or interacted with her yet! But I watch a lot of her
videos and she’s regularly posting Slytherin content Harry Potter content and once
again repping it for the kind-hearted snake that actually won’t take any BS
know what I mean Sophie if you’re watching hey let’s
collab and be slytherins together once again! Sssss! So some people definitely not
in Slytherin house just to end off this list how do we know because JK Rowling
has said so herself Now many people think that the 45th
President of the United States Donald Trump and his entire family are
Slytherins but JK Rowling has said no they’re not!
Oliver Willis tweeted “Slytherin alumni go far cut a montage of Jared Krushna
Eric trump Donald Trump jr.” To which she sassily replied “you’ve got to get the
letter before you put on a hat!” BURN! Personally I like to think of some of
those men as squibs but that’s just me! So guys that was
some celebrities officially in Slytherin house. Who is the most shocking to you
and also do you know any other celebs I’ve failed to put in this list – honestly, I’d love to another part! So I am always compiling fellow Slytherin
you know so it’s good to know who I can sit next or the next Hogwarts reunion.
Slytherin! For life! Guys if you aren’t in Slytherin
don’t you even worry why don’t you let me know what celebrities in your house
and if you want me to make a celebrity video for your very own Hogwarts house
I’m up for it. So make sure you reply to let me know all those things your
favorite celebs what house do you think they’re in and what house you are in but
now thank you so much for watching this video once again I am Rebecca Felgate, your friendly neighborhood Slytherin let me know what video you would like me
to make next week and as a Slytherin I have a good scheme going on right now
and I’m thinking of making a really good selection of videos I’ve schemed up
recently and when they come into fruition you will be the first to know
but now guys I’ve got Instagram Twitter and you know I put YouTube so do make sure
you’re catching up with me on all of those channels and I will see you
beautiful snakes, badgers, eagles and lions next time! Bye! you

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