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Shopping in Korea: BEST Place to Shop Unique Outfits & Jewelry at a Trendy Neighbourhood | Q2HAN

Now, that’s what I’m talking about bitc*. What’s up Qtees πŸ˜‰
This is your favorite Korean twins, QQ. OMG. So a few weeks ago, we went to the
selective shop called, OIIOII, It’s actually written as OLL OLL and you don’t read it OLL OLL, we always use Korean language and it means significance. So the reason why they call
it OiiOii, is because inside a store there’s like 11 of Korean designer brands and
whenever the customer comes in they want to do their best to convey the brand’s
story and their significance to the customers. Yes if you Qtees go there,
there’s a lot of like vintage objects, jewelries. Really antique objects.
Yeah, a really classic and unique design, So I’m pretty sure, you Qtees gonna love it.
and it’s located at the Seongsu-dong. I didn’t know but, Seongsu-dong is kinda like the Brooklyn of Korea.
Yes, I had no idea. Yeah so let’s go to the store! OMG, she made it. How did she make this?
This kind of bag is really popular in this season. Woah, she made this? What the hell.. So these are all vintage. I think it will be easily used props too. Yeah, or ice creams, right? Or like yogurts in the morning? I really like the atmosphere here. It’s like so cozy~
Look at this~ This is like one of a kind. Candle holder, a vase, This is really pretty.
These are diffusers, you dump this into the perfume. It looks like really pretty jewelry
and they all look pretty vintage too. This one costs 130,000 KRW. Probably because of this gem? I’m not sure.
It’s really pretty though. Yeah, it’s really pretty. They’re very dainty. This place does selective shop,
and they have a lot of Korean designer brands, and this part is all woman’s wear.
It’s mostly care towards woman’s but they have a few unisex.
This is a brand called, TEAK, we can totally do twin. Yeah, this is the exactly same material but this one is long coat and this one’s more like a rider jacket. This is velvety skirt~ This is nice.
Yeah, it’s really pretty. I like to go over abroad, the patterns. This is really nice. These are sheer inside.
They are good like just a round wear. It’s a velvet. It looks really comfortable.
I’m pretty sure this gonna make your legs look really long. Super long~ And very slim.
And over here is a brand called, MOONSUN. It’s a very simple, classic pieces like blazer.
They have a rally interesting seam line, the style lines are right here. Oh yeah, and the blouse.
Everything is quite easy to wear Hmm.. Right?
They have a lot of blazer, over-sized blazers. Power-shouldered. Kind of like dad’s jacket.
Even this jean has a really interesting seam line. It’s really pretty. You need to try this sis.
I don’t know if it’s gonna be a trend in spring, but I see a lot of skirts with bottom attached together.
Even I think COS had it. This is going to make my legs really long.
Look at this one, this is sheer. How do you wear this?
But there’s lining, there’s a line. It’s kind of transparent. But, I always wear pink panties, it’s gonna show.
I wear fuchsia. Fuchsia panties. Yeah, if you are planning not to take off jacket.
These are rings? These are huge. No, it fits me. That’s pretty. What~~~~?!
You can use it as a cigar holder. Although, we don’t smoke or card holders.
Yeah, card holders. Here, you put your stuff here. And then you can wear it as a belt. You can wear it like a little satchel, like this.
This is a measuring tape. I need this! And it’s a necklace. This is for you!
Yeah, like just walk around. Oh~ that’s a pen. I gotta love this~
Oohhh~~ Love it~ It’s just something, something that I don’t really normally try. It’s a little bit big. Hope it’s little more tight around my waist, but other than that…
The fit is really nice. This velvety top inside~
It’s like paint. So, this one inside is TEAK and the outer is all MOONSUN. The back is really unique too. Look at my sister~ / I have so much patterns? I love it.
But, it works. It’s really your style.
When I go out, I’m gonna try that belt. I think it would give a little… and some rings??
Yeah, and the jackets. Black camisole inside, since it’s see-through.
I think this outfit needs a little bit of accesorizing. Like this. This looks nice. Oh, wow hello? / I love the color tone!
We have tried several like neutral tones but I never try like full green. This is like the
greenish, brownish, very interesting color, that we don’t really try a lot. Very foresty color.
We’re not sure how to pronounce this brand, but I think it’s called, ISHE.
I think they have a lot of unisex items. I love this kind of plat shirts. Just like this. Whoa that’s super over-sized! It’s really big.
I love this detail. It’s really cool. What’s a brand called? I think it’s called SEO.
They have a lot of casual wears. Hoodies, bomber jackets,
sweatpants but with like color blocking. This is a really interesting pants.
I’m not sure if I’m digging it though. Hello~ you kind of look like ‘Appa’,
you’re wearing like Appa’s clothes, dad’s clothes? Yeah, but in a fashionable way.
Everything is quite over-sized to me, but I like the kind of over-sized fit.
Yeah, it’s nice. I appreciate that it has a belt.
Without this, will look so droopy and saggy. I like the fit~ / Yeah, you look nice~
I like the over-sized shoulder pads. It really makes the outfit look more chic.
This blazer it’s not like a regular blazer, doesn’t have that collar.
It kinds of look like cardigan somehow as well. This is Qwon’s. it’s exactly same as mine,
but hers in and gray color. And it’s a different material, your’s more thicker.
And mine’s like more thinner. / Yeah mine’s like wool So for me, I just shoved my pants inside this boot.
And the inside the same as mine, but different color. Pretty~ So, we’re back Qtees~
Hope you guys enjoyed that very very fun shopping. So, if you Qtees are interested on the store,
we’ll put the address at the description box below. They also have an Instagram,
so you can quickly go and see how the mood is like. Very vintagey, if you love finding like one-of-a-kind, antique objects to decorate your house, I highly recommend that place, but it’s a little bit pricey because there’s they’re really like one-of-a-kind. I love their all their wine glass collections,
but we don’t drink wine so… So, right now, we are at Gwanghwamun to
head to this cafe called, Namu Sairo, which means like between the trees.
And it is inspired by the Korean traditional house called, Hanok. So it has a very like old, tradition vibe. There’s a lot of like wooden you know furniture and stuff, so… Why are you coughing, sis, please stop.
Okay, maybe we should wear this. Why am I coughing?
Sister!!! Okay, we’re back~ Where did I leave off saying? We’re little bit paranoid about the Corona Virus going on, right now. Every time when we turn on TVs all the Corona Virus. Every time when
I go to social media is all about Corona Virus, I’m not sick Qtees.
So yeah, we’re gonna go to a cafe, it’s been quite a long time since we did like a cafe, coffee hunting video~ Cafe cafe stuff~ So a lot of our Qtees have been DMing us like saying,
‘Oh I’m gonna come to Korea very soon~ how’s the life there with the Corona Virus,
are you able to purchase the masks easily?’ In the news, in the news say it’s serious, but when I… I’m living in Seoul and I don’t feel like it’s really serious?
In the media it says ‘Oh there’s like no place to buy any more of like masks and stuff.’ but you can easily find it in Korea. So don’t worry Qtees.
It’s not hard to find it. They look so cute. These are beans, coffee beans~ Grind coffees, I think you can smell it. So right now, we’re actually sitting on the outdoor,
but personally the weather’s not cold at all. So, we can sit here. Indoor is like, they turn on
the heater way too high, I feel suffocated. Like my skin feels so dry. So I’ll rather stay right here.
So today we ordered cafe latte~ Unlike the normal Americano, we decided to drink something, like kinds of fill us up. Cuz we’re hungry. That’s so cute. Yeah, that’s really cute. Suppose to mix it or just drink it?
No, just drink it. How is it? / It’s not sweet. / Really?
It’s just like black coffee with a cream foam on the top. Tada~ Now that’s what I’m talking about bitc*! They look for good! It’s like a pound cakish. I’m getting like so germaphobe right now.
My hands are actually getting so dry these days because I use so much hand sanitizer.
You should stop watching like BuzzFeed & Facebook stuff. I know~ But like the day before we watch this movie called, Contagion? and now I’m more anxious.
I shouldn’t have watched that movie. It’s like a layer of cream, jam, and…
Oohh~ is this powder sugar? Maybe my sister should eat a little less than me~ (Hey!) Oh, why am I coughing? Whe, I cough, people go like…
And I’m like… Wow~ It’s so good~ It’s like a pound cake but, a dense
version of pound cake. And the jam is really nice. It’s a strawberry jam. This is almost like cream cheese.
Cream? / It’s an icing / It’s an icing? OMG, it’s a icing.
No wonder it’s so good, I love icing cake!! You can chew that bits of sugar. So good~ This is so good! This part!
It’s so hard to find like an actual icing in Korea? So there’ seat here indoor, indoor, and this is all indoor.
Only outdoor is right over here, here, and here. Like I said this place is really crowded. I had no idea this place was really popular? Literally no seat inside and there’s like so many people inside, like you can’t breathe!
So we highly recommend to sit outside. And it’s not cod today, so…it’s perfect! Okay~ so~ That was nice to have a little coffee time~
I felt like I was in Tokyo / Oh yeah, kind of. Kind of had that Tokyo feelings.
So if you Qtees are interested in this place, you should check it out! But it gets quite crowded.
Well, probably because today’s a weekend, right? So, if you Qtees are interested on visiting this place, we will put all the info at the description box, as usual. Yes, so make sure to check it out.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video &
we’ll see you guys tomorrow! Bye bye~~

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