and what’s up everyone its Dennis here
back with another reaction video and today it’s gonna be another SB 19 video
so I’m gonna be checking out their performance here of BTS idol on ice app
which is a TV show in the Philippines so now before I hit play make sure you hit
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my new videos Oh before I forget thank you so much
everyone’s been commenting over the last couple of days thank you so much really
appreciated all the positivity all the support that you’ve poured into my
channel definitely gonna be plenty of SB 19 goodness and other musical artists if
you have any friends and family who’s very much into SB 19 spread the love
keep supporting my channel alright alright SP 19 all out performance a BTS
Idol on ASAP this yeah they’re getting definitely the
moves we’ve got the moves right and I like this song I like this Idol
song alright so far so good they’re really pulling this off
BTS should be very very proud I mean the first couple seconds already are they’re
nailing the dancing and the choreography they’re synchronized they can sing
Korean and you know it’s yeah what what else what else I think girls are cheering like that that too excited there now yet and it’s good oh yeah they got that
dance ride hey goose bones are real now they’re definitely nailing you’re right
man it’s so incredible they’re definitely giving it all out and
just say you don’t know I’m just sorry just get you down now SB 19 looks up to
BTS oh man and that guy is very nice nice awesome
pretty cool all right okay I’m feeling big cutting it really quick I mean they
could have just extended that a little bit longer I don’t know
so comment down below let me know SP nineteen’s all that performance of Idol
again really appreciate everyone’s comments thank you thank you thank you
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anyone really in kpop big pop or you guys have any special requests for me to
record to come down below as well or try my best to accommodate it alright cool
thank you so much for dropping by and hanging out me finger this video
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  1. Yay, another SB19 reaction. Please react to 191207 SB19 • BIGBANG MEDLEY (Bang bang bang + Fantastic Baby) @ Guerilla K Night. Josh mentioned in an interview that he looks up to G Dragon as well. They do a lot of BTS and Bigbang covers. Love your honest reactions! Go for 10k

  2. Tnx for supporting SB19.😊. . Their latest appearance in wish bus 107.5 ALAB not yet out. But some fans uploaded it on you tube. And there is this Jeff Benjamin whom I saw in his ig story noticing SB19.😊 that he's proud talking about them that they are being in billboard for a long time and so on and so forth.

  3. Hello, Please make reaction to SB19 sings Wag Ka Nang Humirit (COVER) Live on The Switch 95.5 Pinas FM

  4. yesss..thanks for suporting SB19 ….love this video ….♥️♥️♥️/💜💜💜A'tins….Army…🎉🎉🎉

  5. This Idol cover is my fave. You're right BTS should be proud of this. SB19 gave justice to their son. Thanks for always reacting to their songs. Looking forward for more vids.

  6. Filipino cover version is the best for me😊like they said filipinos are better than original specialy covering a foreign song and also of course dancing

  7. Filipino cover version is the best for me😊like they said filipinos are better than original specialy covering a foreign song and also of course dancing

  8. It's how they perform every time they step into stage they give their 100% regardless of how many crowd do they have.

  9. Been watching ur reactions vids especially of sb19 but its only now that i subscribe to you… so hi there new sub here

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