There’s a natural curiosity about the true
nature of our favorite musicians. Sure, they exude a glamorous facade, but what
are they like behind closed doors? How do they treat their employees, friends,
and others in their inner circle? For these pop stars, the answer is: pretty
bad. Other stars have been telling us about Christina
Aguilera’s apparent true colors for years. Heck, Aguilera has even shown them herself,
from throwing gum on her fans, to chastising someone for interrupting her interview, saying
to the off-camera offender, “Coughing during my interview, really? Shoot him.” She’s also said to be absolutely horrible
in her personal life.. In 2016, an insider told OK! magazine that
Aguilera is… Apparently, she keeps her team on a tight
all-day-all-night schedule in case she needs them. The source added, “Guys I don’t use a computer. I’m like really. This is where I’m like thank God I am a singer.” Yep, Justin Bieber’s boy-next-door image is
pretty much a facade. The singer admitted to Vogue in 2019 that
his hard-partying ways led to drug abuse and disrespect of women. And don’t even get us started on his 2014
deposition, of which TMZ described him as being… But perhaps worst of all? Bieber reportedly isn’t even nice to his fans. While hanging out in Australia in 2013, a
local news outlet reported Bieber told a bikini-clad woman, Mix that with the time he allegedly spit on
his fans from a balcony, which he denied, and the time he admonished fans who had paid
hundreds to see him in concert, because they wouldn’t stop screaming, and you’ve got one
terrible dude. “If you’re screaming kind of super overwhelming
it’s hard for me to kinda connect with you.” Mariah Carey has earned herself a bad reputation
for diva behavior that includes having people push her around in chairs and a list of demands
on her tour rider that’s so ridiculous it includes the installation of “gold faucets”
and brand new toilet seats in her hotel suite prior to her arrival, per The New York Post. “I am so sorry I thought I booked a hotel
and I…” “Shh!” “She is so rude.” “Yeah, I can’t believe it.” “Leslie, you booked me in a hostel.” To make matters worse, there have been times
when she allegedly underpaid her staff. Carey’s colleague Cedric Yarbrough spoke up
in a since-deleted Facebook post about her outlandish antics, claiming, “Oh my goodness, there’s some people, I’m
not even gonna get into it. They’re bleak, darling, they’re bleak.” In 2016, her own brother told The Sun that
Carey refused to help their HIV-positive sister Alison with medical bills, even though she
had the means to do so. He said, Don’t be fooled by her sweet voice and cute
ponytail, Ariana Grande is said to be a pretty nasty person. On top of wishing her fans would “die,” via
The New York Daily News, she allegedly steals ideas from other artists, has licked donuts
that were later purchased by customers, and once said that she hates America and Americans. Oh, and then there are Giuliana Rancic’s claims
that Grande once nudged her out of the way at the AMAs so that cameras could capture
her good side, per The Daily Mail. “It’s like you don’t know what to do. I was so disgusted with myself.” Though Grande apologized for some of those
incidents, her alleged obnoxious behavior remains. A source close to her ex, Pete Davidson, told
People that after their breakup in 2018, “[Pete] blocked her and said, If this were the early 2000s, people would
likely describe Kanye West as a talented kid from Chicago with a heart of gold. But boy, have things changed. These days, the rapper is known for assaulting
photographers, punching out fiery Twitter rants, and making disparaging comments. From his outrageous commentary about slavery
to literally declaring himself a god, we could write a novel about West’s eye roll-inducing
antics over the years. “I don’t know anyone, y’know, that f—ed
up as much as I have.” Instead, we’ll highlight one example from
when he let his terrible flag fly during a Twitter fight with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa,
in 2016, according to The Wrap. Between jabs, West roasted the rapper for
dating ex-stripper Amber Rose, who also happens to be West’s ex, tweeting: He then claimed he was basically the reason
for the couple’s baby, writing: Rose, of course, has also had a long and complicated
relationship with both West and the Kardashians, and she’s slung her fair share of mud on each
throughout the years. However, West took things right into the gutter
when he told The Breakfast Club what he had to do before moving on from Rose, to Kim Kardashian. “I had to take 30 showers before I got with
Kim, y’know what I’m sayin’?” “Oh my God.” “I’m sorry.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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