We couldn’t talk about the theories of personality or psychology without mentioning Freud Sigmund Freud is one of the most famous and controversial minds of the 20th century his Psychoanalytic perspective of personality offers a unique way of looking at the body and mind connection to personality So in order to know Freud we have to know three following terms the it’d the ego and the super-ego These are the three parts of your personality Well, according to Freud these three characters are driven by unconscious energy Now a person may not always hear or talk to these parts of their personality But they are all silently going through a struggle to influence our decisions and our behavior The it’d is the bad boy of our subconscious It is an impulsive part of the psyche that seeks pleasure and avoids pain at all costs the it wants instant gratification It is the part of you that grabs for food as a baby or acts to satisfy sexual desires without thinking it through now the super-ego Lies on the opposite end of the spectrum this part of the psyche wants to control the it’d if humans acted only based on receiving Instant gratification and immediate pleasure. We would surely be in a whole lot of trouble the super-ego Unconsciously and consciously acts to follow the rules of society and tries to keep the it’d from causing some serious damage Long-term now the ego lies in between the middle of these two entities in between the it’d and the super-ego The ego is in constant struggle to balance out these two forces and try to make pleasurable decisions without causing too much damage It’s like a well minded adult standing in the middle of two children wanting to overthrow each other So how do Freud’s ideas influence the way that we shape our personality? Well one of his theories was that as a child grows into an adult They encounter five psychosexual stages of development during each of these stages of development the it is focused on a specific Erogenous zone now the ego must struggle to balance out the pleasure seeking it and the moral super-ego during each of these phases internal conflicts will result in many different types of struggles now Freud said Personality is formed by the process and the results of each of these struggles. So there are five basic stages The first one is oral. The second one is anal. The third one is phallic. The fourth one is latency And the fifth one is genital Freud believes that most of our personality has actually been formed by the time that we reach age At the age of five a child has gone through the oral the anal and most of the phallic stages now if the child Continues to struggle with balance during these stages. They will develop something called Fixations for example stage one is the oral stage oral fixations includes smoking or problems with eating if someone fails to master potty training or they still struggle during the anal stage then as they Grow into an adult they may become a sloppy or a lazy person this is actually where we get the term anal retentive during the third stage the Phallic stage Freud believed that boys and girls start to notice the differences in each other and develop either the Oedipus complex or penis envy the Oedipus complex is the idea that unconsciously young boys feel possessive of their mother and as a result They feel very aggressive towards their father Freud also believed that young girls experience Something called penis envy and due to their lack of a penis developed Fixations to follow them until they’re an adult if Freud’s ideas make you uncomfortable either for the fact that he focuses Explicitly on sex or that he seems to frame women as the lesser sex You’re not alone actually was a little weird talking about these into a microphone Freud has never ceased to face Criticism for his work unlike many psychologists. He actually did not use empirical research were studies to back up his theories He worked solely with adults on a case-by-case basis still. However the psychoanalytic perspective Remains as one of the top personality theories to date unlike the humanist theory and Freud’s focus remains in the unconscious he explores the idea that in order to develop the root of our Personality we have to dig deeper than what we experience on the surface Psychoanalytic therapy grew out of Freud’s theories this approach involves a therapist questioning their patient about their childhood memories Or possible events in the past that might have led to struggles between the it’d in the super-ego Freud believed that humans repress a lot Of their emotions now his goal during therapy sessions was to bring those unconscious feelings and emotions into the conscious mind so this last theory that I’m going to talk about the Psychoanalytic theory gives us a lot to think about when it comes to the development of our personality how many events in your life can you point out as Defining moments that shaped your personality and how many events could have changed your personality without even you thinking about it So this is kind of the end of the theory section We went over trait theory behavioral theory humanistic theory biological theory and lastly psychoanalytical theory next We’re going to be talking about different types of psychometric and how personality tests actually work speaking of that if you’re curious about your own personality and want to take a test to maybe learn what kind of Predictions we can make about you go ahead and click the link in the description and you can take my free three-in-one personality quiz So if you enjoy this video feel free to watch some of the other videos in the personality series and subscribe If you haven’t already, I hope you guys enjoy this video and learn something. Thank you so much for watching

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  1. 2:01 i was listening to the video while the phone was turned on its face.. I thought it switched to porn by itself

  2. We actually carry our hurt over from childhood/teenage hood a lot.

    It’s how we think we’ll achieve what we want, by using the patterns we recognized as a child. Start with self-questioning to work yourself out and untangle your childhood burdens.

  3. Ill have to say the terms Id,Ego and Superego are poorly translated from german to english. But maybe theres no better way.

  4. I don't think characterizing ID as pain avoidant is entirely accurate as aggression and getting into fights would primarily be driven by it.

  5. Sexual drive, need for procreation, is a big energy clump within us.
    Directing it towards greatness and achieving fulfilment is what we have to do.

  6. Really well explained video. Despite the number conflicting ideas to Freud's theories, his work is exceptional. Can't wait to see what you come up with when explaining Personality tests.

  7. I tookt the test you provided the link for in the description; I also filled the "name" and "email" feilds, but I didn't get an email, I checked all folders it told me to check. Is that a bug or should I expect it to be late?

  8. I like Freud!!
    I heard he did a lot of cocaine?? Is that true?
    But yes, there is A LOT to think about

  9. I'd , ego, super ego. Based on western world christianity. Psychotherapy is not a fan in Asia. In the 60's it was common for people to say my analyst says…

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