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  1. I am married to a man that has this and yes it is hell…but i have met some people with it that work hard to b different w/counseling and they can get better with a lot of effort

  2. I work with a person who has this, she drives me crazy and I don't know how to make her stop. She has no other friends, only me. It is so difficult coming to work and having to interact with her every day….  I've decided to leave my job, it's really hard 🙁

  3.  that is really challenging disease not even for people around , but and for suferer. i dont know when my brain stop feeling tension. i must do everythink really quick ( even in my free time)..thats really sucks..

  4. Don't waste your life trying to live with a spouse with this. Sit them down and tell them to get therapy or you walk.

  5. Looking at the comments, I see the usual pattern. Instead of people with OCPD commenting, it is usually the partner looking for some sort of guidance or help. I know living with someone with OCPD can literally ruin your life. I know this because I have OCPD. I've started a YouTube channel dedicated to living with OCPD and I'm hoping it can help people on both sides of this disorder. I encourage you to check it out and leave any questions you might have in the comments as I plan on doing a monthly Q&A video. Thanks to anyone that checks it out.

  6. these comments are making me very angry. as someone who has ocpd, i don't appreciate being told jokingly that we deserve to be sent to death camps in train cars. i don't appreciate this disorder being treated as a whole other race who needs to be punished. i didn't ask to have this disorder. it's never gonna go away and i'm clueless as to why God gave it to me. so don't blame us, please

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