there’s no question Luciano is the next
big thing in cape on he’s toured with lei from EXO choreographed super ins
supercar and has danced in front of k-pop idols for J TBC’s stage K oh and
did I mention he’s currently touring in China again let’s meet our next k-pop
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special guest his name is Luciano and he has a kpop story that he wants to share
with you guys so come on out no no I’m like professional dancer but also trying
to do more than that and be a kpop idol that’s my dream so this is my journey to
get there and today I have 21 questions for him so so Luciano let my viewers
know my lovely Aki’s let them know where you from who you are all that okay like
I said I’m Luciano I’m from Los Angeles California
born and raised here I danced for a living
I do more things than just dance with dance it’s like like my thing you know
like that one thing that you like you’re really good at I won’t say I’m really
good at it I’ll just say that like that’s my thing and I used that to
pretty much like survive here in LA I work at Disneyland and that’s like my
normal income I perform for the kids make them all happy and then on the side
I follow my dreams which is modeling acting a little bit of singing like the
littlest like like this much beautifully and and mostly dancing and performing
how did you hear about the jTBC stage Kate auditioned and were you nervous to
apply funny story so I do reaction videos on my youtube channel and then I
started also this is all the same time I started doing covers on my Instagram
just cuz I have a team called que bay and we are from OC LA like dancers that
are just my friends and I like kpop some of them like kpop some of them just like
dancing that they all just wanted to support me in my kpop dream
and like let me put choreo on them some originals sometimes covers all that
stuff so I started just learning a lot of covers and I was like why am i
learning all this stuff but not doing anything with it so I started doing
covers on Instagram and just doing short snippets trying to join that kpop dance
cover community that’s out there two months later I get a message on
Instagram like hey we have this like show coming up it’s called a stage K and
it’s like for coverage whatever ramen auditions in LA you should come audition
we like your stuff I’m like okay sure why not um like you just want me are
like I have a team like you want all of us there’s like no bring your whole
family like bring everybody and I said okay so I got my team and we put
together a set all together not just like me
you know charge me like I invite everyone to put in their their opinions
and their like choreography and all this stuff like we all just put it together
and we created something really great really magical and when we went to the
audition day we just had fun like we all above anything some of us were nervous I
was scared I was just like you know if anything just have fun we don’t know
what’s gonna happen we thought it was an audition for all of us get there realize
oh it’s individually judge we’re dancing together but it’s individually judged so
it’s like ah okay so more pressure but we ended up having a really good day of
auditioning it lasted for like seven hours and yeah ended up me and my one of
my best friends her name is Sam she was also in kayvyun audition we both got
picked and it was like a dream come true honestly it’s kind of funny because we
both earlier this year that this year okay earlier this year we both were like
we’re gonna go to Korea both of us had never been before we’re like we’re gonna
go to Korea we’re gonna explore we’re gonna take dance classes so we’re just
gonna go we’re gonna start saving now we’re gonna make this happen this is the
year we’re going to Korea and then we got free tickets what was it like being
on stage in Korea for the first time unbelievable the moment that we saw the
stage for the first time was like a big reality check of what was happening
because before I was like new we were there to perform and like we were just
like meeting people and like it was a lot of people like telling us what to do
and stuff and I was just kind of like going for the
just like yeah we gotta go here sure let’s go get on this bus sure whatever
like I wasn’t really thinking really hard about the competition itself or
about the performing aspect of it but as soon as we saw the stage I saw the
lights I feel like I was on em net and I literally like almost are crying because
that’s like a dream of mine to perform on that stage I think it was tech that
made it feel like oh this is like I’m really in a show you know cuz even the
first time seen the stage and just being on it I didn’t feel like I was in like a
competitor I’m not really a competitive person not really I just know what I
want I just go for it but I’m not trying to fight anyone else to get there you
know I me but it made me more competitive to actually perform on the
stage and realize what was happening and then when you put EXO in front of me I’m
like oh well you know now I got a dance really good because you know Kai is
judging me right now I think he’d like me yeah so it was it
was really nerve-wracking to be on stage especially in Korea and to be on the
stage like that so in the public but it was fun I had a good time was it
everything that you expected it to be yes and no I expected it to be exactly
what it was but I thought there would be way more to the experience it was very
much like only about the show and I thought it was gonna be like a whole
experience so we were really excited to go to Korea obviously but we thought
we’d be able to like see a lot of Korea we thought we’d be able to meet a lot of
the other contestants and like hang out with them have an experience with them
cuz they’re on the same journey as us but it was very much secluded like we
were very apart the whole time it was only Team USA are only a team Thailand
like with each other I think we had one moment I don’t even know if they showed
it okay I’ll be honest I never saw the show so I don’t I never watched the
stage gay that I was like exactly I only saw the performance that’s it I don’t
know where to watch the show so if you have a link to the where to watch the
show please send it to me cuz I’m still trying to see it um but there was this
one instance where we actually we’re coming from lunch and no one was saying
anything about what we have to do so Team USA decided let’s do a dance cover
relay what that thing would they just play around me just be dancing and we
did that with Thailand so was a big moment of us bonding with each
other so we actually feel like we made friends but I thought that stage K would
have created that already but they were only about stage K like this is the
business itself what was the first thing you did when you landed in Korea I don’t
even remember I think we practice I think we’ve got off the plane we got we
went to our rooms me kind of unpacked but not really just like put her stuff
in our rooms they gave us food they fed us which was really nice everything they
fed us was so delicious was crazy and then we went to practice yeah I
think the first thing we did was my team was me and Sam from America and our
other teammate Coakley was from Louisiana so all the other teams like
lived with each other and practice with each other for months a month and we had
never even practiced together until we got to Korea so the first night was
really important for us because that was the first night of us doing formations
us making sure we’re clean with each other must making sure that we have the
same moves and all that stuff so we needed that practice so that’s why we
were like so gun hold like okay yeah we’re here but like let’s get to work
because we’re on the show we don’t even know what we’re doing
did you get to do any sightseeing no my first trip first HK in Korea I didn’t
get to juvey exciting because everything was scheduled to its heat which was
really cool cuz I felt like me wanting to be an idol this is like a good start
a feeling like what its gonna feel like like you’re on someone else’s time and
you’re on I know you’re working hard for your dream but it’s all scheduled out
perfectly but what you have to do at this time this time this time and that’s
how it was for stage K so I liked it I actually thought was really cool like
other people were like tired and like didn’t want to wake up so early or
didn’t want to go to sleep solely and I was just like I’m good I wanna practice
let’s go y’all want to eat let’s go y’all want to do but I was fine with it
it was just it was a dream come true for me so obviously that’s why I was so
invested I didn’t get to see any of Korea and that’s why I tried to go visit
Korea later on in the summer and got to see you more things it actually sounds
like it was more of like an audition competition Survival show kind of was
yeah yeah yeah it kind of was like we had to battle each other with our covers
that they assigned us I didn’t lie like I don’t I want
everyone no I did not I like tempo like I like doing it and
it’s like I wouldn’t have picked that song myself because XO got a lot of
bangers like I was like tempo that’s good so we really have to compete
against each other and pretty much it’s like American Idol status so they give
they gave us the songs and we have to do all the choreo ourselves learn it all
selves do all this spacing ourselves and do all the arrangements ourselves but
it’s like hoop can take what we have our product and make it better to beat these
other people so it literally was a survival so and we died we didn’t win
but it was still a fun time like I had fun no matter what but yeah any awkward
moment any awkward moments while in Korea or on tour that’s really hard to
say because I’m a very awkward person so every moment is pretty awkward okay you
know I would say a moment that was awkward for me but it was actually more
just like heartfelt like hard but it was awkward because I don’t really
understand I didn’t really understand how to handle the situation was when we
lost in stage K and I understand everyone had a lot of emotions going on
and my best friend Sam like she really had like a lot of things going on in her
heart and like in our mind I know it was really hard for her for us to lose and
that was like one of those moments where I felt like I had to be the leader and
take charge and like be there for both of them even though I’m also feeling
very sad because of the loss but I felt very awkward amongst I didn’t know
really what to say to her are like what to do I just knew I could
I just had to be there for her so I was like okay just be here but she’s like so
upset and I’m like I usually run away from really upset but I know I got to be
here that was like the only part that was a little bit awkward for me on tour
nothing was really awkward the only rock apart about it was is that I was always
tired and I’m not used to that type of tired cuz we danced
for maybe 34 days straight of just learning choreo and just like learning
Cory lunacorns learned cornrow training learning corn choreo and it would be
like 12 hour days and I’ve never danced that much in my life before I’ve been
pushed that hard it was always a good environment it was always fun the people
were always great and it was always a good time but it was just so tiring and
to have to wake up and know you have to do it all over again was just like like
my mind is awkward right now like I’m literally coming to rehearsal like a
zombie okay here we go again besides that nothing else the tour was amazing
and the cast and crew made every part of it pretty memorable for the most part
how’s the stage case staff treatment since you were a foreigner was there a
translator we do have a translator her name was Olivia she was like really cool
person the stage case staff I feel like we only really got to meet a select few
of people and they were mostly all like not necessarily all translators but they
were all only talking to us because they knew they spoke English you know yes it
was it was really nice to feel like I didn’t have to worrying my first time in
a foreign place like I didn’t feel worried at all about my safety or
anything like that how has being on the show changed your life and what have you
gained in your urges mmm I don’t really think stage K has changed my life so
much even when we lost I was just hoping that a lot of people saw my story and
really like connected what they are if they like believed in me then I would
get a little bit more support and feel that support from around because I think
it’s pretty hard to be like a black person trying to be this k-pop idol
sensation type thing and it’s just like such a weird concept that it gets really
hard and it gets really lonely sometimes so I was just hoping to kind of like
develop more of a community in the kpop realm and I saw this as a great
opportunity to do that and get to connect with other people
which definitely happened yeah definitely definitely happened I think
like moment that’s it like wasn’t like oh I got like thousands of dollars and
now I’m like super famous or anything like none of that have I’m still like a
normal person and still do my kpop covers
so doing exactly what I did before it was just like a good opportunity to get
my foot in the door and really experience something that’s close to my
dream okay can I tell you a secret so when I was in tour I realized there was
this article going around saying like oh the stage K boy from Team USA got signed
to lay because of stage K I actually auditioned for it way before stage K
even happen like it had kind of nothing to do it
it was just like coincidence that my episode cuz we didn’t know what I rep so
was and then we found out literally like a week before that it was gonna be EXO
so I didn’t even know we could have got black pink we could have got anybody
like I had no idea and I already knew that I was gonna go to tour with slay
already before States can’t even happen so doing stage K was just like a big
experience and then they said EXO I was like what students like so everywhere so
yeah I think it was a really cool experience to do jTBC but it didn’t
necessarily lead me to lay that was just like luck and I don’t know just knowing
cool people that believed in me and knew my dream and wanted me to experience
something real and they were this like you were gonna give you this chance go
audition for it and then I did and I got it
so it was really cool has there been any other k-pop idols I have reached out to
you or have encouraged you or praised you whether it’s you being on stage gay
or you touring with Lee we got so much support on stage K from the judges and
it was really cool we actually they like came backstage even though we lost they
came backstage and uh they were just telling us like we did a really good job
and like they’re really supportive of us and all of our visions and stuff and
they really hope that our dreams come true
I’m sayin have you been you’ve been using you be you I don’t have a Korean
accent so it’s like sometimes really hard for me to say Korean names I’m like
I’m definitely butchering your name right now I’m sorry but yeah she was
just like yeah like your story really speaks to me and like I really hope that
you really get a chance to live your dream and I was really that was really
nice you know just hear from someone that has
been successful and has gone through so much in her life it’s just like wow okay
that’s cool that it’s not necessarily what SNL they really think that oh if
you’re not Asian you really can’t do it like and no one will support you like
people are very supportive of people are very open it just depends on who you’re
working with and who you’re around so I haven’t since like delay concert I’ve
gotten an e like no one’s talked to me or anything like that like I’m just a
dancer normal person so that would be really cool if someone like wants to use
me hit me up call a his people I don’t got people call his people and I
would dance I feel like there’s so many people that would love to dance for like
I would love to perform for as well as continue dancing with late to you so
we’ll see I feel like we’ll definitely see in the future crossing fingers
crossing toes because for one there’s no black dudes like killing it or trying to
kill it and make it kpop okay actually that’s very true I remember I
used to search online and on YouTube about like black people in Korea and I
would only always see girls and I didn’t think really anything of it but when I
started like really getting into it and actually seen this as like an
opportunity like I could actually move to Korea and I could actually start
pursuing this I was like I feel like I’d be like one of the only boys like really
like going for it you know except for that one guy that got really famous from
the singing he’s amazing I could meet him could like TAC team duo like that’d
be amazing do you think the kpop industry is ready for a black k-pop idol
again definitely there’s no question I think every industry is always looking

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  1. Cool now if he is the first black kpop idol I will support him and now people will start being confident about themselves like I could be a kpop idols yes thx luciano

  2. Thank you for dancing to Exo on stage-k and Lay for his tour and most especially as an EXOL i am cheering you on for your dream goal!!!! <3 <3 FIGHTING!

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