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Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. born on monday NO
    born on tuesday NO
    born on wednesday NO
    born on thursday NO
    born on friday NO
    born on saturday NO
    born on sunday YES !! OMG .. WOW !!!

  2. @lnpkural it is all narrowing down the answers. That one dude who had a TV show contacting dead people did it. He did not last long.

  3. dear friend i agree with you pariharams are to be done only by the person who has got the dosha when done by others it doesn't get the real benefit but if do that pariharam you can sense the change ,foreigners should come and experience this at the same time they should understand that nadi gives oly few predictions which will surely match with their life if it does its true go for an experienced reader because the real meaning of your life is in reading the leaf correctly

  4. Mr.Ramachandran.A-09443985996.. he is the correct and experience person…everseen like this kind of person..pls visit and you will realize the fact..

  5. All the fake astrologers are reading nadi astrology in shops outside the temple of vaitheesvaramkoil.The fake nadi astrologers get agents to bring customers to their office,then the fake nadi astrologer from another room or outside the office uses betel leaf and mai ( black semi-liquid that consists of dead man hair and etc-purely black magic) to find the customer biodata of current birth ,they then go over to the customer to give info of whatever happened in their life only cheat them.

  6. yeah i agreed your comments about fake readers,but some naadi readers are there and they follow their ancestral business.Even i met that person only. visit C.Poosamuthu place and meet Ramachandran-09443985996. He did'nt get any amount from me..

  7. Hi Almisr im interested to knw Nadi astrologer who is genuine can you please provide me his address and contact detail and I would like to hear you experience thanks,

  8. What nonsense ?! One has to be reaql dumb to follow this fraud and fake readers . Been to most of them and checked out NO ONE is real its a fraud

  9. Mr Poosamuthu is no more .His sons are doing the job as their father !Very genuine !Ask as Vasishta Nadi !

  10. Hello Sir I live in Delhi Can you tell me please who is True Nadi Astrologer in India and how much money they take .


  11. Dear Sir/Madam,
    How do you know that the gentleman in the video (Mr. Selvamuthukumaran) is genuine? Have you or anyone you know had any experience with him?

  12. how can u say that he is fake and u want to belive us that he is fake because u r also from same town??explain if possible he is fake or not i am intrested to know about my predictions..

  13. hey some other is commenting about this video he says he is from vaitheswaran koil and he claims that the person in this video is fake i mean he said the person in video is he really fake is he saying truth because he is from same town

  14. my question is how do they get the names right, father mother brother and all of it, birth place, no of siblings,… pretty amusing..

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  16. Hi I think naadi astrology fake ..
    Simply the astrologer ask all question to customer and atlast astrologer just repeat all the answers in an arranged and systematic way …

  17. Lots of con men are available in south india doing nadi astrology. What he reads is completely different as to the questions he is asking to that lady.

  18. These frauds shud be behind jails. 
    The video shud show the olai chuvadi which says "Veronica" as her mothers name. 
    Shud be pretty easy to show that on screen

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