Intro Music. Guitar riff. Welcome back to Sasquatch Hunters. Before the break we found these footprints. These prints show that our friend the
Sasquatch might be nearby. Of course Dwayne thinks it could be a
raccoon. Those things can get up to 80 lbs. How is this a ‘rAccoon’ Dwayne? Well,
it’s actually pronounced ‘rucooon’ Tyrell, And I know for a fact that these… Shh, shh, shh, shh. Ladies and gentlemen we have been making YouTube videos for eight years. This is gonna be the most amazing viral video. Gun shots. Ahhhhhhh! Shit. I killed Sasquatch. What? The name of the show is Sasquatch Hunters. Maybe, Maybe he’s faking. He’s not faking. He’s dead. Yeah. Gun shot. You just shot a unicorn. I think he’s still alive. We can help him. Gun shot. He’s got a fucking lance on his forehead
Tyrell. Yeah, you can never trust a unicorn. Whoa! Gun shots. Jesus, Stop shooting mythical beasts. That centeur came out of nowhere.
That was a fawn; half goat fawn. No that was a centaur. It’s a fawn. You can also call it a satyr. It’s the same thing, fawn, satyr. half goat. So a centaurs have fawn?
No no that would be a quarter of a goat. That’s not… it’s just a half a goat/fawn. Okay which ones have eyes? All of them. They all have eyes. Wha… I, I, I, actually I am a fawn. Gun shot. What the fuck did you do to Billy you Motherfu…. Gun shot. I think we should go. Low creepy music. Birds chirping Are you Dwayne Forsyth? Yes. Three gun shots. Twangy country music.

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