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Meet the Locals – Christian Jott Jenny, Gemeindepräsident St. Moritz

Christian Jott Jenny. I’m the mayor of St. Moritz. So this is effectively
the Oval Office, the Swiss stone pine room of the municipal
administration. Everything is decided, ruled and governed from in
there. And it’s even fun. St. Moritz has just over 5,000 inhabitants. But it’s around 40,000 in the winter if you count
the guests. The origin is “St. Moritz-Bad”. That was one of the first hotels, the famous
“Kulm”. We have a leaning tower in St. Moritz, too. And in the hollow there: the Olympic stadium. That’s
where I now live. It was great to be able to watch it live. The “Olympia Bob Run” and the “Cresta” are the main
reasons why the place actually exists. Two Olympic Games, five skiing world championships and 24 world championships on the bob run. That is
St. Moritz.Coming into the finish at 130 kilometres per
Here we are in the lobby of the legendary Kulm
Hotel. Back then Johannes Badrutt told the English they could sit outside in a T-shirt even in
winter. And naturally they didn’t believe him until they saw for themselves just how warm it is
during the day in the sun. And so St. Moritz changed from being a summer spa
town to a winter one. Now we’re in front of the Kulm Hotel on one of the
largest natural frozen surfaces in St. Moritz, where you can have a great spin in the very best
weather. That is just great! You cut everything up small and then decorate it. You put onions into a dish, not many though. That is ceviche. In my country you can get it everywhere, on the street, in
restaurants. The food industry, incredibly important for St.
Moritz. Here we are in the world-famous, legendary “Dracula
Club”. This wonderful vaulted room that will be 50 next
year and where for the last twelve years, the best jazz
concerts in the world have taken place. The vision of St. Moritz is that it is for
everyone: for owners of this kind of car and for those who
arrive in this kind of car, or leave in one. Thank you. My tip for passengers on the Glacier Express in
summer is: get on in Zermatt and get off in St. Moritz. This
is where there’s the “Festival da Jazz”. It’s a great thing. Our artists often arrive on the
Glacier Express. Welcome to St. Moritz. Welcome to St. Moritz. Have you come from Zermatt? Enjoy yourself. – Thank you. A final word? I hope there’s not going to be a final
word for a long time. St. Moritz still has its best times in front of it.
Of that I’m certain.

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