Hi and welcome to my entry video for the nyx face awards germany 2017 I´ve chosen a two face look, a classical facepaint with a little bit of sfx which presents the two sides of fame one the one hand Marilyn´s beauty on the other side the ugly truth of fame that finally destroyed and killed here Have fun while watching! First I´m covering my left eyebrow with prosaide cream. That´s a cosmetic adhesive, which fits perfect for this As soon as the adhesive has dried a little bit I´m covering it with translucent powder and repeat these steps for two times Then I can cover my eyebrow with concealer I´m then sketching my bones and skull I´m using a white kohl liner If I draw it wrong and want to change it, I can easily correct it because white is easier to touch up I´m colouring all bones with white aqua make-up from maskworld Typical for Marilyn Monroe are of course her full red lips which should shine here really nice Therefore I´m using a red lipliner and fill my lips with a bright red afterwards with an angle brush I´m drawing my eyebrow with black aqua make-up I´m blackening around the temple and chin area and contouring all face bones little by little the more depth I wanna have, the darker I´m drawing My tip of the nose will also be painted in black The I´m shading on the sides of my nose and on my upper and lower lid and glue my false eyelash afterwards To give the lips a more three-dimensional impression I´m putting black eye shadow into the middle the area around the teeth I´m colouring with white and underline my jaw bone once more with a second layer of white aqua make-up Following I´m drawing all my teeth carefully therefore I´m stretching the line of the corner of my mouth on which I can orientate myself and draw tooth after tooth for this I´m using a fine angle brush and a hint of black aqua make-up Then I´m shading maxillary sinus and colour the teeth in white I´m emphasizing the interdental spaces with black to give them more depth I´m shading the necks of the teeth with black eyeshadow a three-dimensional impression develops little by little the beauty spot mustn´t be missed! Then I´m shading the temple and cheekbone and jaw on the edges with black eye shadow the neck of my teeth I´m underlining with small little white curves I´m continuing with black aqua make-up I´m painting all in black besides my bones so that my skeleton appears After this I´m painting all bones in white once more to increase opacity again with white aqua make-up To give my skeleton a more three-dimensional impression I´m painting my shoulder blades in grey Notice: dark colours give the impression to step back and bright colours bunch out I´m contouring all bones in black and am shading them afterwards in grey to get a nice grey, I´simply mixed black and white aqua make-up I was shading as long as I was satified with the result that means the highest areas were highlighted with white to bunch out the most and the deepest parts with grey to withdraw On my deformed face side I´m taping my eye in preparation for the silicone and to protect my eye lashes because silicone loves hair and otherwise this would have caused problems when removing it I´m putting on the silicone with a modelling spatula this here is an on skin silicone for the area on the eye, I´m using a silicone which cures very fast that means moulding it is under two minutes after this time it is not mouldable any longer I´m putting the silicone onto my eye directly out of the cartridge I used as much silicone as necessary to cover the tape and continued until my whole side was covered with silicone For the rest of my face I used a silicone which cures a little bit slower to work more extensively as an alternative I could use gelatine here but you need to be careful because you can burn yourself pretty easy if the gelatine is still too hot and this would be very tricky while working around the eye as soon as the silicone has cured I´m covering it with powder so that it´s not sticky any more and can be painted easily At the same time it loses its shine and looks more like scarred skin I´m using Kryolan anti shine powder Finally I´m colouring the depths in different shades of red to give the whole look more vibrancy For this I´m using alcohol activated colours of my skin illustrator fx and Mr.Dashbo Darktones palette These colours can be used translucent or opaque and are smudge- and waterproof as soon as they have dried Around the eye I worked with cream make-up of Kryolan because these are a little bit more comfortable than the alcohol activated colours Concluding I´m shading all parts with black eye shadow again where the effect seemed to slight for me put in my contact lenses and put my wig on and finished! If you want to recreate this make-up you´ll find a summary of all products I used for this look in the end Follow me on instagram and facebook and thanks so much for watching. See you!

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  1. Wow really well done! good luck! I'm trying out in the Netherlands this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVRFNbyFPm0 I would love it if you would like to check it out and comment your opinion <3

  2. Bis jetzt ist dein Video eindeutig eines meiner Favoriten.
    Den SFX Part fand ich am Interessantesten. Zum einen hat es den Look noch besonderer gemacht und zum anderen fand ich es auch einfach interessant zu sehen, wie du mit dem Silikon gearbeitet hast. Mit Silikon habe ich bis jetzt nämlich überhaupt keine Erfahrungen, nur mit Gelatine und mit dieser komme ich ehrlich gesagt noch nicht besonders gut zurecht. Aber etwas Übung braucht man ja bei allem 🙂
    Liebe Grüße und ganz viel Glück!

  3. Omg baby i love it! This is true amazing! Me too playing to Italia Face Awards, if you want see my work in my chanell, I'm very happy 💙💙💙

  4. Wow das Video ist wirklich toll geworden. die Idee und Story ist klasse auch die Umsetzung ist Spitze 😊

  5. Die Idee ist wirklich super genial
    😊und super kreativ ❤️Viel Glück!! Ich habe für meinen Look (für die NYX face awards Austria) auch teilweise sfx makeup benutzt. Ich bin ein großer Fan von sfx makeup 😍

  6. WOW!!!You will be the winner!!!!!!Good luck honey:)If you have time check my Greek Face Awards make up tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnhhPhRLLmU

  7. Hi 🙂 Very good job! Fingers crossed, Good luck! I'm trying out in the Hungary this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-d25KQMtI4 I would love it if you would like to check it out and comment your opinion (and maybe subscribe?) Much love <3 Thx

  8. Wow das Video ist toll! Ich wünsche dir viel Glück :3

    (Ps: Ich mache auch mit, aber dein Look ist wirklich der Hammer!!!)

  9. Hein ? Pourquoi est-ce qu'il y a autant de pouces rouges ? J'ai rien compris de ce que t'as dit mais j'ai pas l'impression que tu sois pro-FN (en même tant si t'es allemande c'est un peu logique que tu le sois pas) alors pourquoi ? Surtout que le maquillage est très sympa

  10. Holy fucking shit, I just found your channel and your work is AMAZING! You are super talented, I love your technique!

    xoxo from Greece

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