(Insta Famous Lives 2) (A cooking studio) (full of places to take photos) (Why is Sookyung here?) Today… I’ll be moving into a new house soon. I’ll be having housewarming parties
for over a month. So, I’m here to learn how to cook. My goodness. I’m really nervous. The person I’m going to meet today… I didn’t know I’d get to meet him
so soon. I’ve always wanted to meet him. (Who is she meeting that’s getting her
all worked up?) (She is trying to calm herself down) Let me tell you about the person
I will meet today. First, he has a small face. He is very handsome. And he looks… similar to a deer. (Just thinking about it makes her happy/
Laughing loudly) (She is acting frivolously) He looks like a deer.
He’s a deer with big eyes. (Who is this man with a small face
and who looks like a deer?) Finally… (Finally) I’m meeting him. (Peeking) (She is getting a heart attack) (She’s calming herself down again) He’s over there. (He’s focused on preparing the ingredients
and doesn’t realize Sookyung is coming) (Why is she hiding?) (Oh! He looks handsome!) (1 second before his face is revealed) Finally, I get to meet him. He is the handsome chef, Kim Youngjune! (A certified chef for Korean, Western,
Chinese, blowfish and Japanese cuisine) (with a Master Craftsman Cook and
a Confectionary Making certificate) (He has various national certificates) (He took part in a survival cooking show
in 2013) (He is known as a handsome chef
for his looks and talent) (Grand award-Korea International Cuisine
Contest, Winner-2012 WACS Contest, etc.) (He won various awards) (He is also the youngest chef to acquire
the Master Craftsman Cook certificate) (He is getting attention for his looks
and his cooking skills) (The sexy man who cooks,
Chef Kim Youngjune) For today… Did you bring something with you? I brought a pair of aprons for a couple
to wear. (You want me to wear this?) – Polka dots?
– Yes. – Polka dots?
– This is mine. And this is yours. (Same life, unlike dreams) – We have couple aprons.
– Couple aprons. (I have been waiting for this day!) (Please put it on!) – Wow.
– This is your apron. Thank you. But… (He was semi-forced to put it on) – This is very…
– That looks cute. – That’s so cute! It looks perfect on you!
– No… This feels awkward. (Will everything go well today?) The apron covered this cool thing on
your apron. What is that? This is the grade that is given by
the country. This is called the Master Craftsman Cook
certificate. One needs to have around 10 years of
experience to apply for this certificate. – I heard you’re the youngest to get it.
– Yes, that’s right. – I heard you’re the youngest to get it.
– Yes, that’s right. (He is amazing) He has more than 10 years of experience. How old are you? I am turning 28 this year. (He is 28 years old?) (She closes her mouth) What’s the matter? You surprised me. – You surprised me.
– How old do you think I am? (Sookyung’s age…) (You better give a good answer) 30? 30? (She is on cloud nine) (I feel elated right now) You look like you’re only two years older
than me. My goodness! You’re the best. (Don’t act like that in the kitchen studio,
Sookyung) Can I do this? (Stop with your ulterior moves!
Please cook) I’m moving into a new house this Sunday. – Really?
– I’ll be moving to a new house… and I’ll have housewarming parties
for the whole month. So, I’ve prepared food suitable for
housewarming parties. – Yes.
– It’s simple but looks good. (Fancy-looking food for a housewarming) (It’s hard to choose where to start) (There is simple and easy food for
a housewarming party?) (Housewarming party foods we’ll learn to do
with handsome Chef Youngjune) (Here comes an easy, yet delicious menu) (Just believe in Youngjune) (What is the housewarming party food
they will make today?) Food for housewarming parties is usually
food we can share with each other. For the first dish, we’ll need some alcohol
to go with it. We will be cooking a dish made of pork,
which goes well with alcohol. – It’s a type of finger food.
– Okay. – The next one is a seafood dish.
– Okay. – That’s what we will cook.
– Sounds great. – We’ll make two dishes.
– Okay. What kind of cuisine do you like? – Korean, Western, Chinese?
– I love Western food. What kind of Western food? – I love eating.
– French or Italian? – Italian.
– Do you know what this is? (Do you know what this is?) You can just hit it like this if
you can’t smell it. Wait. What is this? Is it arugula? I guess this is not arugula. What is it? – They add this to pizza, too.
– I know that. The name is similar to something related
to your job. What do you call the bottom? – Ah! Basil!
– Yes, that’s right! Basil! – I went grocery shopping myself.
– Okay. – It’s expensive. Yes.
– It’s expensive, isn’t it? – I want to cook delicious food for you.
– I see. – So, I bought good quality ingredients.
– I see. (Youngjune picks the best ingredients
for Sookyung) (Fresh and expensive ingredients) How much did all of this cost? – It was around $250.
– It’s better to just eat out. Sorry? No, it isn’t. (They face a crisis right from the start) (Youngjune is facing a crisis) (Cooking class for a housewarming party) (Thai-style stir-fried pork) (Let’s quickly introduce the ingredients) (Minced pork, lettuce, shiitake mushrooms,
onions) (Thai chili, fresh basil, oyster sauce,
fish sauce, rice noodles) Since this is a type of wrap, we have
to mince all the ingredients. This is how it’s usually done. (Slicing) (These are his ‘normal’ slicing skills) Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. When you’ve sliced the onions up to
this point, – slice it from the opposite side.
– Oh my goodness. (He slices it from the opposite direction) (She is fascinated) After that, you just have to dice the onion. I’m scared of that.
You have to do it for me. (She talks like a child after she’s told
to cut the onions) Do you usually cook at home? – I always order food.
– You just order out. (He is quite flustered) My husband loves to eat delivery food. What will you do about the food
for your housewarming party? I will just order food. – You’ll just order food?
– Yes. Why are you learning how to cook today? I will try to make this. You have to make one of the two dishes
that I’ll teach you today. I definitely will. (Will she keep her promise?
It will be revealed soon) (Thai-style stir-fried pork/1. Mince
onions, mushrooms, ginger and garlic) Mince them into small pieces like this. (On the left is Youngjune and
on the right is Sookyung) (Thai-style stir-fried pork/1. Mince
onions, mushrooms, ginger and garlic) – Like this? Am I doing it right?
– Yes, you are. How many points do I get for
my chopping skills? – I have to be honest?
– Yes. (Tell me right now) (His first step is to avoid answering
the question) Only those who are scared of knives
would do that. You’ll hurt yourself even more that way. The hand that’s slicing needs
to be supported. That’s scary. You’ll get hurt easily if you stretch out
your fingers. If you practice how to use your knife
often, I think you’ll be able to cook at home. Well, can’t I just earn a lot of money
and eat out? (She has another reason to earn more money) (2. Tear the basil and cut Chinese cabbage
into bite-sized pieces) (3. Stir-fry garlic, onion, and ginger
in a heated pan) Stir-fry it like this. (3. Stir-fry garlic, onion, and ginger
in a heated pan) – Am I doing it right?
– Please give it to me. (Give it to me for a moment) – You can just do this.
– You look cool! (The fan goes crazy after he uses the pan) (He feels shy and embarrassed) – Fry this quickly right now. Like this.
– Okay. (4. Add shiitake mushrooms, pork,
oyster sauce) (fish sauce, and Thai chili into the pan
and stir-fry) Wow! This looks good. This smells amazing. – I told you to taste this while cooking.
– Yes. You should taste it to see
if it’s seasoned well. (How is it?) (She is tasting it) (How is it?) Yum! It’s delicious. (As expected) (The youngest Master Craftsman Cook
loves praise) (She tasted the dish once…) (and she can no longer stop) (She keeps on eating) (She can’t stop eating) (She’s not tasting the dish. She’s eating) (This is very delicious) I think you ate much more than you made. (Fact attack) (But I still can’t stop!) (5. Turn off the heat and add basil to it) (Thai-style stir-fried pork is eaten by
wrapping it in lettuce) (Time to clean up after the first dish
is ready) (Do you see a hyena…) (roaming at the foot of the mountain
searching for food?) (She’s hunting for her prey) (She’s still holding her spoon) I think you eat much more than you cook. (She ignores everything else
and continues to eat) (The main dish of the cooking class is
a dish made of seafood) (These are the ingredients for
the second dish) (Abalone, scallops, prawns) (white tree ear, bok choy, broccoli,
asparagus, ginger) (garlic, bamboo shoots, mushrooms,
oyster sauce, salt, potato, starch) (What is the main dish?) We will make stir-fried seafood with
abalone and scallops. (A type of Chinese cuisine that’s made
of seafood, beef, mushroom, etc.) (A dish made with expensive ingredients
and is served during big banquets) Will I be able to make this at home
by myself? It’s easy. All you have to do is to
cut these ingredients up. But you prepared all the ingredients
for today. – You can do this. It’s very easy.
– Really? Cut it into 3cm in length and then cut it
in half again. I am very happy since I get to cook with
a handsome chef. (She’s getting more motivated
to cook now) 28 year old Chef Kim Youngjune.
Do you have a girlfriend? Girlfriend? (Sighing) – I had one not long ago.
– Okay. – But we broke up. Yes.
– Really? (She’s laughing happily?) (Why is she so happy?) What kind of girls do you like? – Since I have a complex about my size,
– Okay. I prefer someone who is petite
and not taller than me. You like someone petite and small. – Okay.
– Is that all? (Sorry, but I’m married/She’s flustered) Who’s your ideal girl among celebrities. (He is very serious) Hyuna. Hyuna! Girls who are adorable. – Cute and sexy!
– Yes, that’s right. (‘Sorry but I am already taken.’
– This is what Hyuna’s heart is saying?) Here they are. (Let’s start making stir-fried seafood
with abalone and scallops) Here it is. It’s moving! It’s moving! (Is she happy or scared?) (Steps to make stir-fried seafood
with abalone and scallops) This long. (Cut bok choy, asparagus and green onions
into 3cm in length) (Cut abalone, prawns and scallops
into bite-sized pieces and blanch) Okay, that’s done. Next. (Stir-fry garlic and green onion in
a heated pan. Please use low heat) (Add broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms.
Add bok choy and chili at the end) (Sprinkle in black pepper and salt
to season the dish) (Add abalone, prawns and scallops to
the dish and stir-fry) Next, add in refined rice wine. You can also substitute this with soju. (Use rice wine and soju to get rid of
the smell) You can also use white wine. (Use rice wine or soju to get rid of
the smell) (Add cooking wine, soy sauce, water,
and oyster sauce and continue frying) (Add enough of a starch and water mixture
to thicken the sauce) (Then, add in bok choy, chili
and sesame oil) (Simple stir-fried seafood with
abalone and scallops is ready!) This is a fine dining dish. – But you make it look so easy.
– It’s easy, isn’t it? But you’ll be coming over on Sunday. You have to make it and I’ll just check
if it’s okay. (She is already feeling dizzy) (Will I be able to do it?) (The highlight of the cooking class.
It’s time to taste the dishes) (They’ll start with the main, stir-fried
seafood with abalone and scallops) (Thank you for the meal) (She takes one bite) (How does it taste?) (He’s nervous) Hey. It’ good even when it’s cold. (He’s happy) He’s not just someone who’s good-looking. Is the dish well-seasoned? – Yes. Yes.
– Do you like it? I would’ve told you it tastes bad
if it really tasted bad. (But?) But it’s very delicious. I’m not eating a lot because I’m hungry. (Including the ones she ‘tasted,’
she ate two servings) – Even when elders come over,
– They’d love it, won’t they? – they’ll be happy if we make this.
– It has a clean taste to it. I think I’ll feel like a wife who’s also
a good cook. All this while, I have never been able to make this
for them. I have to make this for my in-laws. (But for today, I will eat this first) (She’s tasting
the Thai-style stir-fried pork) – This is very delicious.
– What did you say? – This is very delicious.
– What did you say? (They burst out laughing) – What did you say again?
– This is very delicious. If you successfully manage to make
this dish… and I acknowledge that it’s good, – I’ll teach you a different dish.
– Okay. (For now, please learn how to make
this first) I think your friends would love these. That’s a given. I will introduce you to someone
who is like Hyuna. – If you do that,
– Okay. I will cook for you for free for life. (She can get free meals for life) (They made an oral agreement) Time for myself. LIFETIME.

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