– You know those times when
you come up with a design, you got it on your
paper, you got the smell, you got the colors, you make the soap, it all flows together, it was like divine providence. This is not of those soaps. (laughing) As a reference, here is
the inspiration picture. You got the truck, you got
the nice teal aqua blue, you got the peaches, it
just looks delicious, it’s got all those major summertime feels and I thought what better way to make a farmers market, like, just divine than to have a peach truck, like, that’s everything everyone needs. So I pulled some colors,
I made the design, it kind of was iffy on
paper, but I was like “aaaaaaaa, it’s probably just me” and now I’ve got the colors lined up and I’m even more nervous. Katie doubts herself
for 15 minutes straight. Who knows? We might get to the end of this and it may be completely warranted. All the same, we’re going
to make life’s a peach soap and we’re using Georgia
peach fragrance oil from Wholesale Supplies Plus. It smells great. It smells like a real, ripe summer peach. I’m really stoked about using that. We’re gonna see how these colors go. It’s gonna be a fun time even if it flops so without further ado,
let’s make some soap! Okay folks, I have my
oils here all melted down. They’re looking a little
cloudy, but they’ll do. (giggling) I’m gonna pour my lye water
solution down the stick blender. I’ve had a lot of questions, by the way, for people asking about
temperatures of oils. There’s benefits to using
different temperatures. Some of the benefits
are better than others. (giggles) I think soaping too hot, the quoted temperature
is always 120 degrees. That’s way too hot, dude. Nobody should be soaping that hot. Go under 100, you’ll have better luck. Okay. So, anyway, now we’re gonna blend this up with the stick blender. (upbeat country music) So basically I have to pour
off some little containers. So the first accent color I’m putting in is gonna be a dark green. This is supposed to represent leaves and I’m using Snake Island
blended with Green Vibrance. Next I have some Voodoo Mica, this is from Mad Micas, it’s a lovely red pink color. And finally we have Blue Tide, this is also from Mad Micas, it is my favorite blue ever. To the blue, I added a little
bit of titanium dioxide. And to the final large container, I am adding in some Orange Vibrance. Just enough to get us
to a nice pale orange that should lighten
overtime into a peach color. So let’s blend in these colors and we’ll see what we’ve got. (upbeat country music) Now in my vast soap making experience, (giggle) I have found that peach fragrances tend to make your batter a little runny. Now I don’t know why, that has just been my personal experience. So if you’re going to be
working with a peach fragrance that you’ve never used before, read the reviews on it but that’s what I have found to be true. So before I even blend in those colors, I’m gonna go ahead and
pour this peach color into both of our Bramble Berry molds. Just gonna go ahead and pour this in. – [Kenneth] It looks
like a carrot waterfall. – [Katie] Yeah, boy. Gonna scrape-y, scrape-y my little medium sized containy. Now we’re gonna pour the green in, just one line. Now for the blue, again just one line. And now for the red,
which is a little thinner than the other colors and, honestly, that’s gonna look really
cool with the swirl. Now I’m going to swirl from the middle, all around and down. I’m using a hanger tool
that I got from Amazon. Okay. So now I’m going to tap
this down on the ground to get all the air bubbles out of it. (tapping) And now that we have tapped it all down it is time to mix up the soap frosting. (upbeat country music) Okay so this is the actual color I was trying to achieve in the soap. This is what we will be changing that blue color in the
soap to for the next batch because this is the aqua
teal sis was trying to get. And let me tell you, Blue Tide will turn, like, eight different
colors if you add, like, 1/4 of a teaspoon of
titanium dioxide to it. It is such a versatile color and, like, this is like a light baby blue, this is like an aqua teal, and then it’ll be like a true blue if you don’t add anything. It’s kind of crazy the way that works. So mine and Caleb’s new nightly routine consists of watching Tik Toks. (giggling) Like the mature 25 year olds that we are, we get those kids in the bed and I’m like, “it is time to watch Tik Toks”. I am about to tell a story about Caleb ’cause I just remembered ’cause I said the word Tik Tok and he’s gonna love that
I told you guys this but y’all don’t have to tell him, okay? So when Caleb was a little kid he said weird crap all the time, as little kids often do, and he was at his aunt and uncle’s house. Out of nowhere, like appropo of nothing, he just goes, “ha ha.
It’s tikky tok time”, and they looked at him
like he had a third eye and to this day, he is
still salty about it (giggling) and is like “why would
they look at me like that? Little kids say weird crap all the time.” He cannot get over the
fact they were like, “Okay, Caleb. Whatever. Okay. All right. If that’s what you need to
say, just say it I guess.” And if you mention it to
him now and you’ll be like, “Hey, Caleb. It’s tikky tok time.”, he’s like, “Seriously! That is not even a weird thing to say!” – [Kenneth] But why would he say that? What made him think it’s tikky tok time? And what on earth does that even mean? – [Katie] I think he just was talking fun, talking nonsense like little kids do. They just say nonsense things. – [Kenneth] It’s tikky tok time! That is weird. – [Katie] Well, to this day he holds that it was not that weird
and he’s mad about it. (laughing) And how fortunate could
I have possibly been that an app that is popular
comes out called Tik Tok so that every night I can say, “Caleb, do you know what time it is?” and he’ll say “what?” because I always phrase it so perfectly and he never suspects and
then I can just happily say “It’s tikky tok time!” and show him all the lovely
videos I have accumulated. – [Kenneth] Marriage sounds
like a rollercoaster. (laughing) – [Katie] Marriage, I can easily say, is the best and Caleb actually gets pranked all the time by yours truly. Oh hooray! Okay all the piping is done and I have a critical decision to make. Will I put a Voodoo Mica drizzle on top and then the peaches? Ohhhhh! Kenneth, what do I do? I’m conflicted. – [Kenneth] Drizzle time! – [Katie] Drizzle time! Okay! Drizzle time! All right, here we go with the drizzle. Oh yes, I do believe this
was the right choice. That is gonna tie it all
together quite nicely. On the subject of pranks, can we all agree that fake prank videos are like the greatest form of betrayal? Why do those even exist? Like, seriously, why does that even exist? – [Kenneth] Whenever I was younger, I fell for some fake pranks and then whenever I got older I was like, “Oh my gosh! They were
fake?! I’ve been lied to!”. – [Katie] It’s just there’s so many videos that aren’t fake so,
like, why are those there? It’s just for money, I guess. It just has to be for money. It is now time to put
our little leaves on top. These are colored with Snake Island so they’re a nice dark green. – [Kenneth] But it’s also way, way easier to get a fake response than
having to elicit a genuine one. You don’t see all of the boring
chaff that they edited out. – [Katie] I guess so. I think just some of these
fake pranks are so obvious that I feel like not even
children could possibly be fooled because it just looks
like really bad acting. – [Kenneth] I mean, reality television isn’t the realest thing
either and adults watch that. Do you remember whenever
you pulled that prank on our younger sister Shelly whenever you punched her in the face and knocked out her tooth? – [Katie] (gasping) That is not how that happened at all! – [Kenneth] It was just a prank! – [Katie] Y’all, hear me out. This may surprise some of
you but fight or flight, I am actually a fight. I will try to hurt you if you scare me. You can ask Caleb, poor, poor fellow. So one time my little sister just scared the crap out of me and she didn’t mean to but I didn’t know she was
standing in my doorway and she was like, “hey Katie!” and it scared me so bad
I hit her in the face and knocked her over and
she had a loose tooth and I knocked the tooth out. Like I knocked it out. And she just looked at it and smiled at me and was like “Whoa! You knocked my tooth out! Thanks, Katie!” and I helped her out and that was one of the better times that my fighting reflex came in handy. Other times it wasn’t so great. (laughing) Time for peaches. (giggling) Oh yes. This looks really yummy. – [Kenneth] Katie the
robber puncher confirmed. Excuse me, ma’am. Give me this purse! Unhand the purse, madam! – [Katie] Not on my watch! Wa pow! – [Kenneth] (grunting) My leg! (laughing) – [Katie] All right folksies,
this soap is looking weird. (giggling) I’m gonna spritz a little
sparkle plenty on this bad boy. A little glitter can hide many faults. Well, I’m gonna go ahead and say that this was not
one of my better ideas, however, I will hold out
the rest of my judgment for tomorrow when we cut it. Basically we’ve got some
wonky looking peaches, some smattering of fuschia, and some leaves on top. Now, once again, I’m gonna try to reserve most of my judgment for tomorrow. I bet that blue mellows out. The peach color on the
inside should mellow out too. And who knows? Maybe we’ll love it in a cut bar form which is honestly the only
form that actually matters. We’ll be back to take a peep at the inside after this quick commercial break and 24 to 48 hours have passed. It is the next day and
upon further reflection the blue, oof, I think it was a mistake but again, we’re gonna cut it. We’re gonna cut it and then we will make our final decision. So I am going to press down slowly. The soap is still relatively
soft so it’s easy to do. (clicking sound) And then I’m just gonna
pull one out of the middle and this is what it
looks like on the inside. Okay. Now I’m conflicted ’cause I really like the swirl on the inside. I think it’s just the blue. The blue, I think, needs to be pink. (laughing) – [Kenneth] Some thing’s just not right. (laughing) – [Katie] Yes. So after much deliberation I ended up asking people in Royalty Soaps, “hey, do you like this? What do you feel about the blue? Do you like the pink? You gotta let me know” and all of the ladies
and all the gentlemen in Royalty Soaps were
like, “No it looks good”. So the only changes we’re gonna make is ’cause we felt like the peaches were just a little too neon, we just shook-a shook-a them in these bags and they look so much better and we’re also gonna place those leaves a little closer to the peaches instead of just directly
on top of the bars. Also, you guys saw the inspiration photo at the beginning and after this soap cured it really does, like it’s the
exact same blue in the photo. I think the takeaway here is
don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard to do designs and it’s hard to do a lot of designs all at one time and even if you don’t
think it’s gonna be perfect it might be worth a shot
and get somebody else’s input on it that isn’t yourself because you are your own
hardest critic, for sure. It could be that everyone else loves them and thinks they’re amazing
so if you’re a soapmaker, you’re a crafter, if you’re somebody who is hand crafting things, do the things up in your brain,
run them by other people. And who knows? You might be surprised. Maybe tons of people will like it. Give yourself a little break. With that being said, that has summed up our
Life’s A Peach video. If you enjoyed it, if you enjoyed seeing my
strange creative process through this particular soap design, let me know down in the comments below. If you like watching soap
making YouTube videos, you’ll probably like watching
soap making Tik Toks, and seeing soap pictures on Instagram, I’ll leave our social
media links down below. This soap will be available with our farmers market collection on March 7th, 3:00 p.m.,
central standard time on royaltysoaps.com. That’s a Saturday afternoon. And be sure you do something
fun for yourself today. Whether that is eating
a fresh, juicy peach or nectarine, if they’re
available in your area at this frigid time of year, or perhaps experimenting
with something creative that you previously judged yourself and held yourself back from attempting. Go ahead and try it today. And until next time, I hope you have an absolutely
royal day and bye for now! (airplane sound) (splash) (uplifting music)

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  1. I feel this except with art, I have all these ideas for pieces in my head and can actually see it, but when I try to do it, they never turn out how I think

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