-I love finding out
about your history and different things
I didn’t really know about you. And so I did not know
about this thing. One of your first gigs was
in a video, a Lady Gaga video. Do you know
what I’m talking about? -Yeah. Yeah. -But that’s — How did —
This was for “Paparazzi.” Yeah.
-That’s a giant song. But how did you get —
How do you get involved? -Well, I was — I was in L.A., shooting one of my first jobs, which was season one
of “True Blood.” -Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I loved “True Blood.” Absolutely. Yeah. -Yeah, it was —
-That’s where I knew you from. -But it was the very beginning,
so the show hadn’t aired yet. And my friend Jonas Akerlund,
a Swedish guy, he’s a director, and he was
gonna direct the music video. And he called me and asked if
I wanted to play the boyfriend. And I said, “Boyfriend?” I didn’t know who the girl was.
Lady Goo Goo? I was like, “Yeah.” -Yeah.
You never heard of Lady Gaga? -No, this — I think
it was her first album. -Yeah, that was her first one. -I’m not sure,
but I didn’t know who she was. And I said,
“Well, what are we doing? Like, walking down the beach,
holding hands?” He’s like,
“No, it’s — Hear me out.” He was like,
“You wear an eye patch, and you throw her off…” -Right there, I would
have been like, “Sold.” -Yeah, I was like… -“I’ll do it.
What do I have to do?” -I’m a pirate.
-Yeah, you have an eyepatch. What’s the plot? -Well, then
he just briefly like — He said, “Well, the plot
is you try to kill her. You throw her off a balcony of
a beautiful mansion in Malibu. She doesn’t die. She comes back,
and she poisons you.” And I said, “That’s a — That’s
a beautiful, beautiful story.” -You can do that
in three minutes? -Yeah.
-And he did. And here’s a picture of you,
eyepatch and all, from the “Paparazzi” — Not bad, dude.
That’s pretty fantastic. -So, that’s me.
-Yes, of course. That’s you, yeah.
And that’s Lady Gaga. The video has gotten
over 200 million views. -I’m a very popular guy, yeah.
-You really are. I saw a picture of you at this
press event the other day, I wanted to ask you about. ‘Cause I was like,
“What’s going on?” And you were bald for a movie,
but is this real or — -You got a lot of good stuff
here today. -I do, yeah. Are you playing
Ron Howard in a film? Is that what’s happening? -I —
-What was this? -I was… I don’t remember.
-Yeah. -I was shooting a movie
up in Montreal called “The Hummingbird Project,” and I
decided to shave my head for it. -You really went for it.
-Yeah. Well, I wanted to be bald. And then I thought for some
reason it’d look more natural, instead of doing a bald cap,
to just really shave it. -Is that the truth? -Well, I didn’t realize that it doesn’t quite look real,
natural. You can see the hairline.
It doesn’t quite work. -You didn’t want to just
wear a hat or anything? Could have just done that.
Right? -No, well, they —
Well, first of all, like, we were shooting —
It was winter up in Montreal. We were out on set. So for three months,
I didn’t have a social life. I had one weekend off. I went down to New York
for this event, and when they came
to fit the suit, they asked — They saw me. I hadn’t told them
that I was bald. They saw me, and they were like, “Oh, uh, do you want
a little hat or something? A fedora or…? Well —
-You don’t need it. -These guys look amazing
in hats. Like, musicians. I just feel like I don’t really
wear a fedora in a suit. It doesn’t —
It’s not really my style. -You should have
just went like that. -I should have just
painted my head. -That’s good. That’s good.
Get a Sharpie. -Yeah.
-You’re a good-looking guy. You can get away with that. -Well, the great thing was
when I stepped out of the car and there was this press line
with photographers, and I stepped out,
and I’ll never forget the sound when they all saw me,
’cause they all went, “Aww.” -They felt bad for you? -Someone was like,
“Is he okay? Is he okay?” ‘Cause they thought I had
a meltdown and shaved it off. -Yeah, yeah. No, no. Exactly. No, he’s totally — This is
what he does for his craft.

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