It’s no secret that idols aren’t always happy with their treatment at the hands of their companies And even if they try to be as politicized as possible, when they talk about their agencies publicly, usually by saying good things about them But in some cases, they end up criticizing something they don’t like. It can be a joke tone, or even in direct and heavy criticism But before I start, I just wanted to ask you to subscribe to the channel. This is very important because this is how you will get all the next videos that I will release Also, if you can, leave a like that will help me a lot If you want to interact more directly with me, you can follow me on my Instagram, which is this one Soloist Jimin Park was unhappy with her lack of releases (her latest song had been released two years ago) So she decided to get JYP’s attention in an episode of After School Club B.A.P and their former agency TS Entertainment, have a long history of fighting Easily one of the worst company-idol relationships ever in the KPOP world BAP has even filed a lawsuit against TS in 2014, alleging nonpayment, extremely abusive contracts and no time off even if they were sick With all this, whenever B.A.P members got a loophole to badmouth their company, they didn’t think twice During an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star, iKON’s Bobby was asked if he had any complaints against his company, YG Entertainment He eventually revealed that YG is not as free as many people think He said the company may seem very family-like and free but the regulations are so strict He said members had to report small things, such as going to convenience stores in front of the company In addition to being prohibited from taking driver’s licenses to prevent any kind of accidents There is also a rule that prohibits dating.
Requiring that iKON members have no contact with Blackpink In the Christmas before their bebut, in 2012, BTS still as trainees released a kind of diss track for BigHit In the music, Bangtan talks about the difficulties of his training days, include in the lyrics some criticism for the company and their CEO Namjoon even makes fun of having to write love songs even if they are forbidden to date In addition, members also complain that they cannot spend Christmas with their families, since they need to stay in the company training HyunA has always been vocal when it comes to mistreatments especially as they involve the ‘diets’ that she and many other idols have to face In this particular case, HyunA did not criticize his company directly, but MBK Entertainment for apparently making T-ARA’s Hyomin starve This happened in 2010, in a program where Hyuna and Hyomin were one of the invited One of the MCs brought attention to the fact that Hyomin was eating excessively everytime the show went to break. Hyomin looked uncomfortable during the exchange The MC shared a story about Hyomin where she admitted to him that the company was starving her so she could fit into tight outfights during promotions for “Bo Peep Bo Peep” Her only opportunity to eat was when she was on the show as MBK weren’t supervising her during this time The MCs were trying to bring a comedic element to the situation which Hyomin started to play along with However, HyunA who was at the time just 18 years old, didn’t think the situation was laughable and started to speak up, directly criticizing MBK’s CEO Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe to receive the next video

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