hrrrngh…. im…. COOMING First things first, I’m wearing this shirt, alright. Don’t laugh. Serious business only on this channel. I’d have this as Pyrocynical merch if I didn’t get sued xaxa Why do I have this shirt? Jake Paul or as I like to call him – “im from ohio tho now white boy” He’s someone that really doesn’t get a lot of attention anymore due to the whole, you know, KSI vs Logan Paul fight. By the way, KSI won that fight, you know [thump-thump] big up for UK I’ve made about 12 videos on Logan Paul, I think I’ve only made about 5 on KSI. [postal dude] here’s your tax relief. here you go. KSI probably likes me about 3% more. Now one thing I found funny from both
The Paul brothers is – because of the loss of the match- None of them could admit that they are at fault. They blame everyone around them except themselves. I mean, sure, yknow, at the end of the match they did their little handshake just to not look like a salty little baby- But deep down he knows that it was not his fault. And in the post-interviews after the fight they legitimately thought they’d won. [toy story alien] Like, I’ve taken-… I’ve taken true Ls. Ls that have affected my life and will affect my life for the rest of my life. This doesn’t feel like that [interviewer] Do you feel like you won the fight? [dramatic lip smacc] [Logan] Ummmmmmm… If…- The two points weren’t taken away from me- Yes, I would have won the fight. I’m sick. I woke up sick. I’ve been sick for the past three days. The first thing I did this morning was sneeze. (Thirty times) Called Shannon. I was like “yo , should I take dayquil or ibuprofen before the, uh-…” “Fight tonight?” He said no cuz it’ll mess up my heartrate. Could you imagine that conversation Logan had with Shannon Briggs? Logan’s in his bed- He’s got the sniffles. He reaches for his iPhone 11 Pro ™, you know right next to his airpods Pro (c) and his Beats (r) by Dr. Dre He calls Shannon. “Shannon I feel quite ill. Could I take some meds?” And Shannon just keep saying over and over on the phone: [[[let’s go champ]]] [[[LET’S GO CHAMP]]] – Can you be proud of that fight? – I am bro… For some reason- Uh, I don’t feel like I lost. Ya, I’ve taken true Ls before and this doesn’t feel like that. We’re gonna contest it. – [incomprehensible brit speech], they’re not gonna reverse that decision. – Bro if I wanna go down, I wanna go down FrankieOnPcIn1080p fighting, with a submission form that says: “Pweeze you shoodn’t haff deducted t-two pointzz :33” I love how he refers to his past mistakes. You know, it’s an L. Showing a deceased person in the forest? L It’s not a W. It’s an L. I remember a couple videos ago I also talked about the Documentary which had their mom in it, and she also referred to the incident in the forest As “taking an L” [Morgz’ mum] and for him to have all these W’s in this corner and then this L That just will not leave him alone But first…… oh my goodness. Look at that. It’s another mobile sponsor and it’s not Raid Shadow Legends. Yes. Yes. Thank you. I know I’m such a humble guy… Monster legends is a free-to-play mobile game available on Apple and funny green robot. You can collect tons of different monsters and feed them Vbux to evolve them and take them into battle. What’s that WWF and RSPCA? No, I don’t need to take care of my pet bull terrier. I’m too busy having combat in real time with my friends in Monster Legends. You can also connect with- Facebook to easily find my friends and fight against them. Eh sure whatever Use the link in the description to download the game today. Wait, what’s that? You didn’t download Monster Legends? Now, you’ll never be able to get Bruh City. Oh, look, it’s popular children’s entertainer, Notch. And he’s gonna tell you how amazing Monster Legends is. [swedish] Nope, Felix where you going? Stay away from the bridge, Felix. Don’t go near it, no- Think about what you’re doing- Download Monster Legends today for free. More about this at the end of the video. But anyway, Logan is just trying to avoid responsibility. It’s not his fault. Y’know. He was sneezing a bit. So sad, please- Leave a like if you cried. I will give him credit: He’s trying to bat away any criticisms in a mature way. A stupid way- But a mature and calculated way. Jake Paul on the other hand- well… [incomprehensbile] [bro sobbing] ASMR hand on Jake Paul’s shoulder. “It’s gonna be alright, don’t worry” [Jake] He goes: “Bro, this is your first pro debut. It’s okay if you lose. [unintelligible] and then he comes back and says “Bro. You’re a good bro.” Firstly: A+ on the sad music there. I don’t think I’ve heard sadder music that when Cortana subscribed to Smosh in Halo 4. [resident evil basement theme] :((( Now I get that his brother took an L, I don’t know why that’s-… He took an L. Tax evasion? Jail? Uhhh lol L. OJ Simpson got away with double murder? lmao, the witness has taken L on this one. Now I get his brother took an L And it’s fine for him to be emotionally invested in the situation But as the video goes on you kind of start to notice that Jake is turning the whole “Logan Paul losing” Into something about himself when it really isn’t needed [Jake] but I said it last year and I’ll say it again If I was in that ring this year I would’ve won the fight I felt like he could have turned up the volume, turned up the juice a little bit and put more punishment on people. “Oh, you know I don’t want to like game-end my sparring partners. I want to, you know-…” Thor. THOR. When I go into the- Corner for the first time in the fight. I hear “this is your pro debut. It doesn’t matter if you lose”. [Let’sgochampman] -Who said that? [Jake] – You did. So Jake pretty much blames everyone around him for the defeat except himself. He blames Logan and he also blames Shannon as the trainer. [[[Let’s not go champ]]] Clearly someone who just, you know- Can’t take the L. What’s that dance they do in Fortnite? Y’know, the funny one. They do this like- [leaked gameplay footage of Half-Life Alyx] Also one thing I’ve noticed about Jake Paul. I did a bit of research at this video. He clickbaits his own name in the third-person, implying that Jake Paul’s name actually carries any kind of views anymore. Look at this. You go into the videos. You’ve got “Jake Paul cries backstage after Logan Paul loses”. Hmm Who’s gonna win? The random man I don’t like or my own brother??? There will be no bias in this video. [Jake] KSI vs Logan Paul II. Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, Dan Bilzerian, Ed Sheeran, Rick Ross, Shammy, DESIIGNER, Tana Mongeau, Jay Paul, Austin McBroom and Katherine, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres. I like how half the people he mentioned in that list- I think I’ve made videos on. Also, Jake don’t mention the Ace Family like it’s a good thing. You know for a fact during the match they were probably checking for loose change between the seats. [unintelligible] Also, I just noticed – with Jake Paul’s video where he titles it in the third person=he put in the description: “I didn’t want to post this.” So this is the hierarchy of bad YouTube descriptions: At the bottom you’ve got something basic, you know: – Like if you enjoyed – the typical 7 year old white girl description and then the midpoint you’ve got the Raid Shadow Legends sponsor. It’s okay. They didn’t sponsor this video I don’t care. And then at the very top…. You’ve got “I didn’t want to make this”. No I didn’t want to make this. That’s why I put 7 hours editing it together. He also posted this picture on his Twitter. Just looks like some poorly-rendered Final Fantasy character. Also Jake did this really weird thing leading up to the fight where he got two kids: One of them is pretending to be KSI, the other’s pretending to be Logan Paul. And then KSI only speaks in growls. SCP 682 HAS BREACHED THE CONTAINMENT I REPEAT Does that kid got Gucci on? It is really nice of Jake Paul to give his viewer base a platform. Also just a sidetrack from our little side quests: Do you guys know Justin Bieber? I love Justin Bieber just as much as the next 4 year old furry. Recently He declared himself a Logan-Pauler. I’ll never listen to his music again…. And after KSI won, he put this on his Instagram: “Reality…. Logan Paul champion.” Even though professionals decided that KSI won…. KSI was on floor for two seconds….. Logan Paul win?????? Also you guys remember Joe Weller? He does like spooky haunted house videos. He’s now turned into some kind of-… Interviewer for some reason? He was the guy that KSI first fought with in the boxing. He had an interview Jake Paul. It wasn’t very good. [Weller] Where I’m from if you, like man to man, say “I’m gonna do this” Like, you do it? [Jake] Yeah, but [incromphenesible] Like, at that time I didn’t have respect for you. [Weller] Why??? [Jake] Cuz I don’t know you and I don’t care. [Weller] You just don’t care about me. Don’t ya? [Jake] Yeah, I don’t. Are you asking a question I don’t like to answer? Bro. You’re irrelevant, bro. You’re irrelevant. I don’t like you bro. Go to logan paul dot coom slash shoppe, bruv. We’ve got some really good merch. [Weller] 300k likes – I’ll spend the night in the spider Den. You’ve heard it here. [Logan] I don’t know you And I don’t care. [Weller] Why would you, initially before you know someone, go- “I instantly am going to show no respect” like, who does? Why? [Jake] I think you think what you’re trying to do right now is make me look stupid and [hulk hogan noises]. It’s a funky YouTube video, like I posted it a couple hours before you. Get the FamilyFriendly over it. This is it. This is like Finland seventh grade. [BulkBogan] YOU DISRESPECT ME BROTHURRR I love how even the security guard is just looking in the background and he’s like- “Bruh, I make 25k. Yeah, I do not need this in my life.” Why am I here? Who are these people? I might uber-eats later. Also found this beautiful comment in the gold mine: “Jake Paul permanently looks like he’s processing what someone told him five minutes ago lol”. [Weller] But listen if the cameras weren’t rolling right now, you know, like you said, do you reckon we’d all just be cool? Do you reckon you’d act how you’re acting now- If the cameras weren’t rolling? [Jake] I think that’s a huge question that people try to bring up like with the Pauls all the time like- [intervention] I definitely had an internet persona for a- Long time, a long period of my life and I don’t anymore and that’s just the fact and I think I am who I am now. And it’s taken me like 22 years to figure that out and I grew up living my life on camera on Disney Channel. Could you imagine Unorinically arguing that Disney Channel was the reason you didn’t develop as a person? God help anyone with Disney Plus. You are truly a damned soul. [late capitalism noises] Also, I love how Joe will ask him a pretty simple question, And then Jake will explain how osmosis works, Before getting to answering the question. [an black man] You believe that? [Weller] I mean-… [Jake] Why do you have camera then? You always you are just talking to me on camera. You go “hop in this interview”. “Hop in this interview”, Imagine- [Unintelligible] Imagine having the mindset that if you can’t monetize a conversation- There is no point having it at all. [Jake] -on camera versus off camera when I’m the same Flintstones person. But you’ve never even given the opportunity to talk to me man-to-man off-camera. [Weller, clearly tired] Let’s relax. Relax. [Jake] Let’s talk. Let’s talk, Joe. Let’s talk, Joe. I don’t know if you noticed that as well- but one of Jake’s lackeys was like, you know, filming the conversation, obviously to put it on Jake’s story. Like an epic roast, and then when Joe walks away He’s patting him on the back being all buddy-buddy. And if Jake couldn’t have any more brainlet moments He just straight-up says the entire fight was rigged. [Jake] And I probably shouldn’t be saying this but all this Slytheryn’s Frisky rigged. You know, you see people wining and dining each other. He was at the Staples Center last night with KSI. [Unintelligible] -..The sport’s rigged, for sure. A hundred percent, sure. Hundred percent. *realizes he’s dumb* It’s funny because you know for a fact if Logan Paul won-… [pretend-jake] dis be da most legitimate bictory in sportin historee [unintelligible] They’d probably also plugg their merch. Look at this merch you could buy. Also I noticed on Jake Paul’s twitter where he took this extract from the Bible . [Pretend-Jake] “Tonight was absolutely insane. A legitimate movie. I want to purposefully start by congratulating KSI for the victory.” I like how he congratulates KSI and then literally two sentences later: “KSI was saved with the decision the referee made.” Yeah you won. But you didn’t really win. We should have won. It’s amazing that a man can compare real life to a Gmod horror map. “But I know this sports for me and WILL avenge my brother…” Damn. You get backstabbed afk in Dark Souls? Chill out dude. In conclusion: Logan Paul – funny. Jake Paul – insane. KSI – Jared Leto Joker. I hope you guys enjoyed by the way. I love you all so much. You’re amazing I’m gonna stop with the commentary videos for a bit. I’ve got like a game review to work on now and there’s some movie reviews. I just gotta have to do this filler stuff because you know when I’m traveling I need to kind of do a filler video before- And after so there isn’t just a huge gap. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Again thanks to Monster Legends for sponsoring this video. Everything I said before included, there’s a massive Black Friday update which has loads of discounts. I’ll buy the one that looks like vanossgaming, please. Also better legends pass The pass allows you to get rewards and privileges that no one else has there’s also brand new monster skins Which allow you to customize monsters in new and exciting ways Finally I can get as close as possible to the stripper dragon from Rick and Morty Download Monster Legends using the link down in the description. Please do it. I need the money. I bought 300 Nintendo switches for- My wife’s boyfriend, and now she’s stopped talking to me. Logan why the Truck would you do that?

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