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  1. β€œAm mythical threesome” I think this guy is a very strange sex addict. He’s so obsessed with sex it makes your skin crawl

  2. Everything about this is fine, I just can't sta nd how home-dude Shaft is squeaking and making all those high pitched sounds all the time

  3. I believe in natural healing and the wonders of a healthy lifestyle. But there is a line and this crosses it. When things get this bad it's time to go to a real doctor and get real help.

  4. I skipped around for about ten seconds. So, this confirms my fears about the plethora of Unicorns fucking EVERYWHERE. It's all part of the Satanic, sodomite, transgender agenda. HOw to people get there? I suppose it starts with TV, education and internet…

  5. I was gonna say: "Good shit Vice this is like the good old day journalism I missed from you." But this is from 2015 and…. Yea..

  6. These people are so self obsessed it’s painful to watch. They clearly think they are extremely hardcore and edgy.


  8. I feel like a version of the Charles Manson family began like this. While these people will never kill anyone, everyone will probably just wake up one day and go what the hell am I doing? That said, have fun on your journey.

  9. What the fuck is the world coming to? We as normal people can't criticize these mentality unstable freaks, fuck that! This is why the Arabs want to kill us because we want to have drag queens in Kabul Afghanistan. I don't agree with their methods but come on πŸ˜‰

  10. A Bangladeshi unicorn πŸ¦„??? Fuck man now I’ve seen it all…

    It’s 3am and I’m watching this shit? Fuck my life! Lol

  11. I dunno. Rave party at FIVE THIRTY BEFORE GOING TO WORK? WHAT IS THIS?! What ….brought me to this video. I dunno. Life. I dunno anymore. I like that someone had a totoro-shaped backpack though. The rest. Dunno. I dunno.

  12. but all power to the positive factors, they feel glam, the recovering alcoholic GONGRATULATIONS DUDE THAT ROCKS!!!, and them being what they feel they are. I don't get the whole sexual cult unicorn thing, but if they are feeling good and healthy, all power to them.

  13. He keeps saying his life changed because of burning man and like music festivals…? I am calling bluff and saying it’s just the drugs and it’s really sad. All these people need help…

  14. i had a dream about being a warmonger soo i think i should do like this guy recruit some dudes for the cause no banner no religion just war ….