In this lecture we will talk about the website. From there you can download royalty free music which you can easily use for your YouTube videos. The website name is Ben’s on dotcom as you can see. This is the homescreen Ben sound dot com. Here we are indicating the radio free music you can see the different categories are there at Costic cinematic corporate electronic electronica Otterbein. There are so many categories are there all the music has been displayed here. Suppose if you want to download any music it’s supposed to be on this music. The new beginning. Then click this option. Now Ben counterweights to kind of license’s free creative commons license and second Sproule license to license Bay where you don’t have to give any credit to the Bensen team here. We’re talking about using it as a free music so you can use it. And that’s where the common license. So for this you have to give great advance on dotcom. It’s very easy in that you do video description. You just have the right music some bad sound or com all you can also write relatively music from bands on dotcom. In this way you can use this music in your youtube videos and you will not get any copyright strike for this. So this is how you can download free music from bands on dot com. I will see you in the next lecture with a new website from where you can download free music for your YouTube videos.

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