The early bird gets the worm!  Hoda Kotb has been a staple on morning TV for more than a decade She’s up at the crack of dawn to greet American’s across the country with her winning smile and bubbly personality, but how does she manage to do it all? Thankfully, a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen viewer asked the star the question and her answer was so sweet   “I would like to know the answer to this too,” Andy Cohen shared after posing the question “Because we would get off the air some days and she would say, ‘Oh yeah I’m going to go workout ‘ After she had been on the air for four hours and up at 3am.”  Well, she’s got two little girls to thank for her endless energy supply “Having kids at this phase of my life made me excited about just getting up and getting into it,” she shared “I literally want to be healthy for the kids. I think about that a lot.”   It also doesn’t hurt that she allots time to exercise as well “I sort of get up, I do my thing and I think exercise in the middle of the day gives me more juice,” she revealed   But, at the end of the day, all roads lead back to Haley Joy and Hope Catherine “I get to go home, I walk in the door, Haley can jump five feet nine inches, because she jumps into my arms,” she shared “I hold her and I’m like, forget it. I don’t even care about being tired. I slept for 54 years It’s enough with the sleeping! This is the best time of my life.”   Looks like she’ll have energy for years to come! 

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