-Happy Thanksgiving to you.
Did you have fun? -So much fun.
-What’d you do this year? -I was in Long Island with my
boyfriend’s very Italian family. -Hey! There you go. -Yes. Yes.
-That’s the way to do it. -It was interesting to have
lasagna and meatballs for Thanksgiving,
but I’m into it. I’m into it.
-Oh, no, Italian food. They just go every —
It’s every food known to man. -It was for days.
-Turkey. Yes. -Venison. We had venison.
-Wow! -Yeah. Fancy. Fancy.
Super fancy. -Yeah. How many people?
-Well, so, last year, I did it, as well, and there
was like one lasagna, right? So I was like, “Okay.”
And there was like 15 people. So I was like, “I got this.” And then this year around,
Joe reminded me that all my groundwork
was for none because there’s 40 new people,
17 new babies. I didn’t know they reproduced
as fast as Latinos did. I was like,
“What? I’m not ready for this.” I’m not ready for this. But I do well with babies,
so it was like — it was good. -It was a lot of kids.
-Yeah, lots of kids. And, like, every year, his little cousin Danny
writes scripts. Like 60-page scripts.
He’s 11 years old. And he does —
-Like movie scripts? -Epic. “Star Wars,”
“Lord of the Rings” inspired. And we put them on.
So last year he put it on. This year, we made it a short. We got three pages done
in about six hours. Yeah. Yeah.
-Wow. -And then we couldn’t do anymore because it was all, like, CGI
and then we died. So it was like, “So we’re
not going to finish it.” -Kids. That’s what they do.
-Unbelievable. -Not only are you
a great actress, but you’re also boxing royalty. Your dad is Gino Rodriguez… -Yeah!
-…the famous referee. -Whoo!
-Legendary. -Daddy.
-There’s Pacquiao right there. -Yeah. Pacquiao. -How — How —
Did you grow up with boxing? I mean, he’s a legend.
-Yeah, I grew up boxing. I grew up watching fights. I grew up with Don King
at, like, brunch. It was very strange.
-Is that right? -Yeah. It was very bizarre. I didn’t realize how cool it was
until I got older and guys were like,
“Oh, you’re into boxing?” And I was like,
“Yeah, no big deal.” And then they were like…
-“Yeah, whatever, I guess. Like, sure, I guess. Yeah.
-“I can throw a jab. -Seen a couple fights
here or there, yeah. -Yeah, it’s no big deal. I’m
always ringside but, like… -Yeah, whatever.
-Who isn’t? Who isn’t? -I mean, the sweat hits me when
they get hit. So no big deal.” -Yeah, the sweat and the blood. And I never shower after it,
so it’s good, yeah.” -Did you ever get autographs
from everybody? -Ooh.
-What? -So, my pops started
getting the champion of every fight he did
or every fight he supervised to sign a $100 bill, and so now he has
about $10,000 worth of — Every champion you can think of
has signed it. And it’s the one thing
I get to inherit. I didn’t —
-Dad! Why didn’t you do that for me?!
-Isn’t that crazy? -Why didn’t you have them
sign $100 bills, Dad?! -Yeah. I’m sorry. I apologize. -Oh, what a different
childhood we had. Oh, my God.
-I know, I know. I know. I’ll sell you one.
-Yeah, thank you. I appreciate it.
-“Here ya go, Jimmy. -Just let me see
a picture of it. That’s all. I just want to see
a picture of it. I have a video of you
because I asked — I said, “I wonder if Gina’s a
fighter herself or into boxing.” Let me show you this. This is
you and your boyfriend training. -Oh, he’s so much better
than I am, but that’s okay. -But watch this.
This is a clip of you training with your boyfriend. Watch this. Watch this. ♪♪ Yo! -Ohh!
Wait for the elbow, though. Ow. [ Trills tongue ] -Yo! Hey! I mean, wait. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hyah!
-We’re good, right? -We’re real good.
-We’re cool? We’re cool? -We’re cool.
-Whoo-whoo-whoo! Dude, you are awesome!
-Thank you. -That was insane!
-Thank you so much. -I mean, do you
ever spar with people? Would you ever get in the ring
for real? -I would love to. A few years ago, I did a movie called “Deepwater Horizon”
with Peter Berg, and Peter Berg is a big bo–
Yeah, I love him. I love you, Peter.
You’re awesome. And he boxes, also,
so we went to the, like, local boxing gym,
and we all fought together. I fought him multiple times.
-You fought Peter Berg? -Yeah, he won’t even —
Talk about it, Peter. [ Laughter ] I mean, I took him — He didn’t even realize what
he was getting in the ring with. But that’s besides the point.
So he was like, “Yeah. So, you know, Minka Kelly
was on my show years ago, and she boxes, too.” And so I was like,
“Oh, really? All right. What do ya got, Minka? You know,
like, what’s up, Minka? Let’s do a little
charity fight.” We started sending each other
videos back and forth of, like, us boxing
and training. ‘Cause she would train in L.A.
I was training in New Orleans. And when I got back, I was like,
“You want to do this?” And she was like, “No.” -I think after
seeing that video, I would be afraid, as well. -Now, Minka, I love you.
Minka can throw down. So, charity match. One round. Two minutes on the show? -On the show here for charity? -One round, two minutes.
-All right. Minka, if you’re watching,
I mean, I’m not — Just to let everyone know, I’m not stepping
in the ring at all. I wear plastic boxing gloves. I’ll be punching myself
in the face. I fight like one of those
nun puppets. I mean, really.

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