What’s up, my name is Roomie, and recently two of my friends betrayed me. They both made videos on fast rapping and they failed to pay tribute to me, the fastest rapper in the world. You may not know this but my parents are actually Kanye West and Sonic with boobs. So the first friend to betray me was Andrew. His offense wasn’t massive but it hurt me really deep. He made this video called “FAST RAP – 300 words in 50 seconds”. Let’s watch. “300 words, 50 seconds- even just saying that out loud makes me think it’s not possible…” “but apparently I just did it” Andrew, you know who can do it, I’M the one who can do it! How can you, someone I’ve called a friend up to this point, not shout me out when you’re making a fast rap video? Jesus Christ! Moving on though, Dave’s video offended me on a whole other level. Let’s watch that as well, and when we’re done, I’m gonna show both these wannabe’s what’s what. Let’s go. “Hi, I’m Dave from Boyinaband. If you’ve watched my videos for a while, you might know this guy, Andrew Huang.” And if you’ve watched him for even LESS time, you would know ME, Roomie. I was on his channel way later than Andrew, And it just doesn’t make any sense, like, Here’s the last video that I made with Dave, and down here is the last video that Andrew did with Dave. It’s lower. WAY lower. “We’ve made a bunch of videos together in the past, and until recently we were friends.” It’s the same way with us now, Dave. Or should I say… BETRAVE “So he’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. He can play all these instruments He can sing. He can draw. Great. Sure. Okay. But then, he goes and releases this video. “FAST RAP – 300 words in 50 seconds” No. NO! No. You have too many things. You can’t just go and take one of your already fast raps and then rap it faster. This is NOT FAIR. I don’t get why Dave is so triggered here, okay? Let’s just compare rap videos. So Dave’s most viewed fast rap video has 4.4 million views. Andrews most viewed fast rap video has 5.6 million views. But MY fast rap video has 14 million views! And you think that Andrew is the guy to beat? COME THE F*** ON!!! (swedish) “You can play more instruments than me-” Who cannot play more instruments than you, Dave? come on, like- (drums) (piano) (guitar) (bass) (massive bongo drum) *shake* Shut up, Jonas. “You can sing better than me-” “But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let this Maple jockey rap faster than me! RACISM Yep. That is racism. You may think that it gets better because you say “RACISM”, But, it doesn’t, like, it even makes it worse. You know that you’re saying something terrible, and you’re just saying it anyway, like *slap* F*** You, Dave TYPICAL white people Racsim So today, I’m gonna rap 301 words in 50 seconds You think 301 words in 50 seconds is hard? Pft, hahaha I’m gonna do three hundred and two words in 50 seconds. That’s way harder. I’ve done some math, and I’ve come to the conclusion, That it’s exactly one word harder. You guys gonna Gonna be like And after that I’m gonna brag to Andrews face And I’m gonna brag to everyone and you know why because I get 14 million views and you guys get like four or five Just numbers guys there’s nothing you can do about it I’m just a messenger. After that, Dave goes on to talk about what makes rap good. Wordplay, swagger, energy, people say a lot of different things make rap great But those people are wrong. As we all know speed is the only thing that matters I mean Dave that doesn’t sound very accurate. I thought you were a musical guy when you get to my level You’ll understand that as well as speed all the other things actually matter Honesty matters wordplay matter and all these different style things matter, but you’re just not there yet. I mean, Drake? What’s he got to back up his legitimacy, arena tools? I’ve been to arenas before when he was playing It was I who took day to that concert with my VIP tickets Then he includes it in a video about fast rapping without mentioning me? Dave did not forget me when he was making this video He just obviously left me out on purpose. So after that day goes on to some tangents about something boring that I don’t care about, but then he actually does something impressive, something that I have to give him kudos for And that is that he did his best rapping ever, let’s watch I can rap so well here are some words, can you tell? yes, yo I am cool as snow That is the best rapping you’ve ever done. Maybe even the best music you’ve ever done, Dave. You’ve peaked, like, that was it. I would say that pretty much everything you’ve done is like kind of like, down here together with like, you know, kids drawings and reality TV right, and then you have like, “Don’t Stay in School” it’s like, but this like, this is like up here, and I mean you can’t compare yourself to me, but like I’m “Somewhere, over the rainbow” So yeah, to summarize like you’ve peaked with this. There’s nowhere to go but down from here So you can you can just stop making videos now really? I mean you practically have done it anyway Well like, when did you upload a video last? Months ago, what are you doing with your life, dude? too real ha ha ha that’s a I was I wanted to keep that in Since he took one of his old raps and made it faster I’ve taken one of my old raps and upgraded its who has more words and syllables so I can beat him. As you know from his upload schedule, as I just mentioned Dave is not a hard worker, but like this is just special like there’s a special kid Right now right because modifying an existing rap that’s like the opposite of being on the grind brah It’s more like being on the decline brah. I mean this is some hobby level stuff then Dave starts rapping And it’s like it’s a pretty good rap for being Dave not for anyone else but for Dave. Okay, that might look impressive and all, but let’s have a look at it in slow motion Like, what is that baby language? Like what are you doing? You can’t just do your favorite baby sounds and write things out like in the subtitles, make things up afterwards That’s not how rapping works. Where did you learn this? “We’re getting to the point of no return.” I could write like 20 different versions of what those lyrics should be. (gibberish) It doesn’t make any sense, Dave. Get it together, okay? (gibberish) Point of no return Okay, that’s enough of mediocre rappers. Now I’m gonna go ahead and beat both of them and show them who’s the fast fap King That’s I meant fast rap king I DID IT, WOO! What are you doing? Okay, uh, I gotta continue with the uh, with the VIDEO now, f*** you

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  1. The guy in the commercial that says all the bad things that can happen if u take the medicine: 100000000000000 words in 1 second

  2. When you guessed if there was going to be what 14 million views and then when I looked there was 14 million views when I looked ?

  3. All of them give themselves about 2 seconds to start. Watch him start rapping before showing the audience his phone lol

  4. My 4th grade teacher told me in math you are supposed to save the and for the decimal, so you are saying you are doing 30.2 words in 50 seconds.

    I am a smart ass…

  5. Roomie:I can rap 302 words in 50 seconds

    Dave:I can rap 301 words in 50 seconds

    Andrew;I can rap 300 words in 50 seconds

    Me:I can rap 50 words in 302 seconds

  6. Andrew:300
    Snoop dogg:453
    Deku:(ONE FOR ALL FULL COWLING 1,000,000 PERCENT)1,000,000 mil words

  7. Fast forward 1 year later and now Roomie gets an average of 100-300k views and Dave gets 400k
    His latest videos have 200k views but all are featuring Dave

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