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(Previously on ‘Weekly Idol with Super Junior’) That was
the legendary “Facial Window.” That’s right. It’s time for the most handsome one
to give it a shot. The main dancer nailed it so well.
I can’t wait to see him do it. The most handsome member
of DnE. It’s Eunhyuk, the radiant jewel. – Go for it.
– Eunhyuk! Here comes the boy-like Eunhyuk. I can’t wait. (Eunhyuk’s “Facial Window” is on!) He’s preparing behind the curtains.
It’s so funny. (A very serious boy) (The moon-like Eunhyuk makes
ELFs smile.) He’s playing hard to get. Please show your face! (In response to the request,
he slightly opens the curtains.) He’s got a priceless smile. (This is the cute Eunhyuk.) (I’m still here.) He surely is the most handsome
member! He’s good looking. (Eunhyuk has really nice features.) – He looks pure.
– Nice. That’s awesome. He really is different. His boy-like looks were great. He surely is
the best-looking member. Let’s continue watching
his next charm. Puppy Eunhyuk! Open it. Eunhyuk like a cute puppy! (Cute and frivolous) – He’s good.
– Amazing. – He is good at it.
– Goodness. (Eunhyuk, the time without you
was as dark as midnight.) (Get my heart!) How lovely! Go for it! More! Okay! (Cute Eunhyuk melted
all our hearts.) Eunhyuk is known
for his charismatic charm. That’s his specialty. Charismatic Eunhyuk! Open! (A grand start with imposing music) I wonder
what he’s currently thinking. (Breaking the window!) (Furious and charismatic) (My charisma explodes!) – He’s charismatic.
– He didn’t show his face yet. (Eunhyuk just broke my heart!) He lifted the whole window. He’s so cool. (Come here! You, come here too!) Stop beckoning! (Si Won, are you watching this?) – “Come here.”
– Stop trying to pick up a fight. Okay. He never moves but makes
others come. – We have one left.
– Right. The last is… – the sexy Eunhyuk.
– Homme fatal Eunhyuk. – It’s also his specialty.
– Open it now! Jump over it. You can do it. (Smooth) I hate this! (I can’t stand this!) (Shocked) – What does he think he’s doing?
– This is not good! – He is…
– He’s good at this. – Hold on.
– It’s gross. – I can’t stand this.
– I can’t wait to see it. “I’m the most handsome member
but I won’t show you my face!” Why do you stick your tongue out? He’s playing hard to get. (Tell me I’m handsome just for
a day because I’m always handsome.) – He’s a talented performer.
– That was fatal. He is good at this. Tell us honestly which one you think
deserves to be called handsome. It was disgusting. – What?
– They did a good job. – These two must do it too.
– Of course. – Do it in turn.
– Okay. Good. The boy-like Shindong. Open it. Shindong, come on. (This prankster tries
to look like a pure boy.) Boy Shindong, show us your face. Wait. – This is not easy.
– What is that? I was thinking of the face
of an innocent boy… like the one in a sports drink
commercial film. That’s what I was trying
to look like, but I was afraid I might look
too horrible on the screen. – No way!
– Don’t worry. – You look just nice.
– I’ll try. – Show your innocent charm.
– You lost a lot of weight. – Okay.
– Boy Shindong! – It must be really hard.
– That’s right. It looks nothing,
but acting there alone isn’t easy. (Fluttering) – It’s fluttering in the wind.
– Fluttering. (Pure Shindong
in a sports drink commercial) He looks young and pure. He’s so cute. – He’s good.
– Great job. (The audience seems very satisfied.) – He’s sleepy now.
– He looks very sleepy. He’s yawning. (Boy Shindong’s cute day is over.) Gosh. (Good night.) Okay. – This is really hard.
– You did a good job. – Ryeowook, you can do better!
– He looked pure. – You can do it.
– Come on, Ryeowook! – Puppy Ryeowook!
– Can you do this? Shindong, you did it very well. – I know it wasn’t easy.
– Good. You started it off well, but why did
you try to look funny in the end? – I didn’t try to look funny.
– You didn’t? – Why did you say that?
– That was mean. Puppy Ryeowook! Open! – He’s our young prince.
– This is really hard. Be cute! (All the puppies should
rush to Ryeowook!) Are you done already? – Keep going. Do it one more time.
– You have to do it again! (Puppy Ryeowook shows off
his cute charm once more.) That’s good! (Blowing kisses) – I can’t do this anymore!
– Good. He was cute. – Are you embarrassed?
– Now, we will… – I’m embarrassed.
– So, he’s next.
He’s taking off his glasses! – Charismatic Shindong!
– Charismatic Shindong! He’s doing something. He prepared a lot of items. Even I feel nervous. I’ve never seen them so nervous. We’re not used to the new trends. – The new trends…
– This is new in our show. – This is Charismatic Shindong!
– This is Charismatic Shindong! What is he doing? He’s like Rambo. – He looks so cool!
– He’s handsome. (Hey!) This is not daytime! (It’s nighttime.) He’s so funny! He’s so funny!
I knew Shindong could do this. It’s nighttime now, right? (ELFs, good night!) (We’re so proud of you.) That was a funny skit from Shindong. – It’s not a skit.
– I wasn’t doing a skit. – He was charismatic.
– It’s not a skit. – I thought this is “Facial Window.”
– He was cool this time. – It’s not daytime.
– It’s nighttime! That was a great improvisation. This was Facial Window
from Super Junior, who still has a great sense
of humor. – This is fun.
– Yes, this is fun. Eunhyuk, the handsome member,
is cool… – when he dances!
– That’s right. He’s a great dancer. Is he the main dancer? He’s the face of the group
and also the main dancer. He’s quite talented. – He does everything.
– I’m not the main dancer, but I dance quite well. That’s right, so… Unnatural Chang Hee has waited
for Super Junior to visit us. When it comes to dancing, – he’s a genius among us.
– Look at how he uses his feet. Last time I was… a special host for this show,
I saw Chang Hee… dancing in an unusual way. – So his dance is unpredictable?
– That’s right. – He suddenly turns right…
– That’s right. I create my own dance genre. – While new dance?
– I only do new dances. It has to be new. – Usually, dances are predictable.
– That’s right. – A routine.
– There’s a certain sequence. – Don’t you get stuck sometimes?
– No. – You never get stuck?
– I never get stuck. I’m the forerunner of dances. (Unnatural Chang Hee is
a pioneer in the field of dance.) I heard that Super Junior is
made “Extreme Cover.” – That’s right!
– It’s because… when one member improvised dancing
to the freestyle part of “Devil,” all the other members would
copy that dance. – That’s right.
– It’s similar to “Extreme Cover.” So I think this game is
perfect for you. (“Devil” by Super Junior) (This part changes everytime
with improvised dancing.) (The perfect group
for “Extreme Cover.”) – Yes.
– You could get flustered… since it’s improvised, right? It must’ve been fun
for the members… to perform “Devil.” Anyway, the song was released
while I was in the military. – That’s right.
– I wasn’t there at that time. I’m a bit sad about it. That’s right. So many people want to see
Shindong’s “Devil” performance. – Really.
– I guess so. That’s why the four of you will
improvise… and do the part of “Devil”
in “Extreme Cover.” – Just show us a little.
– We do this everyday. That’s great. Let’s see it. Let me think. – You need time to think?
– Does it have to be funny? It’s not supposed to be funny. – You don’t have to be funny.
– It doesn’t have to be funny. They always think they have
to make it funny. They always do. Actually, the dance for “Devil”
wasn’t funny at first. We just did steps like this. That’s what I was going to do! Really? – I was going to do that!
– This is so easy! – I was going to do that.
– Isn’t this too easy? If it weren’t for Eunhyuk, we would have been disappointed
at Ryeowook. – In the end, we wanted to be funny.
– That’s true. – You tried so many things.
– Yes. – Okay, you might be disappointed.
– Super Junior… and the CKN trio collaborated
on this. Let’s see “Devil” right now! This is Super Junior! Together! (Turn around!) (This way and that way) (There’s a minor collision.) (Rolling) (Flapping) What is this? – Wait.
– Nobody is watching me! I was rolling, so I missed it. No one saw me because he rolled! – This is how we ended up.
– Wait. – Why?
– This is what happened. What’s going on? So this is the “Extreme Cover”
for “Devil.” Super Junior is amazing. Even if it’s Super Junior, they have to cover my dance
to claim themselves dancers. – I’ll dance.
– His clothes… make him look like
he’s from that train. There’s an actress
from that train movie. – “Snowpiercer”!
– “Snowpiercer”! – “Snowpiercer.”
– “You belong to the last car!” She was like that. – Exactly.
– “You belong to the last car!” He also looks
like a country mouse… – from a folk tale.
– He does! That was sharp. He also looks like
a Russian Blue cat. Keep on talking! I’ll prove myself with dancing. All right. This is Unnatural Chang Hee’s… – cover.
– I thought he was naked! (Ryeowook was shocked
by an optical illusion.) – The ultimate…
– I thought he was naked! I thought he only wore a tie
without any clothes on. He has a great fashion style. – That would’ve been the worst.
– I was so surprised. They don’t give you a chance
to finish your sentences. – I can do it now.
– Are you ready? The ultimate challenger is here! Super Junior will watch
Unnatural Chang Hee dance… and cover the dance
in their own styles. This is Super Junior’s… “Extreme Cover” by four members! We will watch
Unnatural Chang Hee dance first. – You should put on more clothes.
– What song is it? – He’s starting it like that?
– What? (He can’t help panting.) – You’ll start like that? Why?
– What is he doing? (Eyes open wide) Beat! (He looks a little exhausting
from the beginning.) – I couldn’t see it.
– He’s dong it! (No matter who you are, he shows
no mercy if you provoke him.) Show them! What is that? (Come on!) – He’s doing so well!
– Your thighs! Your thighs! That’s it! (Did you guys miss
Unnatural Chang Hee?) This is it. What is this? This is just dancing! You watched it! Isn’t he just crazy? What’s amazing
is that he only did one pushup. – If I do it twice, I might sweat.
– Okay. Did you see
Unnatural Chang Hee’s dance? – So this is what we’re doing.
– That’s right. It’s the forerunner’s dance.
Try it yourself. Who should go first?
You can choose for us. He’s confident! (Who will Unnatural Chang Hee
choose first?) Ryeowook. – Ryeowook is a strong competitor.
– He’s our little prince. When it comes to this kind
of things, Ryeowook is… – It’s his specialty.
– Really? – Of course.
– Isn’t he good at ballads only? – Ryeowook is good at this.
– During our recent concert, Ryeowook did a performance
by himself… – and danced very well.
– Really? It was amazing. Even his start is different. – Look at how he starts.
– This is exhausting! Music, please! Are you holding on with your arms? (Can I start now?) His start is the same! Why did you stop the music? – Kim Ryeowook fails!
– Fail! – One more time.
– He wants to do it. Music, please! Ryeowook, will he succeed? It’s the same! (He started at the right moment
this time.) (Wriggling) (His waves are
on a different level.) (Ryeowook is way better
than Unnatural Chang Hee.) (Ryeowook does his best
and shows his charms.) – That was similar.
– You’re doing a good job. That was amazing. You just needed
to cover his dance… but you can’t stop
making facial expressions. – He kept making this expression.
– Show us one more time. In 1, 2, 3, 4! (His facial expression is random
just like his dance.) – Let’s go!
– You have to cover his expression. – Next.
– Why don’t Donghae go next? – That’s great. Donghae!
– What? I’m sure you’re not so comfortable
with him. Do you find Donghae
hard to talk to? When he came to our waiting room, he greeted us warmly, but when he saw Donghae, he said:
“It’s nice to meet you!” Why do you not feel at ease
with Donghae? Would you like to go next? I think you’ll do well
if you go next. – It’s like we’re in the military.
– He’s like a hotel manager. Is he a guest? I want to take a break. A break?
He’ll do it after this round, then. – Shindong, come to the front.
– I’m going first? This is really scary. I can’t do pushups. – This is hard for you.
– That’s right. I was too… – We’re not all the same.
– I’m sorry it’s too difficult. Shindong is famous for dancing. Music, please! Will he do it? You have to hold on. He did it! Do the next dance! (He shows flashy rolls that makes us
forget about the pushup.) (He copies the small details
of the dance as well.) It’s accurate! I knew he could do it! It’s the last part. (Nimble) (It’s a bonus dance time.) I used to be good at this,
but I’m tired now. He’s a talented dancer! Can I say something? – What is it?
– How can you be bad at this? – This is so easy.
– It’s really… You just didn’t dance properly! He didn’t dance properly? – You didn’t express it well!
– I know! – You were too technical.
– He didn’t do it properly? I can’t do it like him. Ryeowook has some possibility
in him. I lost to Ryeowook? – Really.
– Next. The third person is Donghae.
Please come to the front. – Should I do it?
– Yes, please. Next, Donghae, who’s
confident of his good looks, will give it a try. The temperature is below zero today, so why are you wearing
a short t-shirt? – He wore a jacket.
– It is too thick, – so I was hot.
– He’s wearing muscles instead. – Are you ready?
– I am. – You can see he exercised.
– Music, please! It’s like watching a sports show. Look at his pushups! (Doing pushups) Look at his arm and leg muscles! Take one foot off. Do it with one leg lifted. (He can do it with one foot off.) How many are you going to do? (Jaw-dropping) Look at how pumped up
his muscles are! (He does a wave dance
with his muscles to copy the dance.) Touch your legs once. (He ends it
by moving his precious lower body.) The opening performance was great. I thought it was a sports show. Why are you getting your muscles
pumped up here? It’s even bigger now! – It’s true. They’re bigger!
– They’re going to explode! – They’re bigger.
– That’s so cool. Okay. – What will you do? This is bad.
– What am I going to do? – Jukbang Anchovy.
– He’s handsome and good at dancing. It’s Eunhyuk! What am I going to do? This is going to be
something unexpected. Music, please! (Swaying from side to side) (He starts ambitiously.) What? (He’s going to the front.) He improvised that!
It must be so hard. – That must be so exhausting.
– He’s suffering. – Is he okay?
– Put me down. (This is so funny.) Show them! (It’s time
for the real cover dance.) I knew Eunhyuk could do it! (He dances to the beat
using his joints.) He’s like a robot! (He touches his thighs
nicely and neatly.) In 1, 2, 3! (He’s the most handsome member
with great dancing skills.) (His dance performance never
disappoints us.) – That was amazing.
– He did well. I didn’t expect this. – He did more than what I expected.
– That’s right, there was more. – I knew he could do it.
– What do you think about it? I can see why he became
the main dancer of Super Junior. He had great techniques. But still, – his dance moves were too typical.
– It was too typical? – That’s my opinion.
– That was Super Junior’s… “Extreme Cover”! Okay! Let’s see the next unit album. This album is… Happy! – It’s Super Junior-Happy!
– Happy! Yes. (Super Junior-Happy was formed
to make people with cheerful songs.) (It shows how happy people
maintain a joyful life…) (through its performance
and positive energy.) – It’s been a long time.
– Shindong and Eunhyuk… are included in this unit group. – Yes.
– Like all unit groups, Super Junior-Happy
has its own unique energy. – There’s happy energy.
– That’s right. Is there a reason
why the name is Happy? Did Lee Soo Man make that name? Actually, Happy was made… because half of the members… were in China as Super Junior-M. – The other members…
– Yes? were trying to figure out
what to do. They wanted… to perform in a lot of events
at that time. – Events?
– The “H” has that meaning. The “H” in Super Junior-H is
the abbreviation for “Event.” So it’s not what we thought. – You’re happy when you make money?
– Yes, when we perform in events. During that time,
we performed a lot… – We did a lot.
– Did you do a lot? Super Junior-Happy did more
than what we’ve done… as Super Junior. If we look at Super Junior’s albums,
we can see the trends… – of the time.
– That’s right. Shag haircuts were popular
during this time. – Perms were also popular too!
– That’s right. – Perms.
– That’s right. – Bun hairstyles were also popular.
– That’s right. My bun was really shaped
like a bun. – That’s right.
– Really. They had a goal
to make everyone happy, and this game will be perfect
with that. This is our next game. This song is the joy you can have
only in Weekly Idol. Super Junior will do this
to make ELFs happy. It’s the official cute song
for Weekly Idol in 2020! It’s time for “Oh My Song”! – “Oh My Song”!
– Oh, my! Ryeowook’s confidence… is needed the most here. That’s right. I heard Lee Donghae… is the cutest member
of Super Junior! – Stop calling him by his full name!
– People can tell you’re not close! I get nervous
when I have to talk to Donghae. – The script just says: “Donghae.”
– Lee Donghae… Why do you call him Lee Donghae? I keep reading it
as Mr. Lee Donghae. Is Donghae really the cutest member? Who said that? What on earth is that? Gall** Survey did
a telephone survey. That survey can’t be true. The members also agreed to this. Who do you think
is the cutest, then? Him! – Me?
– That was cute! He was cute just now! – Did you just see what he did?
– “Him!” He’s like the youngest member. It’s unpredictable. – We will find out…
– Yes? who is the cutest member.
– Yes. Even singers who are older
than you did this. – Who?
– Who did it? Kim Tae Woo, Son Ho Young,
and Jang Woo Hyuk did this. – Shindong, you did “Yamyam Song.”
– You know it! – I know “Yamyam Song.”
– It’s much cuter than that. – Let me show you how to sing it!
– How can we do this? Show us! – It must be cute.
– Show them how to sing it! That’s too much. We can’t do that. (They say they can’t do it,
but they still keep on watching.) We really can’t do this. She’s really good
at making this kind of thing. – She made this.
– I know. – Hyojung made this.
– How did she… – make such a good song?
– She made this herself? Yes. She made this song. She gave this song to Weekly Idol
as a present. She made Weekly Idol’s – She really made it?
– official cute song. Shindong should show us an example. Wait, I don’t think I can do this. I know it seems impossible, Eunhyuk, – but people end up doing it.
– That’s right. (They practice the song together.) (The one who said he can’t do this.) Do I keep singing like this? Shindong can do this! I’m confident! He’s good at this. – Music, please!
– Good luck.I like you so much
Oh, my Oh, my
Oh, my Oh, myHe’s good. (His cuteness makes
people’s lips turn dry.)Why don’t we date?
What do you think?
(We think you’re amazing.)Just give me your answerTell me that you like me(Tell me that you like me.) You can tell he was the host
of “Popopo.” – He did so well.
– What? (The next contender is
already ready.) You have to go first. – You want to do it?
– I want to end it now. – Don’t we all take turns?
– Everyone has to take turns! – It’s better to go first.
– Ryeowook, are you confident? I’m confident! I’m confident! (He starts
with shrugging his shoulders.) I want to finish it quickly. The song hasn’t even started yet! Music, please! You’re giving me goosebumps.
Stop doing that. –I like you so much
– He’s good.Oh, my Oh, my(He doesn’t care what they think
and continues to be cute.)Oh, my Oh, myWhy don’t we date?
What do you think?
(You can tell he’s tormented
by the back of his head.)Just give me your answer
Tell me that you like me
(He ends it with a cute dance.) – You have to end it quickly.
– It’s better to do it now. – Ryeowook could be in high school.
– He did well. (The cutest member
of Super Junior volunteers.) No. No, this is… He’s here! What should I do? He’s the cutest in Super Junior. This makes me more nervous
than when I’m performing on stages! Just pretend you’re in the bathroom
of your house. – My bathroom is this crowded?
– Just pretend. There are so many people.
I don’t know what to do. – Pretend you ate something hot.
– This is really… Pretend you ate something hot?I like you so muchI’m so worried about this. Donghae, let’s go. Music, please.I like you so much(Donghae is so cute.)Oh, my Oh, myYou’re so prettyOh, my Oh, myWhy don’t we date?
What do you think?
Just give me your answer
Tell me that you like me
(He ends it with a shy kiss.) He really looks like
a Western guy. You waited so long for this! – That’s right!
– He’s the best in Super Junior. – Really?
– Right. – He is capable of anything.
– There’s nothing he can’t do. He’s the cutest member. (Wait.
Show us how cute you are.) – That’s not what you said.
– What? – What?
– When Donghae… was singing “Oh, my Song,” he said: “Let’s move on
to the next segment after him.” (Fire Truck and Jukbang Anchovy
plotted to move on after him.) (A while ago) (Let’s move on
to the next segment after him.) Let’s move on
to the next segment after him. (Okay!) (Eunhyuk is excited not to sing
“Oh, my Song.”) I was going to do that,
but Donghae sang it way too boring. – Actually…
– He’ll do it better- – He was really handsome.
– Right. You can… You can show yourself as you are. Eunhyuk! Can you do it? – I’m not sure.
– Really? You don’t have to be shy. I know you can do it well. Hurry up. I’m hungry. We need some time to rest alone
after work. Eunhyuk made other singers
act cute… – in the past.
– He’s ready now. Say turn music on, please. Turn music on, please. Oh, my goodness.I like you so much
Oh, my Oh, my
You’re so pretty
Oh, my Oh, my
Why don’t we date?
What do you think?
Just give me your answer
Tell me that you like me
Okay? (He goes back
to his seat right away.) You weren’t supposed to crouch
because of the camera while singing. You should stand up
and sing it again. (What?) Did he look at… – Did you look at the camera two?
– Yes. You should have looked at the one
next to it. You should do it again. – You should do it again.
– Do it just one more time. Do it again. Just one more time! – You should do it right this time.
– Just take it easy. – Do it again.
– Just take it easy and do it. (Eunhyuk performs “Oh, my Song”
again.) – Let’s start!
– Are you going to lie down? (He’s happy
because it’s none of his business.) Turn music on, please. Here he comes.I like you so much
Oh, my Oh, my
You’re so prettyHe’s cute.Oh, my Oh, myWhy don’t we date?
What do you think?
Just give me your answer
Tell me that you like me
You know what?
The first performance is fine too. (Shocked) I like the first one better. – The first one?
– You’re driving me crazy. – I feel dizzy.
– It was… “Oh, my Song” performance
by Super Junior members… who debuted 11 years ago. All right. Super Junior members
made ELFs happy… – with “Oh, my Song” performances.
– Right. Now, it’s time to make
Shindong happy. – Okay.
– Right. There is a Super Junior’s song
that I really like.Can it be this delicious?Is it really cooked by a human?This is “Cooking? Cooking!”… which is the title song
by Super Junior-H. Is this song related to the game? That’s right. We prepared a tasty segment for you
like this song. When you were here last time, you promised us to come back
if we make a nice meal for you. – Yes, he did.
– I did. – I can’t wait for it.
– So… (He was touched by the staff’s
efforts in preparing many dishes.) It’s amazing. I should come back. I should come back as a guest. Promise to visit us again
after you lose your weight. Of course. Can I really eat them? – The food that only for Shindong…
– What? is getting ready now. – Really?
– Yes. However, we can’t just let you
have them, right? I know you lost your weight
more than 20 kg. I actually lost my weight
by 27 kg until now. The other members will work hard
for your successful weight loss. – They actually do.
– This game is going to be… Shindong against the rest. Right. – That’s right.
– Is it an eating competition? “Pick and Eat What You Want!” What is it? Now, Shindong
and the other members… will sit at different tables
which are blocked by a partition. There are ten different dishes
on the table. You will have what you like
one by one. If you have the same food
that the opponents have, the game is over. – I got it.
– You shouldn’t… You mean that I shouldn’t eat
the same food, right? – That’s right!
– For example, if you choose… the dish your opponent chose… (What is that sound?) I’m sorry. It’s an alarm for dinner time. My goodness. He always sets an alarm
for dinner time. Shall we start the game now? Let’s start! Yes! (Weekly Idol) Now you can have a bite one by one. Eunhyuk, please choose one
that you’d like to eat. Do you know what Shindong
usually eats? Do you know what kinds of food
he likes? I know what he likes well. I guess he won’t eat that food. I’ll go with that. You shouldn’t choose the same one
as Shindong. – Should I just have a bite?
– Right. You’re hungry, right? Try not to make any sound
when you eat. You also need to be careful
so that he doesn’t smell it. (Having a bite) Oh, my goodness. (He can hear it.
Eunhyuk!) (The sound is a big hint
for Shindong.) It was too obvious. (Okay! I got it!) Shindong knows
what each they sound like. Shindong. – He looks super serious.
– Right. I wonder what he’d eat. Let me go with this one. (I’ll go with this one.) (He cheats without hesitating.) Stop cheating. Am I not allowed to see it? You’re not. You should see it
when this show is on air. – I see.
– You are… I’ve never seen anyone like him
before. I mean it. He really didn’t know it. He cheated just like that. I was a bit surprised to see him
too. – He’s really different.
– I thought it was allowed too. – This is what viewers like.
– That’s true. (Meanwhile, Shindong chooses
to eat stir-fried spicy pork.) Shindong chose a dish
while we were talking. It sounds… (It’s the best way
to enjoy stir-fried spicy pork.) – He’s pretending.
– Is he? It will be either this or that. (It will be either chicken
or pork belly.) You successfully chose it! It is not the same food
and it’s still the beginning. Both of you had different food. Please decide what to eat. Ryeowook likes this. Really? He likes this. – Does he really like that food?
– Yes. Ryeowook will choose this or… – Ryeowook just chose what to eat.
– Or? He likes this one too
but he already had it. Hurry up. – That one?
– I want to eat this one. (He wants chicken the most now!) It looks tasty. – Should I eat now?
– Go ahead. Can I have half of it? (Did I just give him a hint?) (You can have a bit first.) (I have it all because it’s tasty.) What are you doing? Ryeowook just ate it. Did he eat already? He succeeded
in making Shindong confused. They’re playing it peacefully
until now. – Ryeowook.
– What? It smells like fish a bit. That’s possible. They’re trying to figure it out. (They have a happy mealtime
even in this situation.) I’ll go with it. Are you sure? Please make a choice carefully. (He tries to confuse them
with a fake sound.) (Yummy) What’s that sound? (Eyes wide open) All right! Shindong! (Frozen) (Did I just fail?) You got it. – You surprised me.
– You didn’t choose the same one. (It’s thrilling.) Donghae said he was hungry before. (He chooses grilled mackerel.) Donghae isn’t picky at all. Donghae just had a bite. The food that Donghae chose… – is not the same food.
– Great. How did they choose different food? Right. Shindong won’t eat that one. What would Donghae have chosen? It’s a bit soggy. There must’ve been
too much water. Is this show “The Genius”? They’re engaging in such
intense psychological warfare. I guess Donghae wouldn’t eat this. I should consider what he would
choose next. (He chooses jokbal
considering what to eat next.) He just had a bite. Is the game over? (I’m nervous.) He got it! (Everyone is surprised
at the consecutive success.) – Is this real?
– Yes. – Who’s next?
– It’s Eunhyuk’s turn. – Eunhyuk likes this.
– Which one? That’s right. I’m sure. Do you think I’d eat that one? Should I just have a piece of it? – A piece?
– No. Just finish the ramyeon. (Creepy) It really makes me nervous. Eunhyuk had this one before,
so he’d eat this one now. (He had makguksu before,
so he’d eat ramyeon this time.) What are you talking about? I don’t eat ramyeon. Just tell me which ramyeon it is. (Since he already knows what it is,
I’ll just enjoy it.) (I love ramyeon.) You do know how to enjoy noodles. – Eunhyuk just had a bite!
– Right. The food that he chose… is not the same
as what Shindong chose. Shindong is getting serious now. It’s really difficult now. – This is…
– All right. I think they didn’t have these two. I’ll choose this one.[Kocowa Ver] E445 Weekly Idol
“Super Junior (Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryewook)”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-Shindong just had a bite!
And Shindong… (What’s the result?) didn’t have the same one! – Awesome.
– Unbelievable. – That was amazing.
– All right. Now, it’s really difficult. Did we have four different dishes? – Yes, we did.
– You have two left. These two are still available. (If they choose bossam, they win.
If they choose gopchang, they lose.) Will they win Shindong? – I think we should choose that one.
– Or will Shindong be the winner? It’s like… I guess it will be
either one of these. All right. Let’s wait and see
what Donghae would have chosen. Do you want me to make
this game over? No. What possibly would he have
chosen? – Choosing different dishes…
– Should I pick this one? in a series means you really know
each other well. I’m sure he didn’t eat this one. I’ll give you five seconds. I’m sure he didn’t eat this. Shindong never eats this, right? He doesn’t. He doesn’t eat this one
because he doesn’t like it. Ryeowook had a bite. There are some foods
I don’t like here. – Wait.
– All right. The food that Ryeowook picked is… (Please.) – what Shindong picked.
– Really? – Yes.
– Did he really eat it? – He ate it.
– I thought you wouldn’t eat it. I thought you wouldn’t eat
the radish. I agree. I ate it
because I knew you wouldn’t eat it. What’s great about this is… you ate it all
except for two dishes. The dishes given to Shindong are… stir-fried spicy pork, jokbal,
gopchang, and bulgogi. They’re delicious ones. Today is your cheating day,
so you can eat all you want. Actually, my members were eating… the dishes they thought
that I wouldn’t eat. – Let us eat it together.
– All right then. – He is caring indeed.
– I’m sorry to say this to you, but can’t you change the dishes? – Why is that?
– Is that possible? It’s because
I can’t eat seasoned foods. Since I’m going to eat all I want,
I’d like some unseasoned meat. – All right then.
– Yes, please. – He’s a loyal man.
– Let’s bring some braised pork. – I’ll tell you what they are.
– All right. – We will keep our promise with you.
– I’m fine with jokbal. Can you just give everything to us? – Okay.
– Let’s just eat everything. – He’s right.
– Just bring everything over here. Why did we play the game? It’s all prepared already. Shindong also told us last time
that if we prepared some food, he was going to show us
some cute actions. You’re asking too much. We’ll be able
to see Shindong’s cuteness. Sure. (He said he show some cuteness
for 24 hours if he got good food.) Do you like food, Shindong? Yes, it’s delicious. – It’s so good.
– What are you eating, Shindong? I’m eating ssam right now. Eunhyuk, you can beat him, right? – I can’t.
– Oh, you can’t. – I can’t beat him.
– It’s okay. – I don’t need to win all the time.
– That’s right. What am I going to do? (That was cute.) Do you like it, Donghae? Yes. (Super Junior is happy
because of the food.) – That was very cute.
– He won first place for cuteness. Let’s move on with this happy vibes. “The King of Dance:
Back to the Debut” (Weekly Idol) “The King of Dance:
Back to the Debut” Super Junior is
at their sixteenth year of debut. Do you remember your debut stage? I’m sorry but I don’t want
to remember it. – Why not?
– Why don’t you want to? I hardly had a part in the song. – Is that so?
– Actually, that’s not it. – I was on the debut stage.
– Okay. I didn’t have any part,
but I was only dancing, so I was always at the back. You weren’t filmed by the camera. I’m not saying that I feel sad, but back then, I wanted to be
an entertainer more than a singer. But there wasn’t a way
to start a career as an entertainer, so I thought of starting out
as a singer… and practiced with them.
But as time went by, I started to like performing
and dancing, – so I also direct and sing now.
– All right. What about the rest of you?
Do you remember your first stage? – What I remember is…
– Go on. for the beginning part
of the song “Twins,” Donghae and I were both… standing like this. We were raising our heads like this. But as we were raising our heads,
we were getting goosebumps. (The two faces marked the beginning
of their debut song.) – I thought it finally began.
– It was the beginning. – You finally debuted.
– It was unforgettable. I saw the fans
as I lifted my head. I couldn’t even see the cameras
back then. That’s right. My head was up, but my eyes were looking
somewhere else. Did you think to yourself
that you shouldn’t make any mistake? We couldn’t even think of that. I thought:
“What am I doing right now?” You might have noticed
that it’s only been recent… that idols would practice
only for a month… to release a new song. But back then, we had to practice
3 to 4 months for our debut song. Our body automatically started
moving when the song came out. – We didn’t know anything else.
– Our body remembered the song. We had a fixed practice time. It was from 10 a.m.
to 12 at night. – It ended at dawn the next day.
– It was until midnight. It was from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. It wasn’t made easily. (That’s right. We had a hard time.) When I heard you were coming,
I looked up some of your songs. – They had so many popular songs.
– Of course. What are your favorite songs? Let’s exclude “SORRY, SORRY.” All our members like it. I feel quite attached
to “Don’t Don.” – “Don’t Don.”
– Yes. It’s sad we couldn’t win
first place in music shows… with that song. – I think it’s a good song.
– That’s right. – It came out well in concerts.
– It was magnificent. – I like “Devil.”
– “Devil.” I like “U.” There is “U” too. – “U” is good too.
– What else? – What about you, Ryeowook?
– I like “Aewol-ri.” I pick “Aewol-ri.” That was unexpected. – This is hard.
– What is “Aewol-ri”? It’s Kyuhyun’s solo. – That was Kyuhyun’s solo song.
– But… Sae Ho. Your reaction was very sincere
and very real. What did he say? Look at me. – When you said…
– I pick “Aewol-ri.” (He expresses every single
emotion inside him.) (Copy and paste) It was a bit awkward
to comment on it. – It was like that.
– He was afraid to make eye contact. What can I say? – You tried not to look his way.
– I didn’t know how to react. That was it. It’s because I miss Kyuhyun. – We didn’t want to miss any song,
– That’s right. so we’d like to request
a medley to you. Can you show us a medley? We should do it, shouldn’t we? I’m sorry
but you saw us practice earlier. – Do you want to practice now?
– Let’s do it like this. (Quickly adjusting to a formation
for four persons) We can gather and do it here. I saw that they have prepared a lot. – That’s right.
– We even memorized the sequence. You can do it with us
if you know some of the songs. Sure, we will. You’ll be giving super claps
just by listening… to Super Junior’s medley songs. Let’s go meet them now. (Let’s hear 16 years
of Super Junior’s medley songs.) (“U” by Super Junior) (First single album track
with Kyuhyun…) (that won first place
for the first time) (“Sorry, Sorry” by Super Junior) This is it. It’s coming out. (The mega-hit song
of Super Junior) (This legendary song topped
a Taiwanese chart for 121 weeks.) (Come join us.) (“Mr. Simple” by Super Junior) This is “Mr. Simple.” (The title song of the fifth album
which reached a half-million sale) (The ultimate SJ Funky song
with cool looks and hopeful lyrics) (He lost his direction
for a second.) (“Devil” by Super Junior) (The track with a trendy melody…) (in the album to celebrate
its tenth anniversary) (Overwhelmingly picked by ELFs
as one of the top songs) (Watch Shindong’s “Devil”
in a show instead of a concert!) (“Lo Siento” featured by KARD
by Super Junior) (A Latin pop with provocative
and direct lyrics) (A glamorous song
collaborated with other artists) (Ryeowook’s first “Lo Siento”
due to his military service) (“SUPER Clap” by Super Junior) (Ninth album track opted by Ryeowook
with Super Junior’s style of Newtro) (This song put the members on top
after the absence due to the army.) Let’s do it together. Hey. (Their performances rewrite
the history.) – I’m tired.
– That was great. I’ve done this for the first time,
but it’s so tiring. – We have a lot of songs.
– We do. Super Junior has different genres
of songs. I feel like it was a preview
of our concert. Time flew so fast
as we were having fun. – I agree.
– That’s right. It’s a pity that it’s already
time to say goodbye. How sad. – I feel so sad.
– Oh, no. – What am I going to do?
– Is it already time? You have visited Weekly Idol… this week. How was it, Donghae? I don’t really appear much
in variety shows. – But what makes me happy is…
– What is it? that we had two weeks’ worth
of show because of me. (Making episodes for a month isn’t
a big deal as long as we have you.) – Two weeks is nothing with Donghae.
– This is thanks to Donghae. Donghae! – Donghae.
– Thank you. I also did my best
to make a good photo to use online, so I hope it will be used… as a lucky charm in 2020. It will go wild. During the pre-interview, – Donghae mentioned…
– Is that real? he wanted to be a host
of Weekly Idol. (Q. What do you want in Weekly Idol?
A. To be a regular member) Have you changed your mind
or shall we go on with the contract? – It’s necessary…
– Go on. to carefully check all the details
before we sign contracts. Is that from your experience? We’re going to use
the standard contract. – He doesn’t prefer oral contracts.
– I see. You can send it to me through email. – With my lawyer,
– He’s going to use a lawyer. – He’s right.
– I’ll review it. – This is such a good program.
– Okay. I also want to star
in entertainment shows. – That’s a good idea.
– But I am quite timid. If I have a chance,
maybe we can try having four hosts. If you are really okay with it, we can invite Donghae… as a special host
during a special episode. – That’s a good idea.
– I agree. – All right, then.
– Thank you. You prepared
a delicious meal for us, and I had so much fun
singing and dancing here. – You’re right.
– Yes. Would you say something to ELFs
who are waiting for your album? The new year has just begun, and Super Junior’s new album is out. Since it’s 2020 this year, our track is called “2YA2YAO.” – That gave me chills.
– How did you do that? He’s a master in promoting
their album. It’s “2YA2YAO.” Wait a minute. Why is this “YA”? – Just because.
– He just mumbling. No reason. – It looks like “O.”
– Sure. It’s “O.” But you said: “Ya.” It was converted into Korean. So from now on,
we won’t say “Okay,” but “2YA2YAO”
when someone asks if we have time. I think it’s a good idea. We will see you in Weekly Idol
next week! This is how to do it. That can be used as a preview. (The owners of the song are
satisfied.) Super Junior has set records
continuously for 16 years… and they have now become
the best idol group. Weekly Idol will always support… you and “2YA2YAO!” – This has been…
– Super Junior! We are ELFs. Goodbye, everyone. 2YA2YAO! 2YA2YAO! 2YA2YAO! – 2YA2YAO!
– You’ll hit the jackpot. (The idols of trot have come
to Weekly Idol.) (Don’t let your guard down!) (She came with a lot of energy
show off her unusual talents.) (Soulful) (You won’t be able to help
yourself but dance.) (Songs full of excitement) (Everyone is currently drunk.) – I am…
– A trot singer. (Come join us in Weekly Idol
full of extraordinary energy.) (Weekly Idol) (“2YA2YAO!” by Super Junior)

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