We’ll steal your hearts. C! K! N! Trio. Welcome. – Today’s guest is…
– Yes? an idol group that kept the promise
it made with Weekly Idol. You might not remember,
but I’ve said I wanted… to invite these guys once. (It’s us!) They’re the faithful guys
we’ve been waiting for. I’ll go escort them right away. Let’s go. – I respect these guys a lot.
– Right. – I know.
– They’re so talented. The guest of Weekly Idol today is… an idol group that’s been loved
by its fans… from home and abroad for 16 years. Right. They not only top
the music charts… but also dominate variety shows
and home shopping programs. The original idol boy band,
Super Junior! – Is Super Junior really here?
– Goodness. He got much lighter. – Our senior entertainers.
– He got much lighter? – Hello.
– Welcome. – Eunhyuk.
– Hi. Finally. It’s been a long time. (They greet each other by hugs.) Hello. It’s good to see you. – It’s nice to have you.
– Thanks for coming. Super Junior! Here’s the Little Prince. We’re with Super Junior today. Finally, we got to meet
with Super Junior. Please say hello to the viewers. Who’d do it first? – Who should do it?
– Do it together. – Should I?
– Yes, you’re the leader. Am I? We thought Shindong was the leader. – No, I’m not.
– Didn’t you tell them to cast us? Did I? Actually, Writer Wang did. Then, please count 1 to 3 for us. – Say: “We’re Super.”
– That’d be enough. – In 1, 2, 3. We’re Super…
– Junior! Gosh! Junior! (Shindong) (Eunhyuk) (Donghae) (Ryewook) (They’re the best of everything.
Super Junior) Shindong joined us
as a special host… – for the Christmas Special.
– Right. He promised us that he’d visit us
when Super Junior comes back. He kept his words…
Wait. What are you laughing at? Well… – What’s wrong with your clothes?
– Why? – Why?
– On our way here… on the Welcome Wagon,
we thought… you forgot to change your clothes
before the show began. Why didn’t Sae Ho change
his clothes? Is he from “Six Siblings”? – Du Hee.
– Right. – What’s wrong with my clothes?
– Ryewook said… you looked like Du Hee
from “Six Siblings.” What’s gotten with you? We need your explanation. Let me explain. These pants… Sae Ho, the pants aren’t
the only problem. These pants looked nice,
so I wore it. Then, I regretted
right after I entered the studio. Super Junior members are so witty
that they’re unpredictable. They’re so amazing. By the way,
we have only four members today. I heard Shindong chose the members
for Weekly Idol. I had a couple
of selection criteria. First, they have
to be younger than me. Okay. They’re really young. Yes, I chose the younger ones only. Also, the reason I chose
these guys is… that I can do whatever I want
to do with them. That’s why. Actually, I’ve worked
with Super Junior members a lot. Some of them are really easygoing. And a couple of them… – often had a conflict with me.
– Uncontrollable ones. – I…
– Who are they? Kim Hee Chul… is the hardest one
to get along with. I understand you. He once visited the show
I was in and kept asking… when I’d quit from the show
until the shooting ended. Until the end of the shooting? I want Sae Ho to be the host
of Weekly Idol forever. – See?
– Why? – Your presence itself is funny.
– Right. He’s right. His presence makes the show
funny. We need someone like him. (It’s really funny today.) Ryewook, do you like
the member composition today? – You mean us?
– Yes. It’s wonderful. They’re so nice. Nice and kind guys only. (Wait.) Does that mean the ones that aren’t
here are bad? Are they bad guys? – Who’s the worst, then?
– Sorry? – The worst member.
– Yesung. Yesung? – You can’t say that here!
– Wait. I thought I should mention
his name here. – He likes his name to be mentioned.
– He wants others to talk about him. I see. He’d be happy to hear his name
from the beginning of the show. I love you, Yesung. Anyway, Donghae hasn’t… – changed at all since his debut.
– True. And although both Super Junior
and we debuted a long ago, I think it’s my first time
I have seen Donghae on a show. That’s right. I saw you… – in “Young Power”?
– “Young Power”? – “Young Power: Open Your Hearts.”
– Right. – It’s been a long time.
– It’s long ago. Isn’t it too old? It’s 20 years ago from now. – I met you in “Three Wheels.”
– Right. You met him in “Three Wheels”? And I saw Kwang Hee… before he enlisted in the army. I think we met on a show. Now it seems like you’re the one
with a problem. You should be on TV more often. – I hardly appear on TV shows.
– Right. I wonder how you could
remain unchanged until now. You look like you just debuted! – Doesn’t Eunhyuk look nice as well?
– We’re the same. What about the others, then? Tell us! We all aged except for Donghae. So the three of us aged. You have a lot of fans, so I need to be nicer. The rest of you look fine too. Actually, “looking fine” is not
a great compliment. We look fine. Donghae takes good care of his body. That’s right. We can see his muscles
despite this leather jacket, it means he has a great body. You’re very muscular
and look awesome. – It’s your first time seeing us.
– Yes. How is it?
Do you think it will go smoothly? We’ll see. What do you think… as a professional show host? – Am I a professional show host?
– Yes, you are. You’re a professional show host? Well, the four of us… will have to make
this show entertaining. We won’t depend on the three of you. The four of us will
stick together… and make this work. As it’s been a long time
since you debuted, you might have felt strange
to be in Weekly Idol. What was your response
when we invited you? I was really happy. Why? It’s been a long time
since I was last on TV, so I wanted to see myself
on TV shows. That’s so sad! He’s like this sometimes. – He wants to be on TV sometimes.
– But… (Seeing myself on TV) The members of Super Junior… were serving military duty in turns, and after ten years, they came back as a whole group
with a new song, “SUPER Clap,” which was a big hit. – Let’s clap!
– That’s right. – It did really well.
– Yes. – Let’s keep talking about this.
– Yes. Super Junior is working with ZICO… – to try out a new music style?
– Yes. The title is “2YA2YAO.” – “2YA2YAO.”
– You know that song, right? We got an idea from the song… and made the title “2YA2YAO.”
Most importantly, – ZICO is famous for hip-hop!
– That’s right. It’s special that Super Junior is
doing hip-hop with ZICO. – I can’t wait to watch it.
– Swag. Super Junior’s hip-hop song. Let’s watch the performance! (Show us Super Junior’s hip-hop!) (“2YA2YAO” by Super Junior) This is mine. This is my verse.
That’s nice. – It was really nice.
– Are you disappointed? Shindong was about to do his verse. – I’m sorry, we had to cut it off.
– Yes. After Shindong lost weight,
his dancing… – Is it better?
– It looks more powerful. It’s much better. We’re excited to find out
what will happen today. We’re looking forward to it.
Let’s move on to Search Chang Hee! (It’s time for Search Chang Hee!) (Weekly Idol) We take a look at your recent
news through top searched topics. Search Chang Hee! It’s been 16 years… – since Super Junior debuted!
– Already? – Sixteen years is incredible.
– Really. Didn’t you debut about 20 years ago? That’s right. – It’s 19 years for me, and he’s…
– It’s 20 years. They kind of changed their jobs
in the middle. They did radio broadcasts and acting
along with comedy. But you’ve been doing music
as singers until now. I think that’s incredible. For today’s Search Chang Hee, we will take a look… at Super Junior’s albums
and their past… since they’re the living witnesses
of idol group history! You can see their entire albums
displayed there. That’s great. (Every Super Junior album is
displayed.) (The Super Junior albums are
gathered here!) – Kwang Hee, please explain.
– I… You often visit luxury brand shops. That’s right, I’ll put on gloves. If you look this way, you can see Super Junior’s albums. – These are valuable albums.
– Yes. Even the albums
that are no longer on sale… are displayed here. Do you have our first album? – The first album is here.
– You have it? We have “Twins” here! You debuted in 2005. (Super Junior’s
historic debut album) (They began as a large project group
with 12 members.) (The song has passionate lyrics
like “I’ll fight until the end”,) (and its strong rock sound
and perfect choreography are great.) (The teen pop song highlights
their good looks and energy.) (They showed new charms
and gained popularity even more.) The album “Twins”… – was also made in cassette tapes.
– That’s right. – That’s right.
– Tapes. – There are no cassette tapes?
– There were cassette tapes, CDs, and MP3 during that time. It was a chaotic time… when this album came out. – That’s right.
– This one is the same, right? – The second album “Don’t Don” too.
– Until “Don’t Don.” There was a cassette tape version. Was there an LP version? – LP?
– No, we didn’t. – LP records are special editions.
– Only for special editions? Our fifth album was
in the size of LP records. – You’re right.
– It’s large. – Isn’t this you, Eunhyuk?
– That’s right. (Looking great) (The title “Mr. Simple” is a song
with Sj Funky rhythms,) (and it won numerous awards
and proved the team’s popularity.) (There was an LP-record-sized album
with each member’s photo.) They said hiding the face
would sell more albums… It was widely believed. People believed that albums would
sell more if your face wasn’t on it. You can also see… – Shindong here.
– That’s me! – There’s only Shindong here.
– Let me see. (The title song “Don’t Don” has
a critical message on society.) (Super Junior introduced impressive
performance to this song.) (The prototype
of “SM Music Performance”…) (topped various music charts.) During that time,
my hairstyle was shocking… because I was on “Popopo.” – That’s right!
– I couldn’t look like that there. That’s right. So when I was on “Popopo”,
I colored those parts black. – Really?
– I see. (Shindong loves playing
with children.) (He colored his scalp
when he was on the show.) You have so many episodes. What is your most memorable album? Ryeowook can go first. There are so many albums. It could be because
you looked so great on that album. Actually, – this “Bonamana” album…
– Yes? has a song
that I sang by myself. (What?) What’s the title of the song? That’s my favorite song! “One Fine Spring Day”! It’s my favorite
among Super Junior songs. It was the first time
for Super Junior… to include a song sung
by just one member. In a group album… (“Bonamana,” the biggest hit song
in Asia in 2009,) (highlighted Super Junior’s prime
following “Sorry Sorry.”) (“One Fine Spring Day”) (Ryeowook’s sweet voice
and sad lyrics are impressive.) (Even ELFs that are far away would
come to listen to this song.) – I love this song.
– There’s “One Fine Spring Day.” What about the others? Before we continue, please note… that these albums are
from our main writer of the show. – Really?
– Really? – Really?
– Yes. – The two…
– Seriously? She has every album. She even has the light sticks. – Really?
– There are the light sticks. – Really?
– Today… We’ll hold this for now. – She’s been a Super Junior’s fan…
– Yes. for 16 years. This is Super Junior’s light stick.
It’s called Super Wand. It’s pretty. You have to pronounce it correctly.
Super Wand. – This is so pretty.
– That’s the old version! – That’s the new version.
– This is the new version. This is really cool. It is. Which is the most memorable album,
Donghae? I… Say DnE! He told me to say DnE! Just choose whatever you want. The DnE album… – He can choose the DnE album.
– That’s right. (The third mini-album includes
SUPER JUNIOR-DnE’s new attempt…) (to do all kinds of concepts
regardless of genre.) (“Danger”) (Donghae wrote this song,
showing different charms…) (from DnE’s usual dandy
and bright image.) This album of DnE is great. – I wrote the songs…
– That’s right. – That’s why…
– “Danger”! – That’s enough.
– Is it? – The album…
– All the albums… Eunhyuk keeps telling you
what to do, that’s why you don’t know
how to react on TV shows! You two should split up. The DnE’s album covers… – look like movie posters.
– They’re like movie posters. – Those of noir films.
– That’s right! I directed the video clips
for their concert back then. The first video was made to look
like they were from movies. What I just realized is… that all four of them are busy
promoting themselves. – They’re promoting themselves!
– That was sharp. – And I directed the concert.
– That’s right. – The concert was successful.
– Yes. Very successful. So I wrote the songs, he directed the concert,
and he made the videos. – That’s right.
– What did Ryeowook do? Me? (Our Ryeowook…) He came to watch the concert. (Just watching the show) That’s the most important thing. Ryeowook! He represented Super Junior. He watched the concert
on behalf of Super Junior. – His job is the most important one.
– That’s right. – You need an audience for concerts.
– We need an audience. We do need an audience. – Of course.
– He’s right. Super Junior is famous for being
the first and the best. – Super Junior-T,
– That’s right. Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-DnE… and Super Junior-Happy are
impressive unit groups. That’s right. Super Junior was the first
to do unit groups, right? I think we’re the first to… – officially launch unit groups…
– That’s right. among idol groups. Since then, – many idol groups did the same.
– There was… the unit group Orange Caramel
from After School. Actually, we were the first
to do unit groups, but we were first at something else
we’re very proud of. What is it? We can still do performances
with some members missing. Before that,
if one member was missing… because he was sick, hurt, or gone, Or some could have
some other schedules. It was impossible to perform
without that member. That’s true. It was impossible. That system works well
these days, but it was hard to explain
that system back then, so we called it
the “Together Separately” strategy. (The “Together Separately” strategy) – That’s right.
– It’s correct. It was called
the “Together Separately” strategy, and that’s how we performed. Our motto was
“Open 365 days a year”. I remember that! We were the first,
so there was no name for that. So we were
the “Open 365 days a year” group… with the “Together Separately”
strategy. – We were like that.
– We did performances… with just four members once. – Really?
– Yes. How many members were supposed
to perform that song? – Thirteen.
– Thirteen members. – It was around “SORRY, SORRY.”
– That’s why… you can still work even today… – and be loved by many fans.
– That’s right. He’s right. When a member is missing,
the other members can… – fill up his spot.
– That’s right. You even had a ten-year-long
break because of military service… when all the members enlisted
in the army… – and got discharged.
– That’s right. – That’s amazing.
– He’s right. We saw all these albums
and different unit projects, and we could tell Super Junior has
so many charms. – That’s right.
– For today, we’re going to review each unit… and show the fans Super Junior’s
charms and talents once more! That’s great! – The first album to see…
– Yes? is from Super Junior-K.R.Y.! (Super Junior-K.R.Y.) (Super Junior-K.R.Y.) (Super Junior’s first unit group
performed sad songs.) (It consists of main vocalists,
Yesung, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun.) What are the strengths
of Super Junior-K.R.Y.? It’s a unit group for ballad songs, but the three members are
good looking. – I agree.
– What are you talking about? – Am I wrong?
– Then… are there ugly members too? Tell us.
Do you mean there are ugly members? No, there are unit groups
in Super Junior… It could be a DnE member! (It could be a DnE member?) You! – It could be a DnE member?
– You! – Stop!
– No! He didn’t say it was you! Wait. There’s always a member
who’s not as good looking… Stop making Donghae feel bad! – Who’s going to feel bad?
– Donghae! So the three of them are handsome. The three of us have
our own unique charms. They’re all handsome. We’re all handsome,
and we all have different voices. – They have great voices.
– Ryeowook… Ryeowook took part in many albums,
but this one might be special. That’s right. – I’m so thankful.
– Super Junior-K.R.Y. has… the singers with unique voices… and great singing skills
released many great songs, including soundtracks for TV series. That’s right. Ryeowook, – can you sing a K.R.Y song?
– Can you do a famous song? K.R.Y. has a song… called “The Little Prince”. (Ryeowook’s first solo album
“The Little Prince”) You sang that song by yourself! Ryeowook, that’s your own song! You really came to promote yourself
today. There’s a Korean song
called “Dorothy.” I love “Dorothy.” Baby, my love, my sky My Dorothy That’s it. – That’s right.
– Ryeowook’s voice is unique. Yes. Among these members, there’s a member
who wants to take over… Super Junior-K.R.Y.’s place. I heard about that. It’s a duo… that will follow
Green Zone’s footsteps. – Let me reveal these two.
– Who are they? – I just read what the staff wrote.
– Okay. Fire Truck and Jukbang Anchovy! It says so there. – That’s right, it’s our nicknames.
– I knew that. To this time – What are you doing?
– You stayed – By my side
– We should do it too. (Jonam Zone
with Fire Truck and Jukbang Anchovy) (It’s an unexpected
marvelous harmony.) It’s harmony. So that you can be happy The four of us
have great teamwork. I know! I thought you were dancers,
why do you want to sing so much? We’re not really dancers. Actually, Shindong joined the team
because of his dancing. – That’s right.
– I was a great dancer at that time. That’s right, so why… do you want
to become the main vocalists? Because we’ve never done it. – We have never done it.
– It’s because… we sometimes go to karaoke… and we perform well together. That’s right! We always sing Green Zone songs
together. Shindong’s voice… – It’s deep.
– is deep, and I… – have a high-toned voice.
– You’re right. So, will the two… be a threat to K.R.Y., and be great at singing sad songs?
The Silent Duo! – It’s time to see their skills!
– That’s great! Let me explain the rule. Ryeowook… will put on headphones
with loud music, and Shindong and Eunhyuk will
sing ballad songs… without any music. Donghae and Ryeowook will watch
Shindong and Eunhyuk sing… and guess what song they’re singing. You have 100 seconds, and you need at least
5 correct answers among 10. The Weekly Idol
Credentials Committee… will acknowledge Shindong
and Eunhyuk… as the new vocalist unit group
of Super Junior… if you pass this. To this time,
you stayed by my side One day (They’re imitating Green Zone.) They’re doing so well. Let’s continue with this passion
and start Silent Duo! – Okay!
– Okay! (Singing) Stop trying to take our places! (Donghae, Fire Truck,
and Jukbang Anchovy) – We’re ready!
– Okay! I can hear music from here. Please give us a microphone. (Donghae is excited
even before the game starts.) – Let’s start.
– “Danger”! It’s “Danger” by Super Junior-DnE! What? – He can’t hear you.
– So… – Let us…
– One, two, three – start!
– Everyday! They’re mistaken! You’re wrong. – He’s going to start.
– Look over there. Check which song is suggested. To this time,
you stayed by my side I know! – Green Zone!
– What’s the name of the song? I don’t know the song’s name! All the happy time Me! It’s “Not Ready To Say Goodbye”
by Green Zone! – He’s correct!
– He’s correct! Next. (This is the second song!) (They imitate Yesung’s voice
and face as well.) Stop saying stupid things Clear your anxious mind Forget about everything Listen to us! (I don’t care
because I’m excited.) (He’s about to cry.) – Yesung!
– Wait. Yesung? – “It Has To Be You”!
– He’s correct! Hello, it’s me (They’re in the same place,
but they’re in a different mood.) Be quiet! Aimed at you all aimed at you “A Glass of Soju” – “A Glass of Soju”! Correct!
– He’s doing well. – It’s the third one!
– Next! – We don’t have time.
– You have 29 seconds left! Like crazy Kim Bum Soo! “I Miss You”! There’s not much time left!
This is the last one. How did he guess it? (“Thorn” by BUZZ) How does this go? (They can’t help raising their hands
going up to the top of their heads.) “Coward” by Buzz! No! – It’s not that.
– It’s this! Ouch! A man… – I know!
– Five! – Pika**!
– Four! Three! Two, one! “Thorn!” – It’s over!
– Min Kyung Hoon! Fire Truck? What is it? – This is really…
– Actually, – they’re not even trying to guess!
– They’re just playing around. Take the headphones off. The song is nice. Donghae, what song was being played? – “Danger”!
– I see. – Hey!
– What? Let’s do this one more time.
This is fun. – They’re not trying their best.
– Well, – Let’s change roles!
– why don’t we change roles? Let’s change roles. You try! The vocalists should try this. – Yes, you should do this instead.
– This is the fun part. Really? – Is this fun?
– Really? Actually,
we got to listen to their singing, – and it was actually nice.
– They sang well. – We’re still singers.
– That’s right. Let’s turn on music. People like us hide singing skills. – Don’t say “us”.
– You know what I mean. – Don’t put us together!
– Come on. People like us keep
their abilities hidden. We’re different from you. (They’re vocalists with pride.) Do you hear the song? – The name is powerful Superman.
– It scared me! (Our song is really good.) Let’s see. Hey SJ, Like this SJ, two (He’s really into music.) – Now you have five questions left.
– You should guess the answer. (Chaotic) – Sit down, please.
– All right. Here goes the question! Okay! (“Scars Deeper Than Love”
by Yim Jae Beom) Scars deeper I’m talking to you Come on. (What?) – I don’t know the song.
– Pass. – Just pass it!
– Pass. (“Even thought of marriage”
by Wheesung) I even thought of marrying you I even thought of marrying you Cho Sae Ho? – It’s “With me” by Wheesung!
– Right! It’s not that song! It’s “Even thought of marriage!” – Correct!
– That’s right. All right. Even though it breaks my heart “Even Though It Breaks My Heart”! – Who is the singer?
– It’s FLY TO THE SKY! – Correct!
– You’re doing good. (“One man” by Kim Jong Kook) There is a man – It’s “One man” by Kim Jong Kook!
– Right! – You should read his lips.
– Right. (“For a Thousand Days”
by Lee Seung Hwan) For a thousand days – For a thousand days
– “For a thousand days.” It’s “For Thousand Days”
by Lee Seung Hwan! – Okay!
– That’s right. I want to get the answers too. – Give me some hints.
– Geez. – There are no more questions.
– How about me?Sorry, Superman– It’s time to wrap up.
– Already? I found out that Ryeowook’s lips
are easy to read. I could guess the answers
just by reading his lips. It’s because he’s a vocalist. – I knew it.
– He’s awesome. I can sing well
but I’m bad at guessing the answers. You’ve got four right answers. Sadly,
Fire Truck and Jukbang Anchovy… isn’t recognized
as a vocal unit group. – That’s too bad.
– Right. – You can try again later.
– Okay. I guess you’re better at dancing… – than singing.
– I really wanted to try though. – All right, Change Hee.
– Yes. Let’s move on to the next album. Okay. The next unit album! It is… Super Junior-T. – It was sensational!
– You’re right. Super Junior-T
is the first trot idol group… with a song titled “Rokkugo”
which was really popular. – You’re right.
– Right. The watermelon claps Rokkugo! Say it! (Super Junior-T is the first
trot idol group in history…) (that fascinated all generations
with energetic performances.) – That’s right.
– You were great. Shindong and Eunhyuk
are the members… – of Super Junior-T.
– Right. How did you feel
when you first heard… – you were going to sing trot songs?
– Right. We were really satisfied
with the members. Right!
The genre of music didn’t matter… because these six members
enjoy performing. And every member is humorous
as you already know. Every member of Super Junior-T… appeared on a lot of TV programs. So I even thought
that “T” meant “talk”, not trot. – Right.
– At that time, they appeared on so many TV shows. They were on every channel. Right. It was really difficult to adjust
the group schedule back then… because we were busy
with our individual schedules too. – Right.
– Also, even though the most popular song
of Super junior is “SORRY, SORRY”. But “Rokkugo” is loved
by many people as well. – Right.
– It’s popular too. It was really popular. How did you think of Super Junior-T
at that time? Actually, Ryeowook and I
were in China at that time. – Really?
– As Super Junior-M. We were in China
as Super Junior-M… while Super Junior-H
and Super Junior-T… were performing in Korea. Honestly, all the members
in Super Junior-T… – are talented,
– You’re right. – voluble,
– They are! – and gifted.
– Right. On the one hand,
we thought we were sent to China… because we weren’t
as talented as them. Really? – Is that true?
– No way. – That’s not true.
– I mean, – that was just how I felt.
– I understand. Because I’m not voluble at all. But we thought… those who are talented a bit more… – No way!
– Come on! What Donghae means is… that “Rokkugo” is
more of a fun and familiar song… – to the public.
– That’s right. We focused on performances
more than anything… to attract Chinese fans… as the agency planned. When I saw Super Junior-T on TV
in China, they looked really awesome… because they were on every channel. I found out that Donghae thinks… someone who is on TV a lot
is the popular one. Right? – He’s like my father.
– Right. Back then, many people even said… Super Junior is daring
in and out of places. It’s been a long time to hear that. We know that all of you are
so eloquent… that “T” from your group name
could mean “Talk.” Thus,
Weekly Idol prepared this game. It is… “Can you do it?”
Tell me how to do it properly. – I mean…
– Can you do it? I couldn’t do it properly
because it’s really embarrassing. Can you do it? Can you explain to me
where “Can you do it” from? I really don’t remember. I had a fight with Choi Si Won, and he said:
“Can you not see me anymore?” – It sounds really serious.
– Of course! So I said: “I can do it!” – “I can do it!”
– Wait! They fought in a loud voice. Si Won shouted and said:
“Hey!” “Can you not see me anymore?” Then Ryeowook yelled:
“Of course! I can do it!” – That was how it went.
– It wasn’t that loud. That was… Actually, I said it seriously. – Like how?
– “I can do it.” – I said like this.
– No way. I was there too. I was right next to Si Won. You even shook your head. You said: “Of course!”
I’m sure you did like this. – Ryeowook…
– You’re really upset. Please show us how you did
to Si Won back then. Of course! I can do it! – It was like this.
– Good. So, what’s the name of the game? “Can you do it?” – “Can you do it?”
– “Can you do it?” – Right.
– Okay. Now, through this segment, we’ll find out
who the most voluble member is, and what is at the bottom
of their hearts. The rules are simple. It’s an individual match,
and you have to say: “Yes, I can.” to the opponent’s questions,
imitating Ryeowook’s voice. That’s how you play it. Here’s an example. I’ll ask this to Kwang Hee.
“Can you get married next year?” No, I can’t. You lose the game
if you answer like him. Seriously? This is how it goes. Who will play it first?
I need two people. How about doing
rock, scissors, and paper? – Shall we?
– Sure. Rock, scissors, and paper! (Eunhyuk won!) – Okay.
– You go first because you won. – Even though I won?
– Yes. I thought someone who lost would
play the game first. – They’re such veterans.
– True. You chose rock alone. Eunhyuk!
Please pick an opponent. You can pick anyone. I’ll choose… Shindong! Come forward! – Come out!
– Shindong! Don’t hesitate! Come on. I feel shy… – to stand face to face.
– That’s the same for me. It must’ve been a while. The game will start
with these two voluble members. – All right!
– Okay. I know you’re trying
to lose your weight. Can you become skinnier than me? No way. Yes, I can! Can you? – I can!
– He’s confident. It’s possible
with the help of Juv**. You know there are many
new idol groups these days. And you’re in the dance position
in Super Junior. Can you dance better… than those younger
idol group members? Yes, I can! He hurt Eunhyuk’s pride. Why do I feel offended? Can’t you just say it
without “Yes”? We should say it too. If I omit “Yes,”
it doesn’t sound good. – Right.
– It’s hard to say it without “Yes.” – It’s like a warm-up.
– It sounds better that way. – Geez.
– Then… – Shindong!
– What? A few days ago, – You…
– No way. Stop. A few days ago, – I…
– Are you talking about the money? lent you some money. Can you pay it back by tomorrow? – How much is it?
– How much? – Is that too much to pay back?
– Let’s listen to him. Haven’t I paid it back? – I guess you haven’t, have you?
– I thought I have. – Really?
– I wired it right away. – Are you sure?
– What’s going on? I already paid it back! He did. – What?
– Why did you say that? – He paid for it already.
– I’m sure I did. Is that so? Eunhyuk! You… know I’m more handsome than you… in Super Junior, right? (Shindong thinks he’s more handsome
than Eunhyuk.) Can you get plastic surgery
to become… more handsome than me? (His blood pressure is elevating.) What’s so difficult about this? All you have to do to get a new nose
is just to fall asleep. He’s one of the hopeless cases. (Ryeowook cuts to the heart.) Can you do it? (Can you become more handsome
that Shindong?) – All right.
– No, I can’t! – I have something to say.
– I mean… – It’s was such an absurd question.
– Listen. Let me get this straight. He’s proud of himself
for not having had plastic surgery. – Okay.
– I see. It’s not a matter of getting
plastic surgery or not. It’s just I’m already more handsome
than you! Then you should’ve said that. – I’m Eunhyuk!
– My goodness. I can’t get plastic surgery.
I mean, I don’t want to. You should’ve said that. All right. Actually, what’s the
point of winning this game? – Nobody’s pride was hurt, right?
– Right. – Okay, go back to your seat.
– Good. – Get back to your seat.
– You lost. – One more?
– I even prepared the next question. Donghae is not used
to this kind of game. – Shin Dong Hee!
– Yes? Is it okay to just call by my name
in this game? (I’m older than him!) – It’s okay to do that, right?
– Just do it. Just do it. It’s okay because this game
is created by Americans. – Seriously?
– It’s created… Of course! It’s an American game. Hey, stop talking.
Why do you keep talking. – Be quiet.
– Okay. It’s been 15 years since
we made our debut. This year, with me… No. I can’t. Why? Hear him out at least. – No, I don’t want to do anything.
– Hear him out at least. – Shindong, let’s hear what he says!
– We should. Please don’t ask to do things
with just you. Can you… He’s so cheezy! have a meal with me? No. I can’t. Oh, my! Wait, why can’t you eat with him? – By just the two of you?
– Well, I… – Yes?
– I can’t eat… with someone alone
even if I’m close to him. – I’ve never had a meal with him.
– Never? Is it a rule of Juv**? Juv** also… Did they tell you not to eat
with a member? – No, it’s not like that.
– It’s like only having… – a half of an egg.
– Then why don’t you eat with him? What I’m saying is
I’m not close to Donghae. I just can’t stand eating alone
with anyone. Oh, so you lose your appetite? No, I didn’t say that. That’s going too far. – You lose your appetite a bit?
– Okay. (If Shindong can’t succeed
in his attack, he loses.) Donghae, you’re doing a lot of
live streams on YouTu** lately. I need to communicate with my fans
more often. – Can you…
– To communicate more! Can you stop going on YouTu**? (The YouTu** that I use
to communicate with my fans?) Yes, I can! (For victory, I can do anything!) Donghae won. He said he can do it. Everyone, you won’t be able to see
Donghae on YouTu** anymore. Well… Then how are they supposed
to see him? – Donghae isn’t anywhere to be seen.
– You can see him only here. Well, I’ll see you… later. – Ryeowook, come up for the finals.
– It’s Ryeowook’s turn. He’s the champion
of “Can you do it?” Ryeowook is the youngest, isn’t he? – Yes.
– Among the members? – Do I go first?
– You can go first. It doesn’t matter who goes first. He’s too strong. Am I? – Ryeowook is not easy.
– He’s really good at these things. Then, Donghae should go first. Ryeowook doesn’t care
if it’s for the show or not. Oh, really? – He’s on top…
– I’ll go borrow a pen… from a staff member here.
Can you do the show… with a mole on your face
if I draw one for you? (Totally unpredicted) With a mole on your face.
It’s not that big a deal. – Why?
– Wow. He’s scary. – No, but…
– This guy… He doesn’t care at all! He’s going all out. Can you do the show with a mole
on your face? Can you? – Why did he bring up a mole? Donghae used to have… Donghae removed
a mole from his face. Can you put that mole? – Can you?
– I think he’ll say yes. – Yes, I can!
– Wait. He’s really asking for a pen. There are so many pens! Wait. Wait, settle down. – You don’t have to do it now.
– He doesn’t? – We won’t do it right away.
– Okay. Donghae, I think you can say it. An eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth. Since he said that,
you should say that too. What is it? You should be exchanging blows. – What is it?
– There’s something big. The CGI will be interesting. What is it? Please stop moving around,
we have to put CGI on you. – That will cost a lot.
– Is the mole already there? – It’s there.
– It’s there now. You said you can do it. I can see it clearly. – Okay. Ryeowook.
– Yes? You dressed up today
for Weekly Idol. Can you do the show without
your insoles? – I don’t have any insoles.
– Really? Hey! Don’t lie. You can come see for yourself. – Really?
– Aren’t those high-heeled shoes? I don’t have any. – Even without them…Try walking.
– Hey, look here. I can even put my whole fist
into this. – Why? What happened.
– I can fit my whole fist! What are you? A ballerino? Why are you walking on your tip toe? (The fairy from Ryeogit
walks on tip toes.) He hasn’t said “I can” yet. Donghae,
please get back to your spot. I wnat to stop. (I’m terrified of him.) Ryeowook, Eunhyuk told me to do it. Hey, come on. Get to your spot. Hurry. If you say you can’t, he ends up
with a mole but you walk free. – Oh, is that how it works?
– Yes. In 1, 2, 3. I can’t. (I’ll lose and enjoy your mole.) I can’t. (I knew this would happen.) So this is how it ends. So Donghae has to draw a mole? – Here it is.
– Donghae, you should… say hello after you draw the mole. – No, not that one.
– We can’t use that one. – Can we get an eyebrow pencil?
– You really can’t use that one. No, I’ll get the CGI. CG, please. Did you get his face? Did you see his face right then? I wasn’t actually going to do it. But as soon as he saw me,
he said: “No, please.” Donghae is very pure. Please believe me. He told me to do it. Okay, I get it. The winner of “Can you do it?”
of Super Junior is Donghae! He’s the best one. – I can do it!!
– The best talker. – The best of us.
– He’s so good. Well, I can’t believe it. He finally started talking
after 16 years. Donghae, will you yell out this
segment’s name? Then, we’ll end
this section of the show? Yes, I can!! The next unit of Super Junior is… – DnE!
– It’s DnE. They’re amazing. (The fifth unit of Super Junior,
comprised of Eunhyuk and Donghae) (They keep getting better in their
looks, singing, and performance.) They are comprised
of a good-looking member… and the main dancer of Super Junior. Why would you say it like that. – It says that over there.
– Why? Who are the good-looking member
and the main dancer? Donghae can dance really well. – Okay.
– Dancing used to be my part. I used my hand to point
which one has good looks… and who the main dancer is. I’m so sorry. In fact, we haven’t clearly decided
our roles y6et. Then who’s the leader? The leader is Leeteuk. – So you don’t have one for DnE?
– No. – DnE’s leader is also Leeteuk.
– Leeteuk. Is that so? Leader is always Leeteuk. In fact, Donghae is… the original face genius… – of the idol groups.
– He’s very good looking. It’s not true. It makes no sense. In the early 2000s, all the trainees heard… there was a Lee Donghae in SM, and you needed to look like him
to join SM Entertainment. – So I somehow got a photo of him.
– Cool. And I took it to the hospital
for plastic surgery. What did the doctor say? He said I could die
from this surgery. From overbleeding? I had to tear the end of my eyes,
and I could die from the surgery. Since then, I didn’t even
go to the East Sea. Don’t put your life on the line for
a few laughs. No, it’s true. Shindong! It’s real. – It’s true.
– You could die? He was famous… – for his look in the online cafe.
– He really was. All the handsome members need
to go through this in Weekly Idol. That’s right. It’s time for
the “Facial Window.” You don’t need to prepare anything
for this. All you need is Donghae’s
beautiful face. Now, Donghae will need… to open the curtains on the windows. Then, make the facial expressions
that fit the music being played. This is the worst. Is it the worst? Is this the first test to pass
to be a genuine entertainer? – Of course.
– Yes, it is. How could you not have passed it yet
when you debuted 16 years ago? Isn’t it weird to start right now? I think it’s nice to begin
working vigorously from now. We’re living
in the homo hundred era. The ELFs should get ready… to save of Donghae’s faces.
Let’s start… Donghae’s episode
of the “Facial Window.” First, it’s… the boy Donghae. – Is he going to be pure?
– Yes, and innocent too. – Pure.
– He can just stand still then. (Opening the curtains) It’s like a music video. (All he needs to do is breathe.) (Everyone is surprised
at how bold he is.) He’s so good at this. He’s really good! Why is he so good? He’s so good looking. (Right. I’m good looking.) He looks like a real young boy! His posture is good too. He must’ve practiced this. (I ended up in prison
for ogling your face.) Okay! Wait. Stay there. That’s shocking. – I was shocked too.
– I’m so proud of you. How is he so good? If DnE’s main dancer is
that handsome, how handsome would
the good-looking member be? I won’t show you today. – Not today.
– Not even a little? No, it’s just the main dancer today. Donghae successfully showed
his boy-like charms. – Now it’s Puppy Donghae.
– Puppy Donghae? – He will show his cuteness…
– That’s right. – The cuteness.
– Let’s see if he can do this too. Show us your cute charms. (Puppy Donghae enters.) Gere comes the cute Puppy Donghae! (Smile) He’s so cute! – He’s like a Malteze.
– Do it one more time. He’s so cute! (Bang) He’s cute but keeps shooting guns. (He’s so cute.) (He exits behind the curtains
with the cutest face.) Great. – He’s really good.
– Moving on, – This is the worst.
– next is confident Donghae. – Confident Donghae.
– Show us your charisma. – Let’s get it!
– Open the curtains! Donghae’s an expert at this. (A grand music
by Super Junior is played.) This song is so cool. (Powerful) It’s like an underwear commercial. (Donghae’s face line is
unbelievable.) (My heart races
because of the “Facial Window.”) I hate this! (Your nose could even cut glass,
sir.) (Donghae’s artistic face
will never fade.) That’s a first. That’s the first time anyone
shook the window. Hey, Donghae. You overwhelmed the studio. He shook the world. – All three of his faces were great.
– Incredible. What’s the last concept? It’s Homme Fatale Donghae. He needs to show his sexy side! – Show us right now!
– I don’t think he can do it. (Here comes the sexy Donghae.) Let’s see! He needs to take his jacket off. (His back is revealed
as the curtains open.) (He throws his jacket down
to emphasize his sexiness.) – Isn’t this too much?
– Yhey’re on a different level. Look at his arm! His biceps! (His arms are
as angry as his looks.) (Let me work out now.) (Crash) He ripped the bar out. (This is what Homme fatal is!) Break everything! That was super cool! (Taking big strides) “I am Donghae!” He’s so good. Good job. That was very charismatic. The others need to do this too,
right? Yes, they need to fix it. (He fidgets with a debris
in his hand, feeling bad.) (Emergency repair is under way.) Donghae, look what you’ve done. It went under operation. That was the best “Facial Window”
we’ve seen. That’s right. Shouldn’t the good-looking member
also try it? How great will he be
when the dancer was so good? The handsome member of DnE. The radiant jewel! It’s Eunhyuk! Eunhyuk, it’s your turn. Let’s put an end to the controversy. Well, the main dancer
did a good job. Should the good-looking member
do it too? Come on. Please show us. – You don’t look confident.
– No, that’s not it. – Let’s show the viewers.
– Can you do it? Yes, I can! Yes, you can!! – You can!
– Yes, you can! Even in these dire circumstances… The good-looking member
of Super Junior DnE! It’s the “Facial Window” of Eunhyuk! Let’s see the boy Eunhyuk. I’m excited. (Snickering) Look at him getting ready
in the back. (Very serious) (Peeking) He’s playing hard to get! (The Super Junior’s episode
is not over.) (Last week was just a sample.) Do you remember that stage? No, I don’t. (That’s why we prepared.) (New Year, New Me) (Harsh missions) (They will do everything.) (Burning passion) (Undying will despite failures) (With all their energy) (2ya2yao!) (They have cute charms
to make you fall for them again.) What to you think? (Super clap) (Super Junior shows off
their charms as an idol group.) We’ll see you again next week! (Weekly Idol) (“2YA2YAO!” by Super Junior)

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