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Filming starts! Hello everyone, Weekly Idol! This is the last broadcast for the month November This week’s Weekly food is still on hiatus But it is okay if we do it today as we ate alot before coming so now we are both very full Okay now we will begin following the style of the last broadcast of November! This week’s weekly idol will be 1h ! Weekly Idol!! Wow is today special episode? Yes, people who have came today can let the broadcast have a perfect year-end ending That kind of people came to our weekly idol Let us see.. We actually are aware of who is coming They came faster than we expected Time to replenish ourselves They are preparing now Let us give a warm welcome to EXID who just comeback with “HOTPINK” *although only appeared for 3 episodes, they are very close already Please introduce yourselves! Its been awhile since you all came to Weekly Idol already.. Yes How do you feel? We are now preparing and working hard for our individual promotions *new CF trend
and what make us thankful is that we filmed alot of CF and also other activities *out of all the cf you remembered the food one
That time I saw you did the food CF, you all ate very deliciously Yes we did that Have you all concluded your earnings for the year? Yes finished already? Is the fruit of it nice to eat??? VERY NICEEE!! * honey flavour You all have told us your plans on Weekly Idol before, have you all accomplished it? Yes we did! * Blessed Hani What is it again? Mine is glasses Solji: High Heels Mine is luggage Car House Have you bought a car? Nope not yet I bought one for my parents Aigoo… thats good *2015’s filial Idol What about Hyelin? Bought a house? I just signed the contract By installment or one shot? *proud
It is my own house *shocked first time hearing the news
How big? 30 square metre? no not even 30 square metre 1 living room 1 room So you so fast bought a condo? but so quickly investing in a condo is abit… This is not some investment programme right now It is good if you accomplished it *Our Hyelin is a women with a house now! What about you LE? carrier (luggage) Have you bought it? No i havent Why? Because I got sponsored Someone gave sponsor!!!! * sponsor hoorayy!!! you got a sponsor immediately after talking about it Not very expensive but since I have it already then I do not need to buy anymore Solji? I didnt wear leather shoes and come here today but I also didnt buy High heels oh? didnt you say you want high heel? I wanted to buy but I thought it was too expensive so I didnt so I bought boots ahh but isnt boots more expensive ? abit… but it is about the same *no matter what, solji’s dream come true
what about our hani? I bought a pair of glasses with my money first and then I got a sponsored glasses and then I got another one from my friend and now I have 4 glasses so give us one no Is 4 glasses for an entertainer alot? Just now when you all are talking about this you all feel very happy *proud Our EXID visiting our basement after 7months is back with hot pink! what is the meaning behind Hot Pink? Looking at the lyrics, there is a hurt man and is a man who doesnt believe women but we are different from other women other women is Pink but we are Hot Pink this kind of meaning ohh is like we are not ordinary but more popular than others Okay it is now time to confirm our random play dance but i have something to say yesterday, the dance became a little different but I didnt learn it because i was really unwell yesterday She even had a drip on yesterday! So after she had a drip she is now still appearing on weekly idol?? just go just go home what if you get hurt here?? you dont need to do this here after we saw Weekly Idol in our schedule, we are really happy Why? We all really like Weekly Idol Even if you like it so much, weekly idol is also very tiring we are only 1 of the 3 entertainment show for wed .. We only got no.1 for Up and Down after coming on Weekly Idol Even if it is like this, Up and Down is a no.1 worthy song Even if we are only the 1st (???) of the 3 wed programmes 2nd is radio star but so what? if you want to go just go! I will try my best What will the member that has the most wrong get? Use hammer or what? hit the arm ohhh here will be very painful!!! okay call lets do this! praying for a 3rd success!! Please give the music! *feeling messy and hesitant fom the start Yah hyelin why did you go there! Hyelin I will let you go once *confidence level zero
moving small steps carefully *Hot pink jump part * shake without restrain *struggling like in the preview *Our solji who is smiling but is panting hard *Everyone besides solji is hesitating *Group pause *following solji carefully *Today confirmed, EXID’s dance machine, Heo Solji *What are you doing Hani yahh
Hani ahhh Ahh I really can’t let you go anymore Really… too many wrong Not only Hani but LE Junghwa Hyelin all made mistakes Besides solji, the rest all made mistakes It feels like the song came out 3 years ago *Dancing black hole unable to lift their heads Honestly everyone was wrong except solji LE was also wrong but Hani was wrong alot alot of times I will let Hyelin go once * deeply reflecting on self
our junghwa was panicking alot too but really no choice, the last person who got it wrong Isnt life like this too Who is the last one who got it wrong? *quietly preparing to get punished
its hani *accepting the punishment with guilt Her hand is shaking omg Lets do it one by one. one by one This is to make her more alert so dont be soft hearted Hit it with force *Solji comforting the person getting hit
Its okay just hit is hard Oh what do I do hard hard Maknae also can’t hit lightly Junghwa is the maknae *AHHH I DONT KNOW ANYMORE JUST HIT *poccessed by voldemort *because she feels sorry, she changed into another person and hit hard hard She hit the hardest I love you Still random play dance? Let Hani decide what is the punishment this time Still this focus on hot pink EXID focus music please! *Today’s first time so focused We wont let go Hani is doing correctly right Song is changing! These kids Will they get it right on the 2nd try? Hyelin!!! Junghwaaaaaaaaaaaaa *Still dont know the correct dance Hyelin JungHwa please come out Do scissor paper stone and decide who gets hit Round 1: Same Round 2: JungHwa win *Hyelin the choosen one How can you tell us the hit her she is still sick So just let the sound be louder faster Okay then Hot Pink fighting WE ARE SORRYYY Unnie I am sorry for just now *Knowing how Hani feels after getting hit and feels even more sorry okay the last time *EXID’s condition getting more and more worse *professional eyes gone from dunno when *Eyes looking up thinking about cheography *eyes that dunno how to comeback Hani yah where are you looking at?? *Solji using her body to dance *Hani using her brain the dance XD Hani ahh look at the camera and think together! *changing formation considered fast *eye stealing *Where am I.. What am I doing.. Okay almost to success!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JungHwa was dancing, who stepped on whose leg? I stepped oh hers what a pity I was the one who messed up the 2nd part *really kind maknae *the person who got punished just now is the happiest Are you okay?? Unnie are you recovered? you all hit and then do a fighting at the end *face telling us the seriousness of the punishment *no time to say pain *wa.. these unnies.. *Let us GOGO to the next segment! With EXID’s Dony Cony Idol call center! Have you all done this call before? This is our 1st time Then have you watched it before? Yes we watched before Actually this section is not carried out by us In this week for 24h we let fans call and ask you all questions (smth like this) Okay our 1st call *cant control her excitement Hani Unnie, you said for girls to be lady-like you need to know how to sew, I want to see you doing that *only sewing~~ easy~~
for sewing you have to know how to sew backwards and frontwards looks like she sew something for someone before *pretending she didnt hear We have prepared Our Hani will do sewing first During rest, she do this alot Ohh really sewing a skarf wow she really can do it *AhnHyung’s arrival
Hyung’s pose like you sew this in. you all thought i didnt know how to do right? *self satisfaction, I am still a girl you all didnt know i can do this But looking at Hani sewing so man-ishly is really cute *immediately becomes gentle like this front back front back then it will not get tangled then what is the best you can do? I can do a skarf like this Like this… I can sew okay? Okay then lets wait until Hani to finish sewing and then move on to the next call Because we need to see really how it is like Okay the next call Solji unnie, didnt you learn how to tell the originality or things management last time? I would like to know how do you see and invest in them oh? how did they know? Unnie last time you mentioned it before I said it before? there is this kind of thing? No.. not.. I tried to but then it was too hard so I gave up But you still learnt it before Yes. Before I am in EXID I only learnt it for 3 or 4 days But I am really bad at this.. Let see if she really got the certificate to it This is Korea grapes and grapes outside korea, try and tell which one is which Okay right now I see that this one is prayed with alot of pesticides but it looks very firm Let me try it first We will also eat Ah I know the answer I also know the answer Please choose first Which one is the one not from korea? *Solji chose this one as the imported one I feel that this one is from korea.. Am I wrong? You say this one is the one imported from overseas right? Then let me eat this side one first This one is from Korea Then we will say this is from Korea no no I change that one is from korea. I will stay to my first choice. this is from korea This is imported that is from korea *I am a woman that only learnt 3 days… Ahh.. this is from USA.. This one is korea.. Solji you are over.. Solji failed. but this is really nice to eat.. Lets see where hani sewed until You did well Hani Okay it is confirmed that Hani knows how to sew/thread okay the next call After watchingg showtime I feel like you all dance boy group songs very well. Please show us boy group dances wow fans know alot.. But what did we danced to? It feels like we danced Block B’s song before Okay then lets go back to the showtime days! *OH MY GOD STOP THIS This one cannot be you just tyring to be hyped.. this is right *someone that is more honest *replaying what happened just now *is it me? Eventhough you just need to be happy when you dance, but still.. You dont have to be correct all the time but at least have the feel there *found her pride and went back *dancing disaster *what is pride. coming back again Honestly.. honestly.. you all dont really know how to dance right *HA???Talking about us? Ive never seen anyone dancing like this There is this kind of dance We all are bad dancers You all are only good in the training room right yah that is really bad *together with boy group songs, ahn hyung is back Any song you are confident with? didnt we dance fiction quite well? *What are you doing Hani? *ending what she knows aigoo! i have to dance this part *Going back again hani?? Waa we did well.. we did well.. yah you liars From next year please request to do ballad Dont dance anymore *really had fun playingg With vocal group EXID The only group I know that dances so badly.. *Best of Dance Idiots Hani noona, I want to hear you play the clarinet. can you play it? oh? you know the clarinet? Thank you I have this song that I really want to hear I only know how to play Yesterday XD okay there is no point of me choosing the song already * for security and decoration Aura Lee’s Love me tender *preparation completed *I am quite lovely right *I dont know why but it feels a little worrying it is love me tender… *Finally pleasing time to the ear what is that crap?! *no more lady, ahn hyung reappears Ohhh the song went into my heart Lets try Aria *Please let me pass this time *all worrying *encore PIII yah! stop doing PD please take this away!! is this clarinet or poop yah! you liars~~ Now everything will be revealed to the audience! EXID are liars! You need to explain to the public! Okay everyone, are you hungry?! YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What should we eat? Korean beef! SHOUT IT OUT!!!!! You all must have waited for a long time With comeback, you all are very tired We give will give you a word and you all have to act/pose it out in the same way. it is a team game If you get it right we will give the beef immediately okay please stand in a line in front *earnest
okay the first one “Hot Pink” You changed your action!! *Cant eat meat anymore….. Its okay Its okay *trying to act ok Okay this question is easy till that it shouldnt be considered a question “Up & DOwn” correct! You are popular because of Up and down and now because of it, you all can eat beef! Okay next they are staring at me so hard right now “Bald Head” What is this? Is my forehead of course!! forehead!! The forehead you know Yes it is the forehead!!! Why did it fly, LE? they are different le.. This is bald eagle, but this is bald headed’s bald You are really tired now right? understand… understand… This is really easy like Up and down “Frog” correct!! This time the question is really easy *already sure they wont be the same “ISAC” We are all running running running running running running…. Hani are you rapping now? success!!!!!!!! Hani was really impatient *even so, still blessed because there is meat to eat “Gollum” Wait Wait.. the hand is different Everyone else’s hand was like that please put back to your original position Why is your one like this? my precious! although it is almost the same.. Isnt this harder than like that? because my hand was really itchy so i filpped it over.. fail!! What a pity.. So.. like that you answered 3 questions correctly Will 3 share 1 plate or 1 eat 1 whole plate by herself? I will put it here first ahh what to do.. lets play scissor paper stone? what about we let the winner decide? dumpling dumpling ohhh lets play dumpling dumpling dumplinggg hahaha that person over there is excited now The person who play the game fastest gets to eat okok call Dumpling game: A person will call out a multiple of 5 and if the rest opens the same number as what is called. the caller wins. first 3 to win will get to eat dumpling dumpling 5 dumpling dumpling 15! ohh lucky!! dumpling dumpling 5 dumpling dumpling 10 LE wins first!! * ahh.. 1 piece of korean beef flew away… faster faster my turn? dumpling dumpling 10 dumpling dumpling 5 dumpling dumpling dumpling! dumpling dumpling wawoo hani pass dumpling dumpling 10! Solji wins 2nd!! *Mummy I can finally eat meat.. dumping dumpling 5 dumpling dumpling 10 dumpling dumpling 5 Hani won! *people who are able to eat vs those who can only swallow their saliva unnie line.. *ohh.. we also want korean beef.. We feel very sorry maknae line please look abit more happier is it nice?? okay, next round of game will begin! EXID Pretty rapstar! There is unpretty while here is pretty EXID LE, oh you are Hyuna’s teacher? Ahh.. I helped her for a period of time but EXID’s LE is better so this round, we will not judge on how good you are If you want to do well then go appear on rap shows and not here! this is entertainment! it is suppose to be funny Who will go first? If you go first we will add points to you as the rest has more time to think I will go first. Ahh Hyelin.. Yo~ my concept is meat Beef, pork, meat (eng) meat Meat is yummy Meat meat is good I can eat it with sauce or not my precious! please give me Wait.. from beef to pork and then my precious? What kind of flow is that?? and lastly, please give me meat, that part hit my heart If you are one of the main singers than you anyhow do this Next, JungHwa? My concept is me Yo~ I am Park JungHwa *cannot hold back anymore I am EXID member I am maknae but however My body its good! XDDD if you are satisified you can stop here I tried to follow the rythmn of it body, maknae its good? *My rap…is good? I got goosebumps all over It is said that Hani has honey rap The creator of honey rap My members~ Make fun of me every single day I am the laughingstock I am the baldest I am the baldest What does it mean?? laughing stock and then baldest?? XDD I am the best become I am the baldest Are you happy with this or you want to continue She is bald But I am the baldest I also know that I am the baldest the baldest I am sorry No you dont have to be sorry. Its okay but I dont care Because that is my swag But why the baldest? Her forehead is too wide My head~ My bald head`~ But I dont care Thats my swag Dont be embarrassed of one another LE will go the last no no no Let me go first Yes If i go after her it would be too.. If you do too well you will be eliminated too This is pretty rapstar EXID pretty I am tweety Yo I love meat I eat meat for 3 days and pork for 2 days so I am a pig so I am a pig Yo that was rap You want to try? Its good Its cool The meat it’s mine I hunt the meat and I eat it. The meat belongs to me Yes, I am the pig You are pigs I am pig you are pig too we are pigs!! Ahhh what to do?!?! this is really crazy thank you for working so hard okay its our LE’s turn uh~ ive been watching the members up till now You did too well! You can’t do it too wel!! you did too well…really too well You cant use that rapping tone rap is too good.. Okay defconn the rapper will choose the winner! Okay, EXID Pretty rapstar The korean beef for this round belongs to MC its good! *Eventhough I lost my image i still cannot have the meat You can eat the meat yourself Just how must you are embarrassed Okay we will move on to the last section A game that allows us to give you all the meat!! everything give you Okay, this challenge is EXID Infinity Challenge! EXID had expressed their willingness to appear on infinity challenge before and here is a chance for you to showcase yourselves! you all know the idiot war right Okay lets begin EXID’s idiot war now The difficulty is Easy Normal and Difficult If you all answered correctly together anyone of the questions, the meat is all yours! Okay please give them the board Everyone you must not cheat it is not allowed You just need to answer 1 question correctly and we will give you all the beef! 1st question Is this the hardest question? yes hardest question shakespeare’s question Question: In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the main character Hamlet is from which country? *blur hani *I have no idea too Hint: It is in europe *Trying to guess one out of the ma ny You all stil dont know? *Not even 1 idea Its okay if you get this wrong. The question is hard Prague, Norway, Greece, England, Australia Australia is not in Europe! *Please just pretend that you didnt see anything and move on Prague is a city Norway…Is abit too far away The 1st question’s answer is Denmark *pity Okay lets go to the 2nd question Yes the difficulty will get lower and lower then lets just answer the last one correctly It is a question regarding capital ah…its too hard Everyone.. what is our brother country? TURKEY! Question: What is the capital of Turkey? Oh I know! *Confident Will this end at the 2nd question?? It is a place that we went before right *uneasy ohhh I am getting nervous! Everyone wrote Istanbul Istanbul wrong Turkey’s capital is Ankara not Istanbul not the one we went? Istanbul is the famous place Honestly you all thought that you were right isnt it? Yes… Yah the last question ohhh what to do?? Can you let us discuss for the last question? No you can’t Everyone this question you dont even have to discuss *unbelivable eyes Question: What is the name of this character Oh I know this!!! *Solji is a little unsure No no no you can’t tell her anything oh Hyelin also dont know!! crocodile.. the one that starts with K Okay lets see from Solji Dont let Hyelin see the answer CORRECT!!!!!!!! Everyone are you that happy answering the question of a character? Of course!! it is beef cake!! beef cake~~ Thank you I will eat well Actually our games are quite tiring too Looking at you all eat so deliciously, we are also very happy We hope that Hot Pink can hit daebak this time too Okay we spent the last broadcast of November with EXID Lastly our leader Solji Thank you for inviting us to weekly idol and thank you to the 2 mcs that took care of us so well in this period we tried our best today but it seems that we are not good in anything we are really sorry We will work hard for our Hot Pink promotions so please support us Thank you Up till now its EXID!! Translation BY: Ahn Hani Global

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