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We’re going to test your intelligence (Shocked) This test is called
the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Some of you probably did this
when you were younger [Kyu Sik] Yes, but since you did it
when you were young and a lot of time has passed since then, we’re going to use an upgraded, new version
(Not happy) As for the official testing environment, we’ll emulate it as much as possible for our test today I took an IQ test in middle school
and I scored 150 on it So, you feel the most pressure
I have nothing to lose All you can do is fall from there
That was before I started drinking It was just one good score in high school
It just came out well… Why are you all suddenly like this? Suddenly everyone’s talking (Mountain of worries) Now we… what do we do? Now then, shall we begin? – The dictionary definition of these words…
– [Hyun Moo] Oh, my God! Write down the dictionary definitions Listen carefully and do the mental math What was the average number
of kilometers they ran per hour? – 120-something
– Is it just me who feels like this? No, me too
(About to cry) [Kyu Sik] Place in the correct
order for it to flow naturally (The cast is focusing on the questions) I’m going to give you nine tiles Arrange them all to match the image you see This is driving me crazy Ha Seok Jin is scary (Proud) (After a long time,
the IQ test is complete!) We’ve got some shocking results Did I score like 100? Before we talk about the results, this is something I really want to say The IQ tests you’ve done in the past are completely different from this one [Kyu Sik] Therefore, you probably have an idea of what your IQ is Forget about that from now on The average of this IQ test is 100 – Oh, really?
– [Hyun Moo] The average is 100? The reason the average is 100, That means a lot of people
have double digit scores That’s right The test we did it when we were younger– – The average isn’t 100?
– No Most of the tests we did when
we were younger had averages of about 120 [RM] That’s pretty high So, does that mean the concept of IQ
has completely changed over time? Rather than the concept, it’s the standard – The standard has changed–
– You have to subtract 20 as you go in Yes, so if you just put out 98
in the captions… or 85 without context,
I’m going to be so mad – Can I ask a question?
– Of course, you can Is there a big difference
between the highest and lowest IQ here? It’s not that big Yes, we have nothing to lose Woo hoo!
(What?) (We’re all basically the same!) – If the difference is small,
– You’re still in the middle if you do bad I’m going to reveal the scores Your intelligence… is very high (What?) Oh, why are you like that~ Do you mean it’s high compared
to your expectations…? Or in general…? – [Hyun Moo] That’s a good question
– …is it higher than the average? – You must have really underestimated us
– [Kyu Sik] I’ll tell you the truth Of the people here, three of you have a score that’s in the top 1% in Korea Oh, really? – [Ji Seok] If it’s three of us…
– Then, it’s RM, Lee Jang Won, and Tyler (Three people come to mind
without hesitation) Before talking about the results, I have to talk about one exception And that’s Tyler [RM] That’s right, Tyler is… While going through the answers, because you have a linguistic handicap the credibility of the language
portion for you is questionable It came out very low [Kyu Sik] So, if we had conducted
this test in English Tyler’s score would have been at least IQ 130 – [Hyun Moo] Wow
– Yes, so we’re going to exclude Tyler’s results Of the rest of the cast, the lowest IQ score was for Kim Ji Seok
(Ji Seok IQ117) You should have just said it… (Relieved) But Kim Ji Seok studied in the UK, – so his Korean isn’t as great
– [Jang Won] That’s right, that’s right [Hyun Moo] It hurts him a lot
in the linguistics portion [Hyun Moo] He’s British When we’re in the waiting room, he
almost always uses British English (Joking around) He’s actually very good at
expressing himself linguistically So, studying abroad was probably much easier for him One of the things that makes me think
Korean education isn’t the best fit for you is that compared
to your linguistic expression your attentiveness is average Yes, so if you had studied in Korea you would have probably suffered a lot… Living abroad was…
a good idea We’ll announce Second Place
Second Place is… [Kyu Sik] Ha Seok Jin Ha Seok Jin scored 132 [Kyu Sik] In the old test,
that would be 152 What’s interesting about Ha Seok Jin
(Envious) is that he really has
the brain of an engineer His linguistic expression is average However, his numerical abilities and focus
earned almost perfect scores This is probably thanks to the show It’s not easy to maintain these scores
and percentages at his age [Hyun Moo] How awesome [Kyu Sik] But personally, of all the results, Third Place, – this person surprised me the most
– It must be Jun Hyun Moo – Third place?
– Yes, actually, with Second Place… There was only a 1-point difference at 131 I’ll announce it In the top 3 of the top 1% team,
third place goes to Jun Hyun Moo – Me?
– [Kyu Sik] Yes Your ability to understand language is at the level of a linguistic genius The reason you were able to pass the language
test for all three broadcasting stations probably comes from there,
and what stands out is you scored high in understanding
and reading situations [RM] He really is the best at that in Korea
(Always reading the room) – That factors into IQ tests?
– [Kyu Sik] Yes Being a trickster goes into it? – Your ability to read the room is world class
– [RM] Oh, it really is The section where you write down the order tests social adeptness, and ability to read a situation I was good at putting things in order? You were It was really difficult [Kyu Sik] And you did well What did you say my score was? [Kyu Sik] 131 How much?
(Joking) Oh, it’s because I couldn’t hear (Childish and shameless) 131 [Hyun Moo] If that was
in the IQ scale we’re used to, it would be over 150 151 151~ (Did you hear that???) Amazing
(Very envious) That’s not important Am I First Place or Fourth Place, tell me – [Ji Seok] I’m curious who’s Fourth
– [Hyun Moo] Wait…. So, I’m either above Lee Jang Won or RM? (Annoyed) [Hyun Moo] No matter what happens,
I’m happy (Hatred explodes!) – It’s probably me
– Look at his face Come below me, come here [Seok Jin] I’ll laugh if Lee Jang Won is
Fourth Place [Hyun Moo] Nam Joon, come here [Kyu Sik] I’m going to announce
who was in First Place With a score of 134 – The difference isn’t that big
– [Kyu Sik] It really isn’t Please let me be better
than Jang Won just once [RM] This program is Jang Won’s program What?
(Shy) First Place I can’t look RM RM
(Let my wish come true~) (This is fun) (Nervous fidgeting) (Sighing everywhere) It’s Lee Jang Won (Disappointed) [Kyu Sik] Lee Jang Won had a high score, but what stood out was how he did in linguistics, in linguistics and in behavior,
he scored high in both So, he has both his right-brain
and left-brain strengths He’s a balanced genius And it fits his character He’s a hidden gem RM’s score came out at 120 But he was hurt a lot by his age – There are lot of smart people in his age group
– [Kyu Sik] So, this number is probably one
of the highest amongst idols If we converted it to old IQ scores,
it’s over 140 [Hyun Moo] Which is amazing His concentration was
the highest out of everyone [Hyun Moo] Though he’s such an active person
(As expected of Brain Monster) He has very high flashes of concentration I can’t do it for long But if he’d continued studying, he
would have probably done very well Even if he hadn’t become an idol,
he would have done something great I was actually very surprised These numbers aren’t that common All of you have very advanced minds and very healthy brains, too It’s probably because you’re on this show that your brains have gotten better…

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