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Let me tell you about IELTS cue cards. When you do the second part
of the Ielts speaking test You will be given a piece of paper
with a question written on it. This is what is called a cue card. You will also be given
an empty paper a pencil
and only one minute to structure and organize your answer. After the minute is over
you’re supposed to speak on the topic for 2 minutes
and then you’ll answer one or two follow up questions. Not all questions will be familiar to you.
And You are not expected to tell the truth. So you can actually lie as much as you want.
If you want to, that is. In today’s example
the cue card question is to Describe a famous person you would like
to meet. A famous person can be an actor,
An influencer An Internet celebrity
A musician Or of course A politician
Your job is to choose one and explain why you’d like to meet them Let’s see the cues The first cue is
who the famous person is You’ll need vocabulary
From topics Related to famous people,
Politics News,
Sports and the like. For our example
We chose Tom Hanks
Who’s An actor and director. You also need to establish the tense
For your answer. If you are confused
Then use the tense of the cue In this case it is set in the present tense The next cue asks us
to talk about what he /she is famous for The first step as always is
to establish the tense, in this case we will use the present tense. You’ll need to talk about the
The job or profession Of the person
Or his achievement Or his political or
Social cause. The third cue asks us
to talk about what you would do if you met him /her We need first to establish the tense
Because today’s card Talk about something
Hypothetical Or imaginary
The cue card knows We are very unlikely
to actually Meet tom hanks
That is why this cue Uses the second conditional
Which describes Things that are unlikely to happen.
We Also need to use the second conditional in
our answer. Secondly the questions asks us
About what we would do So you we need to talk about actions and maybe
feelings the forth and final cue
is to explain why you would like to meet him/ her. Again the tense of the cue card
Describes an unlikely situation So we’ll continue with the
Second conditional if We will talk about the effects
Of meeting tom hanks If you have been following our exercises
your paper should look something like this. Now the boxes are ready
Remember not to look at your notes All the time while answering So Try to maintain eye contact
With your examiner Try to give an equal amount of time
To each cue Remember to use
unfamiliar vocabulary, a few collocations and idioms,
and a mix of tenses if I can. Use these correctly or not all.
Stay on the safe side. Before we start with the answer
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You can pause here if you want to try To answer first and compare Now here’s our example answer the cue is “who this famous person is ”
our answer is: There is plenty of people that I would like
to meet or even would have liked to meet,
had they not passed away. But the one that comes to mind right now
is Tom Hanks. He is a successful actor
who is well known all over the world. plenty of means a lot of had they not passed away means
if they had not passed away Is an advanced form
of the the third conditional if. to come to mind
Is an idiom that means to remember, to recall well-known: famous the cue is “what is he /she famous for”
our answer is: Hanks is a self-made actor and director
who went from rags to riches through hard work and dedication to his profession.
He made movies such as “The Green Mile”,
“Sully”, and “The Terminal”.
His bench scene in the movie “Forrest Gump” is especially memorable.
He is also a kind-hearted down-to-earth person
who once crashed a wedding of two ordinary people
to take a photo with them. He also once found a student identity card
and arranged for its owner to get it back with a handwritten note. self-made is when your become
rich and successful as a result of your own work
Not family money To go from rags to riches
is an idiom that means to go from poor to rich
profession: a paid occupation When something is memorable
It’s unforgettable, easily remembered To crash a wedding
is an informal way of saying Someone showed up at a wedding
Without an invitation Ordinary people
Are normal people An identity card
Is a card that carries the holder’s personal details the next cue is “what you would do if you
met him /her” our answer is:
If I met Tom Hanks I would probably be speechless
for the first ten minutes. But certainly,
I would try to build an everlasting friendship with him.
I would discuss global issues in life and politics
and see where he stands on them. A fresh outlook on issues
is always welcome. if + past, I would+ infinitve
Is the second conditional if. Speechless is
when you are unable to speak because of strong emotions
Everlasting means lasting forever or a very long time
An Issue is an important topic or problem An outlook is a person’s general attitude
to life fresh outlook is a collocation
Which means these words are often seen together. the next cue is “explain why you would like
to meet him/ her. ” our answer is:
Meeting influential people at an impressionable age
is sometimes decisive for most people. This is more impactful
if the influential person you meet is neither snobby nor arrogant
and willing to share his experience with you. In this case,
meeting Tom Hanks, I believe,
would certainly change something about the way
I look at the world and deal with people around me. An influential person
Is someone who has great influence on someone or something impressionable age is another (collocation)
It describes young people in their formative years Decisive effect
Is an effect that produces a definite result
or makes a difference impactful: having a major impact or effect neither… nor… (conjunction)
We call someone snobby, arrogant
When they have an exaggerated sense of
their own importance or value So that was our Tom Hanks cue card
Who is your favorite famous person? How would you describe him on an IELTS test?
It’s time for you to try and let us know in the comments.
Don’t forget to subscribe And help yourself to other cue cards and lessons
we have, Until next time.

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