Hey everybody, this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very excited tonight. I’m going for win, overall win
#810, and for the first time in a long time, this is a hometown food challenge pretty much! We have so many people here which is much appreciated!! I’m in O’Fallon, Missouri, about 15 minutes from my mom and dad’s house. I am at Brewskeez Smokehouse and Music. I’m taking on their Champion Chicken Wing King Challenge!! There are 55 of their chicken wings,
Their jumbo chicken wings!! They are breaded, and then it’s all
covered with their award-winning sauce, their original. They’ve won a couple
different wing contests around here. There are 55 wings, along with a pile of
fries in the middle. So we’ve got 55 minutes to finish everything here. If I
win, I’m going to get the $55 meal for free, I’ll get a sweet t-shirt. I’ll
be the very first person with my name and photo up on the wall of fame, and
then best of all I don’t know how often I’ll be able to use it, since I don’t
live around here, but I will get free wings here for a year which means that
I’ll be able to come in once a week for free wings, so let’s get this challenge
started!! (cheering) Alright, big thank you! (cheering) Big thank you to Russ, the owner here at Brewskeez and everybody, all the staff at Brewskeez. Russ and I both went to Duchesne High School
which is awesome, a couple of years apart, but it is great to be here and be the
first to take this challenge. 55 minutes. Nobody’s tried, no record to beat, nobody’s won. Let’s just shut up and eat. They are fried, hopefully the meat comes right off the bone, so we’ve got about a mix, with pretty equal wings and drums, so let’s do it!! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom!! (crowd) Go Randy!! (Randy) Oh yeah!! I think the wings are gonna be easy, so I’m
gonna start out while I’m fresh, doing some of these drums. I was watching all of these things fry, and
there’s so much meat on all of them! There’s none that are smaller than all
the rest! He’s making me earn the first win. This sauce is so good! This sauce is the 12-time winner, or these wings are the 12-time winner of Wing Ding which is a local chicken wing contest, or competition all around, St. Charles or
St. Louis?? The world!! … St. Charles County. (crowd laughing) I feel like I’m eating and eating, and these wings are not going away. 13 minutes and 10 seconds in. The Diet Coke, no ranch, no blue cheese, trying to watch my figure before Thanksgiving, but we still have tons of wings left. We’re just gonna keep on going. We’ll do the fries at some point. 24 minutes in. We’ve got 20 wings left
now, so I’ve done 35, and then we’ve got the big pile of fries. Still got 30 minutes to go! Randy! Randy! Randy! Another with light ice, diet please. We’re over 30 minutes in, so we’ve got under 25 minutes to go. (crowd cheering) 39 minutes in! (crowd cheering very encouragingly) Fifty three and a half minutes in… The fifty-five minutes just passed. (crowd sighing) I was the king of the 55 chicken wings. I just couldn’t get the fries. Great great chicken wings! Can’t say
enough, can’t say enough about those! Big thank you to Brewskeez Smokehouse and Music here in O’Fallon, Missouri. Thank you guys all for your support! Sorry to disappoint, but we tried our best. if you’re interested in trying this
challenge, it is available. Good luck, but like I said, the wings are very good! Thank you guys for

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for clicking to watch this video!! BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is also watching and supporting our efforts via my Facebook page as well!! Very early this morning, we surpassed the 1 MILLION followers milestone!! For anyone interested who isn't already following, here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/RandySantel

  2. You are in for a world of health problems down the road…im sure you are fine now(hopefully) but this mass eating is going to kill you.

  3. Bone In wings are a tough challenge. Good on Randy for trying. Not easy. I bet his least favorite challenge are wings lol. They take up more time. But every place he goes that Restaurant gets more customers, so win win.

  4. You had a heckler in this crowd. 😂
    'Yeah, right…'
    Good attempt, Randy! I know those little bit of fries may as well have been an olive garden bread stick in place of each fry at that point!

  5. What are you doing to yourself Andy ??? You were much more fit just last year , YouTube won’t give you a Health and longevity, just go and get a better job . You are very nice looking person .

  6. Randy can you comment on how does eating a massive number of cals in a short time actually affect your body from a nutrition and weight mgmt perspective? For example I have heard that 3500 calories is about 1 lb of body weight – but if you eat 10,000 cals in one sitting you probably don’t permanently gain 3 lbs right? Does the body have limits to what it will absorb? Should we all have a good big eat every once in a while??

  7. If you cant beat it in 55 minutes then i doubt there is many who can 😂 they do not want to give out free wings for a year to just anyone apparently 🤣🤣

  8. Why are woman like kfc? Cos once your finished with the breasts and thighs all you have left is a gressy box to stick your bone in. Giggity .

  9. Dude, I dont know who have doing the riffs on this video but they have a killer 80s early 90s kiss and slight pantera sound to them

  10. Chicken farm catches on fire
    Farmer: "Jeez… what a massive waste of food… those cooked chickens are going to spoil in < 24 hours."
    Farmer 2: "…. I'll make the call."
    Randy Santel shows up 2 hours later

  11. Great effort mate, respect for you, I know you gave it your all, better luck on the rematch 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  12. To be honest, awhile ago I thought you were a bit of a goof ( sorry ) , but after watching many videos of you. I seem to be a very nice guy and I think you're pretty cool now. 😎

  13. Not true randy! This challenge has been defeated multiple times by multiple diff people. Again trying to clickbait with your lies

  14. Damn you use to be small an lookin cut now you have gotten a lot bigger not judging on you but I thought you were ganna be swole but I feel the professional eating is cool

  15. I like your commentary, but here's a REAL challenge for you Randy:

    Do a challenge WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE word, and finish!!! When you edit your video, do a voice over afterwards when done. Now, can you do THAT sir???🤔💭

  16. Just remember, there are people actually starving to death. Show this to someone in Gambia, see how many "whoops'" this gets. "Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach". An abhorrent site.

  17. If you get to a million subs you have to go where Brandon the garbage disposal Clark has his record of 101 chicken wings and beat it with 110 wings 🍗

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