My name is carly massa I would definitely describe myself as a mess we see a handful growing up I mean We’re busy My mom is my best friend. You’re always like be yourself, and I’m always like not everybody likes you I’ve always been a little different Which was younger would say if I could bring a smile to one person’s face in that audience And I’m happy with my performance ever since I was a kid I would sing answer like she begged Carl Akeley. I’m like okay mom Yes, and she would never tell me to stop or to be quiet like my mom was always my biggest supporter But when I was in middle school my mom was diagnosed with progressive MS Last year she had like five surgeries she doesn’t have a full bladder. She doesn’t have a split mine I just have a lot of things in her body like anymore. It’s really really hard I Don’t just want my mom to be able to see me with my dreams. I want her to live them with me. Don’t cry This Song that I’m singing today isn’t original I wrote it at 2:00 a.m. I was at my mom’s house, and she was going through a really hard time, and it’s called. I’d let the lion out Always laugh it You mean you don’t wake up every day with a lavalier mic today. I just want to let myself out I don’t want to think about being appropriate or being perfect all the time I just want to let the lion out who are you? I’m Carly Moffatt. It’s Carly. Oh, I’m so grateful Severe holy crap hi I’m from Williamstown, New Jersey, but I live in Nashville when did you move here? I moved here a few years back I started school. I kind of ran out of money like a year and a half ago. I have a semester left but My dad’s not too happy, but my mom is she’s my person and as your mom is your person? I understand dad’s will never understand Exactly what you going right so she believes like that. We’re on earth and that there’s a Sun in me That’s how much she believes in this so she’s a pretty pretty epic and she’s here today amazing What do you want to sing for us today? I would like to sing an original for you. Go ahead Carly. Oh, yeah, okay? I’m getting it together Just give me a second Ha Ha ha and easy St.. You are my best date Carly that was great What’s happening no just I get really excited and when I get excited or nervous I tend to like I don’t know it has to like come out of my body some way whether you’re right just say yeah Like look not so much. I mean oh. I love you, too I love everyone you’re doing great guys like we’re doing great the way we’re dealing with you Okay, okay You’re giving us the whole package because I’m telling you a vocal quality is amazing your personality is amazing It’s actually very very wonderful to watch your I think your voice has a lot of Character in it a lot of quirky crazy awesome personality. I think you’re tremendous You know there’s a lot of people that have come in with this artistic South and it hasn’t really worked for them But for some reason it’s kind of working for you. It’s your thing. Have you heard of Florence in the machine? Yeah, you kind of have that big beautiful folky Florence type voice which Commands a room. Thank you, so let’s take about a sick of all I’m happy. It’s a yes. I Can’t wait to see the coinkidink that come out of you right so yes for me As your mother she’s outside, can you ask her to come in mama? Come in Because I know you’ve been believing her She’s going to Hollywood, but your support is just amazing You ain’t saying that when you saw my tattoo Thank you guys, so So great, hi guys. She is so early For even more idol an exclusive content subscribe below the official American Idol YouTube channel

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