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Cardwell Potts ’04 | HVC Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Introduction

Cardwell Potts help solidify Harvard’s
legacy is one of the dominant sailing programs in the country with a New
England co-ed Championship to ICSA intercollegiate Sailing Association
match race championships to ICS a team championships a pair of second-place
finishes at the ICS a co-ed national championship and ultimately an ICS a
co-ed national championship the Crimson’s list of accomplishments goes
on and on Potts and his teammates were so dominant in fact that during his time they received four consecutive Fowles trophies as the
best overall team in collegiate sailing a feat that had only been accomplished
twice before and never since Potts received two share of individual
accolades as well earning all-america honors all four years before receiving
collegiate sailings highest honor the Everett Morris Memorial Trophy as the
college sailor of the year quote Cardwell Potts was the ultimate
collegiate sailor says his coach Mike O’Connor
he was extremely fast in a straight line and he was one of the best boat handlers
in the country he was equally adept at fleet racing and team racing and he
could crew almost as well as he skippered I’m confident that Cardwell
would have excelled in any sport which he chose to pursue and am very lucky
that he chose sailing end quote congratulations Cardwell Potts a member
of the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame class of 2019

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