Today I’m going to ask people to describe famous landmarks to me and I have to guess what the heck they’re talking about. And guess what… you get to play along at home as well. Good luck everybody. [music plays] They may only describe what it looks like. They may not tell me where it is. They may not tell me what the significance of it is, and lastly, they may not use any of the words of the landmark in the clues. [music resolves]
3… 2… 1… and go. ALIYA: Okay, it’s a really tall building type thing It’s really tall and the same guy who made the Statue of Liberty made it and it’s a big tourist attraction and um… it sort of looks like wires going up it and it’s not like a complete actually building that you can go inside of. And…
TOMMY: You got a little more time if you like. TOMMY: About 10 more seconds. ALIYA: Ah… this is hard. Also… it has a flag on top of it I think. I’m not sure though. TOMMY: Okay, we’ll stop right there. I’m going to guess it’s the new Freedom Tower up on World Trade in Lower Manhattan. ALIYA: No.
TOMMY: No. ALIYA: It’s the Eiffel Tower.
TOMMY: The Eiffel Tower. I thought you could really go inside the Eiffel Tower. You can’t? ALIYA: I don’t know. I don’t think you can.
TOMMY: See, I never knew that. [laughs] That was pretty good. [music interlude] TOMMY: And… Go.
JAZELYN: Okay, this is really beautiful. I just went here like a month ago. It’s orange. It, um… A lot of people go there and they surround it. And take pictures. And it’s really, really big. And, um… There’s a lot of like… dents? Like things in it. And, um… It’s really hard. And it’s like has nature and um… Yeah….
TOMMY: Still got a few more seconds if you’d like. JAZELYN: Um…. It’s also brown but it’s mostly orange. Like dark orange. And… TOMMY: Done. That’s it. Stop the clock. I’m going to say that it is the Grand Canyon. JAZELYN: Yes!
TOMMY: Hey! Nicely done there, Jazelyn. Very good.
JAZELYN: Thank you. TOMMY: Listen, you learn something new everyday. The Grand Canyon’s orange. I’ll never forget that. I’m goind to tweet that out later. That’s like the thing I learned today. That the Grand Canyon is orange. [musical interlude] TOMMY: And… go.
TOADEN: It’s an iconic thing that people still drive by and it tells you where you are but even in movies and everything they just want to have because they love looking at it. This is a tough one. It’s something iconic for an entire industry. Even though it represents a city it really represents an entire industry no matter where you are in the world if you see this thing that… that spells out these letters that represent this whole industry, it doesn’t matter where they are in the world they think of film making. They think of movies they think of TV. TOMMY: Okay, you’re good. I think I know exactly what you’re talking about. I think I got it pretty early one as well. When you were talking about people driving by and everything and wanted to be a part of it? I’m going to say the Hollywood sign. TOADEN: Yes, sir.
TOMMY: Hey! Nicely done there, Toaden. Very good. [musical interlude] TOMMY: And… go.
LOUIE: Okay, so it’s a bunch of rocks that standing up on end and some are laid on top of each other so they kind of make kind of make little bridges almost. And they’re all laid out in a weird pattern that kind of… people think that aliens… they’re about aliens. And it’s on a big grass field. It’s pretty much just these rocks in the field. And they’re scattered in a weird way. They’re very big rocks. TOMMY: You want to stop right there? LOUIE: Yeah, I’ll stop right there. I’m good. I think that’s good enough. TOMMY: Alright, we’ll stop the clock. I think you’re good too. I think I know exactly what you’re talking about. You’re talking about of course a Ford pickup – no I’m just kidding. You’re talking about Stonehenge!
LOUIE: Talking about Stonehenge. Yeah. TOMMY: Yeah! Nice one, Louie. That was great. Nice description. [musical interlude] TOMMY: And… go.
LOLO: Presidents. There’s four of them. Oh my gosh. It’s outside… Well, it’s landmark, duh, it has to be outside. Okay that was stupid. That was a stupid… Okay, um… [silence] TOMMY: Still got time.
LOLO: Oh, man. Tommy, this is lot more difficult than I thought. There’s like presidents. And they’re like lined up. And somebody carved it. It’s like a sculpture. A really huge sculpture. That is a landmark obviously. Um, four presidents..
TOMMY: Stop the clock. We’ll stop the clock right here. And I think I know exactly what you’re talking about.
LOLO: Okay.
TOMMY: I do. You ready?
LOLO: Ah, yeah.
TOMMY: I think you’re talking about the one, the only… Mount Rushmore.
LOLO: Haha… Got it! Love it. [music] TOMMY: Wow. Hey, that was fun. Nicely done. ALIYA: Thank you.
TOMMY: You seem… you alright?
ALIYA: Yeah. TOMMY: That was great.
ALIYA: I was really scared. BEN: That was great. That was fantastic. You were very good.
TOMMY: And I’m an idiot. [both laugh]
ALIYA: No, you’re not. TOMMY: I’m a goofus.

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  1. Can blind people raise kids not to be offensive or ignorant but I wonder how they would stop the child from hurting themselves or doing something there not supposed to

  2. 0:39 dumb dumb dumb dumb The guy who made the Statue of Liberty(Frederic Bartholdi) and the guy who created the Eiffel Tower(you know it's in the name – Gustave Eiffel) are two different people

  3. I got the Grand Canyon and Hollywood sign wrong. I thought the Grand Canyon was the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood sign the Freedom Tower.

  4. "A grey, big, metallic structure which is the shape of a triangle, but to be more specific, it's the shape of an A. It was designed by the same person behind the Statue of Liberty. You can go inside it, and it sits on 4 legs."
    Guess what that is.

    Eiffel tower? Correct. And oh, don't worry, I thought of that well under 30 seconds. And if I wanted to, I would add, "It was designed by a Frenchman." You see? I'm not breaking any rules: Can't tell the significance, the place where it stands, and use the words in the title of the landmark. But to not make it borderline easy, I wouldn't say it.

  5. One question – how did Tommy learn what those landmarks are like besides other descriptions of them? He cannot look at pictures of them. Maybe by examining the scale models that are sold as souvenirs?

  6. She didnt do a good job of describing the eiffel tower at the beginning but she did a good job of being adorable at the end

  7. Some of these people where doing such a shitty job of describing these places. Some did great, but honestly wtf with some of these people!?

  8. Got all but Grand Canyon. It was a really bizarre description of the canyon. It's not orange plus you can see colour so seems unfair to claim that as you would just have to take her word for it. I wonder if she's not either color blind or she saw it during a sunrise or sunset and can't differentiate the effects of the suns refraction on the minerals in the dirt. Oh well I'm sure it looked beautiful for her and who can take that from her?

  9. one Phrase: lack of vocabulary And: the eiffel Tower has a Restaurant and other stuff in it so youi can get inside, and wtf the architect of the eiffel Tower and the statue of liberty are not the same) STOP SPREADING FALSE FACTS

  10. Why do people just say "people go there…um….a lot of tourists go there..umm….its (insert color)….ummm….its big…"

  11. More videos like this! Good job! I love how it tests Tommy's knowledge but also reveals how other people view these objects.

  12. English is not my native tounge but even I could use better words to descripe famous landscapes than "huge building, people go there, people make photos of it, it's very nice" … don't say

  13. why do people wannabe a part of the Hollywood sign… pretty sure it's boring, and you might choke inside it

  14. Am I the only one who seen the guys doing the really awkward handshake in the background of the man describing the Hollywood sign

  15. This is a fun concept for a video, but try and feature some people with more than half a brain cell between them next time 🙂

  16. 04:04 People dont think that it is about aliens. just like people dont think that the earth is flat.
    Idiot thinks so 😉
    Anyway great video guys, keep up the good work!

  17. People are really shit at following simple instructions. "ONLY what it looks like" "Okay so uh, the person who constructed it was…" "People travel there a a lot…" "It's common in movies." sigh.

  18. I was totally convinced the second girl was describing Golden Gate Bridge, especially because she kept saying it's orange. Amazing that Tommy could get it.

  19. i'm confused on the grand canyon there. i thought that she was describing uluru. and neither uluru nor grand canyon is a man-made landmark. hm.

  20. The first girl was so dumb lmao You CAN go in the tower….also….saying there's wires on it hahahahahhahaha

  21. Mount Rush more was 95% completed with dynamite and only the last few weeks or so were done with anything else.

    They also had a softball team with their own playing cards

  22. Hey! I live 9 miles from Stonehenge! It makes me laugh when Americans say it though, they put the emphasis on the word 'Stone' rather than the word 'henge', which British people do.

  23. The first two girls I had no freaking clue what they were talking about. The first one I didn't even have a guess and the second one I was thinking the Golden Gate Bridge or something because she said people take pictures and it's orange lol.

  24. You can go inside the Eiffel Tower. It’s just really expensive and there’s a long line and I personally find those types of things a waste of time. That’s why I did not visit a single observation deck in New York. I’m not spending money to sit on an observation deck just to sit there. I mean I would rather listen to the street down below it’s not like I could see it from above. I don’t want to sit there and have someone point out that Long Island city Queens is across the water there in the distance. I want to go to Long Island city Queens so I can hear and feel and smell and taste it. And socialize with people in it.

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