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Behind the Scenes at Policy Idol

Well I think Policy Idol is a great
platform where you can just get your ideas out there and I think every
student has always had this dream of making a contribution to the world, of
making the world a better place. I’m feeling nervous about the final but
actually very excited as well because from the training session I’ve seen the
fascinating Playbacks of everyone else’s pitches
and every single idea is so valuable. We could just all make society better I
think. Policy Idol is really giving me a chance to engage with the topic that I
don’t get to spend a lot of time on in my studies which is super satisfying and
really good fun. It lets me spend some time with you. We also get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds that do different types of studies and get to hear their ideas their pitches so that’s been nice. I
think we’re gonna smash the final yeah really looking forward to it yeah. I
think it’s been really really good to talk to a personal coach within the
Policy Institute and really look through all of the things about our pitch that
could be improved, any of the gaps in our knowledge and stuff like
that it’s been super valuable to have an expert on that. So what am I getting out
of Policy Idol? Well at the moment it’s been very stimulating very
interesting lots of different topics being covered by lots of different
people from different backgrounds. At the moment I was pleasantly surprised by
the amount of like communication skills which have been acquired even just in
brief like one hour and we’ve been doing with Ross. Um yeah, I think it’s very
interesting, very exciting and there’s lots of issues as well which you kind of
like have in your periphery or you’ve heard of but you’ve not had it like broken down quite so well, as people have done here, so it’s quite basically you realize there’s some interesting things to fix. So the final is going to be exciting I’m sure it’d be very interesting and
looking forward to how everyone has refined and evolved in terms of like how
they’re talking their actual policy that’s going on. Um, yeah it’s, you know, a
good combination of kind of like nerves and excitement. I’d say that what I’m getting out of Policy Idol primarily is communication
skills and really being able to sort of polish those. It’s not something we do a
lot in science, I’ve had a couple of training seminars here and there but
it’s never been dedicated to communication skills and bringing your
idea across as efficiently and effectively as possible. Hearing other
people’s ideas and seeing the issues that they’re passionate about is also really great, so it’s exposure to other people and other concepts that you wouldn’t
necessarily run into a new day to day life is definite something else that I’m
getting out of this. I’m feeling nervous about the final but also obviously very excited. I
think it will be… it’s the combination of this whole thing right so obviously
I’m very much looking forward to it but at the same time I’ve seen other people’s
pitches now and I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ve changed and how mine changes but also kind of nervous as I’ve seen how good everyone else is too, so yeah!

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