Love can sometimes be a dangerous thing as it may bring consequences that one could never have imagined In fact, this is even more true for K-Pop idols for unfortunate reasons. The dating policy within the K-Pop scene is usually strict and fans take it very seriously Some idols however can cope with all these difficulties and even risking everything still prefer to be together But since not all love stories have a happy ending, there are some Idols that have been heartbroken by people they love But before I start, I just wanted to ask you to subscribe to the channel. This is very important because this is how you will get all the next videos that I will release Also, if you can, leave a like that will help me a lot And if you want to interact more directly with me, you can follow me on my Instagram HyunA and Dawn are one of kpop’s best known couples. They found out through news headlines that they were kicked out of their agency And even putting their careers at risk the two still decided to stay together Hyuna and E’Dawn dominated Korean news last year as their love saga unfolded Hyuna was a popular soloist under Cube Entertainment, often referred to as “the queen of Cube” And Hyojong was a member of Cube’s newest boy band PENTAGON who were just starting to take off Both were also members of Triple H, a three-person group which included Hyojong’s fellow PENTAGON member Hui It was during the trio’s comeback with their EP “Retro Futurism” that Hyuna and Hyojong went public with their relationship The ripple was immediately felt throughout the K-Pop world, especially for Hyuna’s popularity Cube’s share price began to tank as investors anticipated the public backlash from fans Some PENTAGON fans became very upset as they were a relatively new fanbase and many saw this as a betrayal by Hyojong who, in their eyes, belonged to them Cube Entertainment experienced a public relations disaster as they flip-flopped on what their stance on the relationship was First denying its existence completely before finally start acting behind the scenes Hyojong was “temporarily” removed from PENTAGON and Hyuna’s public appearances were cancelled Behind-the-scenes, Cube had issued an ultimatum to Hyuna and Hyojong. They had to either end their relationship or both would be removed from the company After their obvious refusal, Cube terminated both their contracts, claiming that the loyalty and trust they had we Idols could not be rebuilt A few months later, the couple was signed to PSY’s newly-founded agency, P-NATION HyunA recently made her comeback, and Dawn his solo debut under the new company In the latest episode of Knowing Bros, HyunA and Dawn shared never-told-before details about how they came to be the most iconic couple in the K-pop scene HyunA revealed she had a crush on Dawn first, who was actually a trainee at the time She added, in the year-and-a-half’s time, she tried to drop hints so Dawn would notice her feelings for him To this, Dawn commented that he was oblivious because he didn’t think a superstar like HyunA would find a trainee like himself any interesting (G)-idle’s SooJin and Pentagon’s Hui probably caused Cube an additional headache Since the agency was busy calming things down with the news about HyunA and E’Dawn around the same time A rumor about their relationship began to circulate over the internet after photos of them at a mall meeting surfaced Since everything happened around the same time HyunA took over their romance with E’DAWN, many Korean fans were also shocked by another possible couple on Cube Especially because (G)i-dle had just debuted and Hui was also a member of Triple H But soon, Cube confirmed that the two artists were indeed a couple, but their relationship was already over To date, little is known about their romance, as no date has been given by the company and there was no statement from them either Although BTS’ label company, Big Hit Entertainment, does not impose a no-dating contract to their celebrities, the members, including J-Hope, do not have time for love And even with all the exposure that the group suffers, as the most popular group of its kind is undisputed None of the members were involved in a really strong dating scandal, participating in only a few rumors that are soon denied However, it seems that in the past, J-Hope had a girlfriend he liked a lot Their break up was tragic as the girl he used to love left him and chose another guy In an episode of Rookie King, J-Hope said she would like to perform Dynamic Duo’s “Solo” because he remember how this song played after his girlfriend left him Though the memory had been painful for him, Hobi still said it was cool to play the song and remember all the memories he had made with her in the past Woozi revealed that he had his first love when he was still a high school student In Seventeen’s participation in One Fine Day, the idol shared with his groupmates about his school romance She was one of his childhood friends, and whenever Woozi was going to play baisibol she was there to watch him, which made him very nervous and embarrassed With his departure to Seoul to pursue his dream of becoming an idol, Woozi had to leave his first crush and never saw she again In August 2019 Dispatch has published photos of Kang Daniel and Jihyo on an alleged date. The two reportedly began dating at the beginning of this year The two reportedly met last year through a mutual senior from the industry that they were both close with Throughout the year, they both managed to divide their busy schedules and continued to meet Jihyo rumored to have been a big help for Kang Daniel on his tough road to debut with all the controversy he had to face in the lawsuit against his former agency Despite the fear fans felt about what could happen to them both, mainly because Jihyo was the leader of an extremely popular group Both received a lot of support from the community and even their companies made very little comment about the case JYP just confirmed that Jihyo was really in a relationship with Daniel With a brief statement saying they were getting to know each other and having good feelings for each other Another couple revealed in the media this year was Jennie and Kai The news media from Korea, Dispatch, has a habit of revealing couples at the beginning of the year And this time was no different, with perhaps the biggest couple in popularity ever revealed by the media Kai, who was in a previous relationship with his agency colleague, Krystal, was once again in the spotlight over a dating scandal This time with Jennie, who despite being a relatively new idol in the kpop scene, is certainly one of the most popular According to the story, Kai and Jennie have been romantically involved since October 2018 and meet several times since then Despite shocking the whole kpop world with this news, the romance didn’t last long. Kai and Jennie would have broken up after about 4 months of dating This news was obviously surprising because their relationship had just leaked to the public The reason they both decided to cut ties was supposedly because they both wanted to focus on their careers Thanks for watching. Subscribe to receive the next videos 🙂

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  1. claro, a Jennie terminou com o Kai pq ela gosta da Lisa haushaua

    (obs: nao me xingue eh so uma brincadeirinha de leve, gosto do shipp Jenlisa mas tbm acho que Jenkai seria um ótimo casal oficial do kpop)

  2. Agr eu só fico imaginando a cara da ex do jhope vendo ele sendo um dos integrantes do grupo mais famoso de kpop, milionário e lindo

  3. A minha amiga tem um Crush em VC POR FAVOR NAMORA COM ELAAAAA ela vive falando de vc !!! EU NÃO AGUENTO MAIIIIIS PELO AMOR DE DEUS TENHA DÓ DE MIM

  4. Não generalizando mais esse povo da Coréia é muito chato. Acredito que tenha coreanos com mente mais aberta.

  5. a ex do hobi deve se arrepender de ter feito isso com ele, não porque ele é rico e artista, mas sim pelo homem que ele se tornou.

  6. sempre quando saírem um casal novo, apoiem, eles precisam desse apoio, mesmo que vc não goste de tal grupo, eles são pessoas normais como nós que precisam amar ou ser amado

  7. Tadin do hope… Se fosse comigo ele seria a segunda pessoa mais feliz do mundo, a primeira sou eu (curso de pedreiro muito bom viu).

  8. Eu ainda sinto na minha alma …..Kai e Jennie terminaram coisa nem uma, não sei pq mas minha alma me diz o contrário…..

  9. Qualquer pessoa indo falar do relacionamento da hyuna e o guri lá
    Eu: opa vou pular essa parte pq esse casal é chato dks

  10. My favs are
    Hui and sojin Kang_D and jihyo kai and jennie baekhyun and tayeon edawn and hyuna nikhyun and tiffany


  12. 5:08 aaaaahhh mais eu vou atras dessa piranha arrancar o que ela chama de dente e cabelo niguem mexe com meu hope pera ai que ja eu mato essa sem cerebro !AGORA FIQUEI PISTOLA

  13. Neith: "…big hit Entertainment não tem nenhuma regra restrita dobre namoro…."
    Eu: Min Yoon-gi ME AGUARDE 😂kksksksks

  14. Jenkai (kkkkkkkkkk,digitei Jenkai,E meu cll traduziu para "Hentai" que corretor pornográfico….mais voltando)
    JENKAI é o melhor shipp do kpop depois de Jikook/Namjin/Yoonseok/Jenlisa

  15. O próprio Suga nos chama de namoradas. Sério,se eu fosse namorada do Hobi(ou qlqr um integrante do BTS)eu não o trocaria nem por 1 rim

  16. A ex namorada do J-Hope tinha problema por largar um cara que sabe Sila Deus oque ele fez pra conseguir o amor dela e ela joga tudo isso no lixo agora perdeu chora bb

  17. Veio tipo…IDOLS podem sim namorar, pra algumas(os) ARMYCÃOS, que só sabem falar "ahh o Jimin e o Jungkook são só meus" queridss(os), acha msm q vai namorar com um dos tals com esse comportamento ridículo? Vê se cresce tá? Não tô dizendo que você não tem chance com seu bias, só estou falando pra melhorar seu caráter que talves no futuro de certo 🙂 até pq nd é impossível hj em dia né? 😂❤❤

  18. Agora que eu paro pra pensar… EU QUERIA QUE JENKAI AINDA EXISTISSE, eles são muito fofos juntos!!! A Hyuna e o E-Dawn realmente são corajosos, mesmo pondo sua carreira em risco eles largaram tudo e hoje são o casal mais fofo do kpop❤️☺️

  19. Eu acho que a jennie e o kai terminaram porque foram descobertos,eu sinto muita pena pq destruiu a amizade e o relacionamento dos dois!

  20. Eu amei o vídeo e tals, mas tenho que dizer o que penso sobre o caso do Hope.

    É o seguinte todo mundo tá falando que a ex do Hope deve estar muito arrependida e não sei oq… Ele (JHope) disse que ela o trocou por outro homem, que ele gostava bastante dela e que ela o magoou bastante… Tá bom.
    Muito gente está ridicularizando a garota e vitimizando o Hope, não esqueçam que toda história (não fantasiem pelo amor de Deus) têm dois lados.
    Ele disse que ela o trocou por outro homem, pode ter sido assim? Pode.
    Mas também pode não ter sido assim.
    Ele falou isso. Não quer dizer que a história foi assim…. Eu acho muito idiota ficar vitimizando o Hope e ricularizando a garota.
    As Armys (incluindo eu) sabem o que o Hope disse. Não a história toda….

  21. A ex do hobi deve se arrepender muito mano kkk

    Aliás Neith seus vídeos estão cada vez mais interessantes… parabéns pela produção dos vídeos!!
    E muito obrigada por me viciar em seus vídeos/canal! Kkkk ❤

  22. Mano se arrependimento matasse, a mina que trocou o hobi tava só o pó ela deve tá se roendo com peso na consciência de ter trocado ele

  23. Como assim J-Hope foi traído?Essa mulher só pode está louca!!! Olha a perfeição desse homem,uma obra de arte❤

  24. A menina que trocou o jhope que lute , pra trocar um homem maravilhoso desse deve chorar demais pelo arrependimento

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