Before Annual would become one of the leaders
of the latin trap movement. Before he would go to jail for 30 months and
drop an album the day he was released Before that album would top the Latin iTunes
charts Before Anuel would collab with some of the
biggest artists in the latin industry like Ozuna, Farrruko, Nengo Flow, Karol G and American
artists like Tekashi 69 and Nicki Minaj. His song with Nicki was even included on the
soundtrack for “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” Before he would share a passionate kiss with
fellow superstar Karol G confirming what many had already believed about their relationship
status Before Anual would have over 16.5 million
followers on Instagram and more than 22 million listeners on Spotify MONTHLY Anuel grew up the son of a big music A&R,
but that doesn’t mean that he had it easy. He served 30 months in jail on a weapons charge
where he would record songs through the phone. He’s quickly become one of the leaders of
the latin trap music and I have a feeling he’s just getting started. But how did he make it to the top of the game? Well you clicked on the right video. What’s going on good people in the comment
section, my name is Jeremy Hecht, I hope you’re having one Hecht of a Day and today I’ll
be your host taking you through the life and career of Anuel AA prior to fame. We’ve covered other artists recently like
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and be sure to share this video with the biggest Anuel fan that you know. There are a lot of Spanish pronunciations
in this video and as you can probably tell already I do not Speak Spanish so hopefully
I do a decent job but if I say anything wrong feel free to let me know how to pronounce
them in the comments down below. I’ve also got a trivia question for you
that I’ll answer at the end of the video: “What did Anuel say about Karol the first
time he met her?” Stick around until closer to the end of the
video for the answer. Alright, let’s get into it: Alright here goes my first attempt, Anuel
AA was born Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago on November 27, 1992 in Carolina. How was that on a scale of 1 to 10? But of course, it wasn’t the Carolina my
American viewers are thinking of, Carolina, Puerto Rico. Anuel’s father is Jose Gazmey. He was also a musician, playing bass and producing
some prominent latin hits. According to a blog post I found, he was considered
to be one of the best studio musicians in Puerto Rico ever to do it. He ended up becoming the Vice President of
A&R at Sony Music in Puerto Rico and this allowed Anual to meet a lot of Spanish singers
and celebrities from a young age. Legend has it that rapper Tempo carried a
young Anual in his arms when he was just a child. Jose signed Tempo and producer Buddha to the
first million-dollar contract in the genre’s history. Growing up, Anuel studied at the Catholic
school Colegio Maria Auxiliadora in his hometown. Am I getting any better? Ever since a young age, Anuel showed an interest
in music but it was in 2009 that he decided to start rapping and worked on his craft until
he felt ready to release music into the world a year later. His early songs were published through his
father’s company. He was able to secure collabs with some big
artists like Nengo Flow and Ozuna to gain new fans and people fell in love with his
musical style. He started posting his music to his YouTube
channel and his music made it all the way to America and caught the attention of one
of the hottest rappers in the game at the time, the Boss, Ricky Rozay. In 2012 Anuel secured a deal with Rick Ross’s
Maybach Music Group. It’s wild that he was signed to Maybach
and I had no clue. When Ross was posting up pics in 2012 it should
have been him, Meek, Wale, Gunplay and Anuel. They could have been the international rap
Avengers. It was through Maybach that he was able to
secure the permission to use some Rihanna vocals for a hook. In September of 2015, Anuel appeared on a
remix of Byrant Meyers’ song “Esclava” with a standout verse. This put his name into the spotlight of the
latin trap world. The song currently has over 100 million views
on YouTube for the audio alone. In 2016, he released the mixtape Real Hasta
La Muerte, which is the same name as his album that he would later release. While his songs were considered too risky
to play on the radio with lyrics about sex drugs and guns, he quickly started to gain
an online following. While I would have thought that because of
how he grew up that those lyrics weren’t all true or that he wasn’t about that life,
I was proven wrong. Because it was that same year that he got
caught up with the law, being hit with gun possession after leaving a nightclub
in Puerto Rico. In his car, officers found three guns, a dozen
clips and 152 rounds of ammunition. He said in an interview that the moment he
was arrested by police, he knew he was going to jail. And he was unfortunately right. He told Billboard: They arrested me for my songs. For what I said, which is real, what people
see and live in the streets. It was during his time in jail that he began
to build his audience and before long he had himself massive online following posting hit
after hit to his YouTube page. Five of his songs that were released since
the time of his original arrest reached Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. During the time he had collabs released with
Ozuna, Bad Bunny, Farruko and more. Anuel was involved in an incident in jail
with another inmate that lead to him spending 90 days in solitary confinement and Anuel
spent time in 4 different prisons over the course of his 30-month sentence. The prisons varied in location from Puerto
Rico, and Atlanta to Miami with a brief stint in a halfway house before finishing his release
in a Miami prison. It was at the halfway house that he reunited
with his collaborator and friend, Ozuna. And it was also there that he was able to
record in a studio. After a huge Free Anuel campaign from his
fans that went viral and took his fame to a new level, he was released from prison in
May of 2018 after a little over two years behind bars. He released his album the same day that he
got free as a surprise release for his fans. Much of the album was written while he served
his sentence. I guess you have nothing but time to think
and write down your thoughts. Well that and do push-ups. Anuel says some of the songs were finished
before he went in but when he went to the halfway house in Miami, he had the ability
to record the rest of them in a studio. And as for the other songs, he recorded some
of them while on the phone with his producers. They would play the beats on their end and
record his vocals on the other. The album was released through GLAD Empire
records with distribution via The Orchard and it seems like Maybach Music didn’t play
a role in the release at all. It appears he has since cut ties with the
label. But Anuel’s release from prison was timed
perfectly with the rise of Latin Trap in the US. At the time, Cardi B had the number 2 song
in the world with “I Like It” which featured two of the biggest latin trap artists Bad
Bunny and J Balvin. And that song was only topped by Bad Bunny
himself who had the number one song. Anuel’s album landed at the top of the iTunes
Latin charts and at number 4 on the overall chart. He says the first thing he did when he walked
out from behind bars, was hug his son. Anuel collabed with Tekashi 6ix9ine that same
year for the song “BEBE” which has nearly a billion views on YouTube. Anual and Karol G were set to work on a remix
together but when he got locked up he wasn’t able to send her over the verse. But when he was released from jail, the two
allegedly started talking constantly over the phone, even having never met in person. Then the two dropped the song “Culpables”
together. It was about a couple who falls in love while
dating other people. The two met in person officially on the set
of the music video. Apparently Anuel told his manager that Karol
would become his wife one day. And there you have the answer to the question
from the beginning of the video. See kids, the power of the mind is not a joke. You can manifest anything that you want in
this life just say it out loud or right it down and I promise you it will happen. I manifested working on this show back when
I said I wanted to work on a show where I got to talk about music to millions of people
and look where we are now. Karol told Billboard: We became friends and we are very close. He is a human being completely different from
the character he is. He has a huge heart, and I wish everyone could
know him as I know him. As usual in Hollywood, the two kept saying
that they were just friends and denying any rumors of romantic involvement. That is until one night on stage, they confirmed
otherwise: And you can tell by her nod that they had
discussed this happening before the show. They then confirmed on Instagram that this
was not just a fling but a full blown relationship with Karol posting the caption stating: 26 years of experiences, of living, of struggles,
of learning. It’s not a lot what I’m going to write to
you here, you more than anyone know what I think hopefully other people could see what I see
in you. All I can say is I’ve had the honor to know
your heart and fall in love. I’m so proud of you—you’re a giant. Happy birthday and cheers to many more. I love you Emmanuel The two even got matching tattoos of each
other’s real names, so it’s clearly real love. As Drake once so eloquently put it, tat my
name on it so I know it’s real. Anuel stated: “This tattoo is worth more than all of this
jewelry I have And based on how frozen his wrist is usually
looking, it’s worth a lot. And if you thought that tattoo was intense,
then just wait until you see the next one he got of them: That was based on this picture Recently, Karol showed up to the 2019 Billboard
Latin Music awards rocking a massive ring on her finger. So it seems like Anual manifested that into
existence. The two even toured together, performing in
front of massive audiences. Most recently in terms of the music, Anuel
dropped his single “Cambio” with Ozuna and the official video already has more than
50 million views. But as for the rest of the story, well you
know it because this, is before they were famous. As always, my name is Jeremy Hecht, be sure
to check out some of my other videos and let me know who you want me to cover next. Dream Good, Live Better and I hope you have
one Hecht of a Day. If no one has told you yet today, I love you. I’ll see you in the next one.

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