Before the princess engages me
in some task, I will leave with Gulbadan immediately. Minister! Minister! Minister.. Minister, pardon me. The princess is boiling
with rage and waiting for you at the shrine. All right. You may leave.
I will be there in a while. Owing to your delay,
I will get punishment. A severe punishment. The princess said that, not me,
Minister. Do not become responsible
for my death, Minister. Please come with me.
Please. For God’s sake,
please come with me! Minister, please come.
– Gulbadan.. – Please come.. For God’s sake, please come
with me, Minister. – Gulbadan.. Gulbadan, try to understand
what I am saying. It is my turn now. ‘First and foremost, we will
have to keep Genie’ ‘away from food and drinks.’ ‘And Genie Meanie will do that.’ Lady Sara, you are here!
– Well.. Sire Junaid.
– Yes. – I need your help. You will help me, right?
– H-Help you? I was born to help you. It is just that I am
feeling hungry. Let me eat something. Once I am full, I will help you
out completely. By the way, in what way
do you need my help? For decorating the shrine
for the celebration. Let us go.
– Let us go. Please come.
– Please come. At this age, it is difficult
to stay hungry for a long time. Come to me, dear. Time is running out. The princess
is not telling me anything. She is bent upon
wasting time unnecessarily. At least tell me now
what the task is. I have to reach
the golden tower. ‘First, I will waste your time.’ ‘Then I will ruin you.’ ‘Jhumru’s ring is
watching the entire shrine.’ ‘And especially you, Zafar.’ ‘You will not go
anywhere today.’ Yes..
Yes, Princess. Tell me. What can I do for you?
– Face the truth. Pardon me? Please come. Every year, on the occasion
of ‘The Night of Forgiveness’ the citizens visit the shrine. They apologise for their
mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly. They offer prayers to God. And even this year..
Our citizens will come here and offer prayers. But under the supervision
of their minister. What do you mean? I mean, Minister,
you are so old.. I mean, so experienced. So, I thought they should come here
and confess in front of you. And then you listen to them
and tell them what they should do next. I have done the right thing,
have I not? Not just right, Princess,
you have done an excellent job! This wicked man who has been
committing sins all his life will come to know how a small
wound of the heart of a common man
becomes a big burden to him. Let us now watch what
this useless.. I mean, experienced fellow tells them.
– Let us watch. What you did
is absolutely right. But what advice do I give them?
– You need not give them any advice. You just have to hear them out. When our citizens confess,
you just have to listen to them. And accept their apologies. Just assure them that God will forgive them and accept their prayers. After that we will
take all those apology letters and submit them at the market.
Okay? All right.
That is a very nice thought. But you will not stay with me? No. Actually, guilty people usually hide their truth
from me. You already know that. I mean they will get scared
after seeing me. But they will be able to confess
everything in front of you. Absolutely. For the people of Baghdad,
for me you can do this, right? Kammo, you are going
to sit on this chair for hours.
Until your body starts aching. Get used to this. You have to do this
every day now. And when it comes to opening the second door
of the secret chamber forget about it.
You are doomed. And Genie will come back. Master, he is here. With Genie Meanie
the innocent Genie has arrived. True. But keep an eye
on their every move. Lady Sara?
– Yes. The wedding is already over
before the bride could arrive. Wedding?
Bride? I am talking about myself. The shrine is already decorated
before I could arrive. Nobody needs me.
– We absolutely need you. This is just half
of the decoration. You will decorate
the rest of it. Isn’t it? Is it?
– Yes. Food. Food! I am coming. Food! No, Lady Sara.
Don’t stop me right now. Understand the importance
of time. I am very hungry.
I want food. Food!
– Stop. – Food! Master, the fragrance
of food is attracting Genie towards it. Junaid.
– I will have to do something. Jhumru, I will
take care of Genie. You keep an eye on them.
Take it. All right, master.
Go ahead. Please give me a basket
of things required for prayers. Everything is over.
Come tomorrow. What? There is nothing left? Then what is this?
Are you listening? Give me a basket. Hey, he isn’t listening
to me at all. I know how to handle
such people. Hey, give me a basket.
Can’t you hear me? Give me a basket.
– Didn’t I tell you that there is nothing left?
Come tomorrow. Get out of here.
– There is nothing left? Then what is this? I am hungry.
I am very hungry. Junaid. Do you know
what Chand Changezi said to me? What did he say? He said that he will decorate
the shrine better and faster than me. But I told him that if Junaid helps me
in decorating the shrine then there is no way
I can lose. Isn’t it, Junaid?
– Whatever it is. Right now, I am very hungry.
I am going. I am hungry.
– And I feel bad. Before I could even participate
in the competition I have lost. But I want to eat food.
Food! Food. Is food that important
to you? Am I nothing to you? Lady Sara I will tell you
how important you are to me later. But right now, you should try
to understand my situation. This is a very crucial moment.
I am very hungry. I want to eat food.
I am going. Food! Genie is running
after food. Junaid, you know,
I haven’t eaten anything since morning. I am fasting for forgiveness. You should fast with me too. No.
I can’t fast because I am hungry. Genie Meanie tell him that if his friendship
and love is true then he will fast with you.
Tell him quickly. Junaid, if your love
and friendship is true then stop. Love? Both of them are going crazy.
Sara.. Sara..
What’s this? I agree Genie is a bit crazy,
but not Genie Meanie, right? Why is she continuously
staring at him? Master, that’s love. My dear brother I think you’re missing your snob
while looking at them. Isn’t it..
– Oh, snob! Princess!
W-Where.. I can also pull your leg
if you pull mine, right? ‘Whenever I look at Sara’ ‘I start losing control
over myself.’ ‘But I have to control myself
today.’ ‘I have to control my feelings’ ‘and only think about opening’ ‘the next door of
Raaz-e-Kainaat.’ I’ll help you.
– Really? – Yes. We’ll both eat today! What!
– Meal.. It’s an auspicious day and
you’re getting into hooliganism? What’s going on? What do you mean? You’re so forgetful!
I’m getting ready to trouble Zafar. What else?
– Snob! Why are you shouting?
You asked me what’s going on. Thank you for letting me know,
but I wasn’t asking you. I was asking Jhumru. Ring Genie.. – Jhumru.
– Ring Genie! The minister is waiting
for all of you inside to hear from all of you. So, all of you may
express your worries at leisure. All right? Before going inside,
fill this apology letter. Please come. ‘It’s believed that people face
all the challenges’ ‘to achieve their goal.’ ‘But I seem to be destined
for this broken chair.’ My Lord, my wife was talkative
and I was fed up of her talks. That’s why, I..
No.. I mixed the medicine prescribed
by the physician into the milk and gave her. Every time she opens her mouth,
she only crows. Then, I was yearning
to hear her talk and I started talking
to our neighbour, Shabnam. After a few days, I was fed up
of her talks too. That’s why, I.. No.. I mixed the medicine
into the milk and gave her. Every time she opens her mouth.. She crows?
Isn’t it? Fine. Drop your apology form
over there and get lost. Dear, explain it to him.
– What will she explain to me? Hey! Wait!
What are you doing? Subedar, this shopkeeper
is refusing to give the basket
of prayer items. The shop is full,
yet he says he has nothing left. I think this old man’s vision
is becoming poor. The Priest is looking for you. Go and meet him. The priest?
– Yes. Okay.
Give her the basket. Yes, I will. He is an elderly man. Here you go. You can have it for free. Please go. Offer your prayers.
Please go. All of you, get back to work. Please go. Where is it? No.
Don’t eat the Jalebis. Don’t eat. Jalebi! Who is it? Who is it?
Who pushed me? It’s me. I am a helpless girl who lost even without
participating. Who else?
– I am not asking all this. Someone had pushed me.
Who was it? Who was it? ‘I pushed him.’ ‘He won’t spare me’ ‘if he learns about it.’ Chand, are you ready? Sister, you lost. I won. I decorated the shrine. You were confident
about Junaid, right? Where is he?
Call him. Call your Junaid. I will deal with him. I am here.
In front of you. I mean, I am standing
behind you. Sara, I’ll tell you what I will have this later. I mean, I won’t eat the Jalebis. First, I will make you win. I will defeat him. Well done. You have used your experience
in the right way. Okay.
Now, keep an eye on Bholi. I will go to Gulbadan and find out
what is happening. Okay, master. Well done, Chand. My heart has become
like a cheap slipper. Just two steps on the path
of love breaks it. Whenever I see a man.. I feel like slitting his wrist. Even you are a man, right? Wazir Zafar! Consider me like your aunt or mother. Wazir Zafar. It’s really funny
to see him in this condition. Yes, Aladdin. But for how long? Everyone is done. How will the princess
stop him? Yasmine.
– Yes. Is there no one left
for an apology? Yes, Aladdin. She is the last girl. I wish she takes
a lot of time. I hope she comes late,
so that we get time.. You have said
what you wanted to. You may go. You..
Stop! Aladdin, she left. What will we do now? Yes, Yasmine.
I can see it. Thank the evil! I got rid of these
crazy people. I swear I am amused to hear all that. I must find Gulbadan. I should depart towards the second door
of Raaz-e-Kainaat.

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