Wait. I..
Forgive me. Actually, in anger.. I end up saying unpleasant
things when angry. You made a mistake unknowingly. I mean, I forgive you. Now.. God! If this
Zafar keeps standing here how am I going to put
the moon stamp on Genie? Listen, the patient’s
condition is quite critical. So, he needs
special treatment. But, I am the special friend
of the Prime Minister. So, go ahead. Go ahead
with the special treatment. Yes, for that you also have
to do something, right? We will start the treatment here and you go and
pray for him over there. Shall we go then?
Come with me. Go and pray. I will hide my ring here. So that when Genie
regains his consciousness this ring will intimate me. Master, we will be able to see
him with the help of my magic. God the world you have created
goes around with goodness. But now, evil has
overpowered the goodness. The innocent one is
in the clutches of a tyrant. My Genie is under
Zafar’s control. Though he has forgotten
the goodness in him it has not ended yet. Help my Genie recover. Help him recover. This is a special
kind of treatment. In this, the family
members of the patient like his parents or
siblings pray to God standing on one leg
in front the fire. Till the time the patient
regains consciousness they keep praying
for his recovery. Is it not wonderful? You must be joking. I don’t have any such habits
nor there’s a need. I won’t do this. I swear upon the gold coins. I’d surely stand on one leg. But I’m not related to Junaid. I’m neither his relative
nor his sibling. My prayers won’t be of any help. However, I’m definitely special
to him. Listen, my husband
is treating him. If there’s any kind of hindrance
in this treatment along with both of you everyone in this world
will become unlucky and their faces
will turn black! I have to do something. Minister, please agree. It’s for a few minutes.
Pray for him. All the problems will be solved
once Junaid recovers. All right? ‘I don’t trust this woman.’ ‘But without Gulgule’ ‘I can’t open the next door
of Raaz-e-Kainat.’ ‘That’s why, I can do anything’ ‘for his recovery.’ Amazing! Well.. You usually do that don’t you? I’ve heard from others. Well.. You can’t stop
your prayers. You can’t put your leg down. The fire shouldn’t go off.
– It won’t go off. I’m right here.
You don’t have to worry. I know when he’ll be fine instead of helping Zafar
in fulfilling his dream to open
the door of Raaz-e-Kainat he will help us
in stopping Zafar. You know how he is. You know his truth. You know how much.. How much he is needed
in this world. How much his goodness his innocence is needed. I need him badly. Return my brother to me. Return my brother to me. Oh, Lord! It took me long to understand
my younger brother’s goodness. He’s innocent. He’s trapped in wicked
Zafar’s clutches since long. You help everyone.
Help him, too. Perhaps, to stop Zafar
from his intentions I have misused Genie’s innocence
several times. I have done injustice
to my Genie. After putting the seal
of the moon on Genie to awaken his goodness we will take the first step. The rest is up to you, Lord. It is up to you. “Oh Lord Ali!” “Oh Lord Ali!” “Oh Lord Ali!” “Oh Lord Ali!” “Oh Lord!” “Show some mercy, Lord.” “Show some mercy.” “Grant our prayers, Lord.” “Grant our prayers.” “Show some mercy, Lord.” “Show some mercy.” “Grant our prayers, Lord.” “Grant our prayers.” “Lord Ali!” “Lord Ali!” “Lord Ali!” “Lord Ali!” “Lord.” “Lord.” “Lord.” “Lord.” My Genie is innocent
like a child. You grant children’s prayers
sooner. This is a prayer
on behalf of my Genie. Recover soon, my friend. Recover soon. ‘Today, I promise you’ ‘that I will not let
anything happen to you.’ Brother! Let me come back to you,
Brother! Genie! What did you just say? Come on, tell me? Genie! Genie, I have put the mark
of the moon on the nape of your neck. You will be with me very soon. Genie, open your eyes!
Genie.. Genie, open your eyes! Master, my 1500 years.. Chand, not now. Did you not hear
what he just said? He called me brother. Genie, wake up, Genie.
Genie! Genie, my life is incomplete
without you. Please come back, Genie. Genie, come back to me. Genie, I.. Genie, come back. Oh, Lord! The medicine from my husband
and your prayers is creating such an impact! And you asked him
to leave this place! What!
Really? Junaid is recovering! Let me have a look at him
for my satisfaction. No.. Actually,
his condition is bad. And..
He is very weak. And you know how the evil eye
is cast by people like you. You can have a glance.
Please come, ma’am. I will also come.
– No! You cannot come with me. You stay here. I will have a look
and come back. You better stay
in the same position! I swear on the gold coins! How I wish Junaid
gets such shocks time and again. Come on, enough of seeing him. How can you speak so rudely
to me! He is better. He is feeling better.. Minister,
stay in the same position. Otherwise,
Junaid will fall sick again. He is feeling better now. He is getting mild shocks. ‘I am ready to stand on one leg
in this hot weather’ ‘to reach Raaz-e-Kainat.’ ‘Zafar, you cheat, traitor!
You are my father’s murderer!’ ‘You are the greatest traitor
of this country.’ ‘Wait and watch’ ‘as to how I am going
to punish you.’ Minister.. Junaid will be
fine by tonight. On the condition that
you stand on one leg. If you stand on both the legs,
then you will be cursed. Okay, I will take your leave. Let me take your permission.
– Goodbye.. Let us go. One leg.. – Let us go.
– One leg.. Oh, dear! Let us go.
It is enough, let us go. ‘I have put the stamp
of the moon, Genie.’ ‘You will be fine very soon’ ‘and will come back to me.’ Yasmine, you are very stubborn! I was handling
the situation there, was I not? What was the need
for you to come there? You know that you are
very important for me the subjects,
and for Baghdad, do you not? Then what was the need
for you to come there? What if something
had happened to you? Why did you have to take
so much risk? Please forgive me, Princess. Master is absolutely right. Is it not, moron?
I mean, Gullu.. Yes,
brother is absolutely right. P-Princess,
y-you may scare me. But the truth is, the things
would have gone worse had you been caught.. Exactly!
Very good, Gulbadan! What do you mean?
Tell me? I had come there
with full preparation. I was sure that
I would not get caught. So what
if he catches me? I am not scared
of Zafar! I would pull my sword
and behead him! How dare he talk to you
like that! I support the princess. What! What is this, Genie Meanie?
You left us so easily? This is not a joke, Jhumru. Will the princess feel good
if Zafar talks to master like this in front of her? Anyway, it is time to give
a fitting reply to Zafar. Genie Meanie, I have
got your point. But what Yasmine did
was too dangerous. For God’s sake, do not insult me by calling Zafar dangerous. And why were you
fighting with me? You know that I am not scared
of anyone when I have my sword. Yes, Your Majesty. But had Zafar found out,
you would not even get the chance to pick your sword. The princess helped you
and saved your life and you are fighting with her! Master is not fighting,
but just explaining. And even the princess
should understand how dangerous it can be to go
on a war without preparations. Right. And you
were taking it too far. When I asked you to take Zafar
away from Genie then you lit a fire and made him
stand on one leg like this. Oh, my God! No one appreciates
the good will. You are asking
the same question.. Did you think of it even once
why I went there? That is what I want to know.
Why did you go? Because your beard
was falling. And you completely forgot
to take the moon stamp. Yes, forgetful! I think you forgot, Chand,
that he is our master! Had there been any problem,
he would have handled it. And he is my friend, Aladdin!
Do not say a word! Hey.. Gullu!
– Hey, Chand! Anyway, owls stay awake
at night. Just go and sleep now.
– And you are a fish.. Just stay in the water!
What are you doing here? Just sleep, you owl! What if anything would happen
to you? Nothing will happen to me.
– I know.. You have your sword.
Nothing can happen to you. As long as you are with me nothing can happen to me. Can I tell you one more thing? You really protected
your fake husband like a good wife today. Look at my destiny. My fake husband is old and the real fiance too. You idiot!
– You thief! “The eyes have started” “having an affair.” “The affair” “of the eyes.” “The affair..” Minister, you are here?

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