Prime Minister, I have come
across many kinds of diseases in the 185 years
I have lived. But, I have never come
across this kind of illness. What do you mean? What I mean is, Minister.. I wonder why I have
this feeling that.. Come closer. That he is not human. Zafar is just not willing
to leave the chamber. Until he goes out
of that chamber master will not be able to
put the moon stamp on Ginu. Oh, God!
One more problem! I am going to deal
with this problem now. How? Genie.. What..
What nonsense are you talking? Come on, start his treatment. Genie Meanie! Who let you in? Come on, leave.
Shoo. Don’t shoo her away.
I have called her here. She has got water for me. I have been so thirsty and none of you
offered me water. Do something.
Move your limbs at least. Is this free?
– Yes. Here you are, Minister.
Take this. Do take a whiff of it. ‘The moon stamp is not in here.
Where did it go?’ ‘Master’s beard.’ ‘I will have to inform
the princess.’ It is me. Hold this for me. Genie Meanie,
what is happening inside? Princess,
something terrible happened. Master’s fake
beard has come off and the moon stamp is missing. Perhaps, master forgot
to take it with him. ‘I will have to help Aladdin.’ ‘But how?’ You are a fool and so is
this physician of yours! First he says
it is my stomach and then he suggests,
I am insane. I swear on God,
I am having a bad day because I agreed to
meet this old physician. Listen, physician,
I swear on God and warn you that if you
do not cure my brother I am going to hang your
knackered, shivering old body upside down by
your beard and kill you! Wretched fellow! Nonsense! What kind of a
physician have you brought! Instead of taking treatment
from such a physician it is better
to commit suicide. You will be punished
for this mistake. Do not be so hard on me. I am your well-wisher. Yes, you are my
well-wisher and he.. Wait. My forgetful husband
had forgotten his medicine box at home. Who are you? Me? I am Naaz, his wife. Who Naaz?
Whose wife? I am Naaz, the physician’s
wife. – ‘Yasmine!’ But you appear to
be quite young. What do you mean
by that? Of course, I am young. And you married him, is it? Yes. Just like our poor young
princess got engaged to an old man like you. Actually, I heard
people say so. Listen, lady.
When it comes to love age is no bar. Undoubtedly.
– Exactly! Fine.
Anyway, you start. Step aside. Your bracelet looks familiar to me. ‘Oh, no!’ ‘The scoundrel is suspicious
of princess.’ ‘I must do something.’ Oh, Lord! Why did you scream? What is this insolence? First of all,
people of same age do not call each other ‘old’. And secondly, you are staring at my wife! Are you staring at me? Are you staring at her,
Minister? Yes.
– ‘Yes!’ – What! I mean, I am staring
at her bracelet and not her.
– It is not your fault. It is this ugly bracelet.
It is an eyesore. No..
That is not the matter. I have told you several times
not to bring such cheap and fake ornaments from
your parents’ house. Give them away to beggars. Come on, give them to her. Hefty body, ugly face. Do you
want the bracelet fat lady? I mean, dear. Please give them to me. A rope looks good on the buffalo
and not ornaments. I swear on the coins! I will surely take them
from you at any cost. Be careful.
– I will not leave them. Oh, Lord! Someone
get this fat lady off me! Please move. Your days are numbered
and you are calling me fat! Naaz, you know that I cannot
be upset with you for so long. Will you not forgive me? Come on, give me a hug.
Come.. Come.. My dear wife.. What is this, Naaz?
What has happened to you? Sweeper! No..
I mean, Minister! Move!
Stay away from me. I had forbidden you
from coming here. You are so mean. The minister is like a
rotten apple, crushed mango a torn mat.. Pardon me,
I heard people say so. And I am so beautiful.
Did you not find any difference between us that you
mistook him to be me? If I did not have to give
you this medicine box I would never have
come here. The special medicine
of yours that is cool as the moon
with the stamp on it. Special medicine? I would like to see
what this special medicine is. I wonder what the princess and
master are doing for so long! I am feeling nervous. I hope they have not
gotten in trouble. My experience of 1,500 years
says that if they do not come out soon,
our master’s beard will start slipping again. And they will be caught. Minister! If someone touches your sword,
what will you do? I would have beheaded you.
– Oh, my God! Then understand that
these medicines is like weapons to me. Do you know what I will do
if you touch it? I will request you
not to touch it. Naaz, thank you for bringing
my box. You may go now. I shall
be home when my work is done. You may leave.
– How long will you take? I mean, you know I cannot stay away from you
for long. I cannot focus on work
if you say such things. You know, my heart
belongs to you. These lovebirds.. Minister.. Physician, could you please
save the romance for home. Your wife is not going anywhere. If you do not treat Junaid,
he will surely.. Hey! The person who interferes
between my husband and me has to face dire consequences! I swear by gold coins I have come across
many women like you. Me too. Do you know
how I handle nosy people? I am Nazneen. Even princess Yasmine
has failed to stop me. Hey.. Be quiet! You are creating such a racket! Treat him immediately
otherwise I shall not spare you. Dear!
Let go of my husband! I can do whatever I want
with my husband. Do you know what I do
to the person who threatens my husband? What? I do not have to do anything. Well, my husband’s treatment
becomes ineffective. What do you mean? Minister, I am asking her
to be clear. Naaz, dear.. Please
tell him clearly what you mean. Shall I tell him?
– Yes. Tell him. I mean, if anyone misbehaves
with my husband my husband’s treatment
becomes ineffective. Oh, dear! Do you want your brother’s
treatment to be ineffective? Speak up.
Tell me. Minister, speak up. No. All right then. Do not misbehave
with my husband. If you want your brother
to recover quickly then.. Apologise to him. You skinny little wretch!
How dare you! He is the minister. He can have you
flayed alive for this insolence. Lowly people shouldn’t expect
an apology from him. Is he the minister
or a sweeper? Please stand back. I am not a sweeper. I am a butcher. Old physician you have landed yourself
in big trouble. I am feeling very anxious. How do we find out
what is happening inside? Yes! Jhumru,
I will become your ears. Chand, my ears cannot be
be that small. So to say, they cannot be
as sharp either. But today, they will. I shall change my form
into big ears. My grandfathers taught me
this magic trick so this trick is named
after them. Shahrukh and Aamir. One ear will sneak in
through the gap under the door
and listen to what is going on inside the room. With the aid of the other ear you can hear what the
people inside are saying. Hey!
Stop threatening my husband! Naaz, why are you speaking
so rudely to the minister? Why are you being respectful
towards this filthy man? He is the minister of Baghdad. I had no idea,
the minister of Baghdad was so ill-mannered. You’re disrespecting me! I am not disrespecting you.
I love you! – Shut up! Minister.. Get lost! Fools! Get out of here! One should eat flavoured
betel leaf after meals. Turn me into two big ears. ‘That is enough, now.’ ‘No one can come between
a physician and his medicines.’ ‘Neither you nor anyone else.’ A patient deserves to be treated
by a physician and I shall let no one
take that from him, all right? No, that is enough. You have borne enough insult. You shall not treat anyone.
And you.. I curse you!
– Hey.. And this hag!
– She’s calling me hag? You old hag! First, you brought
my husband here and then, you started fighting
with him? Here.. Here is your curse!
– No, thanks. Take it back.. Let us go, dear. Get out..
Leave! Snob, why are you taking me
away from Ginu? Snob, I can’t go away from Ginu. Hey, listen. Do not dare
to come back here! Otherwise, I swear, I will mix
your balm, ointment and all other medicine
and stuff inside your mouth! Snob, we have to administer
the moon stamp to Ginu. Minister,
what are you doing? He is the best physician
in Baghdad. If he leaves,
even Mr. Junaid.. Even my curse
definitely turns effective. Shall I curse you? My Lord do not take my curse
to be a misconception! Even if it is a misconception it has such magic,
the effects of which will drain the colour
from your face! Ring Genie, understand
my gesture. The princess needs my help.
Before the matter gets worse may the princess’s curse
turn to colourful smoke and spread inside the chamber. We are leaving.
Listen, we are leaving. Oh, dear. I swear
on the gold coins. My Lord I am sure this is the result
of her curse. I’m telling you.. Even after seeing
the colourful smoke Zafar did not stop master
and the princess. What now? Wait!

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  1. SERIOUSLY!!!!! I've never expected this well from Avneet Kaur!!!! Oh My God!!! She just spelled cast on the show! I must say, Ek se behtar ek! All the Actors are doing the Best! New concepts are updated… Keep going ??????????????

  2. To the director of Aladdin :pls stop shooting unnecessary scenes to increase the no. of episodes and duration of episode ……. I will appreciate if u complete the show with a certain number of episodes presenting the overall storyline.

  3. To the director of Aladdin :pls stop shooting unnecessary scenes to increase the no. of episodes and duration of episode ……. I will appreciate if u complete the show with a certain number of episodes presenting the overall storyline.

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